Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 cero gifts for men

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kaleidoscope dating sim 2 cero gifts for men

Home of free and original Flash games, made for girls and guys who like We hope you enjoy this original dating sim!! You must have Adobe Flash to play Kaleidoscope. Get Adobe Flash player. Story Fan Review Play Kaleidoscope 2 Poll! . if i talk, give a good gift, but buy the wrong drink, i can't go to the beach even. This would be my guide for the dating sim "Kaleidoscope 2" by Mayuiki. Although I did play "Kaleidoscope" it was in Cero's, who is male, point of view. Give all 5 correct gifts; Go on 2 perfect dates; have experience of +. Kaleidoscope Dating Sim In this dating sim, you play as Cero, an insomniac trapped in this game and have the choice to socialize with three different girls or one guy. Within the 30 days, you only get the chance to date with at least 2 out of the 4 By having money you are able to buy gifts for any of your potential partners.

One day, during a freak cooking accident, Cero burned his painting. It was the only thing that burned inside Cero's house. After this incident, Cero had forgotten what his muse looked like and lost his passion for painting.

Cero became a depressed insomniac after this incident. He was sure his insomnia and depression were incurable. She flared her nostrils and widened her cerulean eyes.

When Cero turned around, he found himself standing before an empty stand. The gypsy had disappeared. In the past, he had accidentally eaten a strange mushroom, and it made him hallucinate. He assumed he had imagined meeting the gypsy, even though the vile of liquid was very real. That night, Cero felt brave.

He drank the tonic, a cherry-tasting liquid, in one gulp. Within seconds, he passed out on his kitchen floor, convulsing.

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When he woke up, he found himself engulfed in darkness. He was sure he was no longer in his own apartment. Head spinning, he stumbled around and whispered, "Where am I? Before his eyes, the room brightened. He studied his strange surroundings, surprised to see he wasn't in a room, but in the middle of a strange, new world.

The voice sounded like it belonged to the gypsy he had met earlier, only prettier. You have thirty dream cycles from now on. Soon, you will find doors where you can enter different Dream Realms.

Within these Realms, are Dream Souls.

kaleidoscope dating sim 2 cero gifts for men

One of these Souls can become your Soulmate. Your Soulmate can help you leave the Dream World. If you fail in finding a Soulmate, you shall become a Dream Soul as well, forever to roam lost in this World.

Cero shook his head. As he recalled, never in his life had he been able to remember his dreams. He looked around him, mesmerized by the beauty of his surroundings. A billion stars danced in the dark blue skies.

kaleidoscope dating sim 2 cero gifts for men

Walking through the Dream City, Cero encountered nary a soul. Though the City was beautiful, it felt cold and lonely.

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The beauty of the place felt too eerie. He thought otherwise a few minutes later. He decided this dream was really a nightmare. Walking through the empty city, Cero found himself standing in front of the same building over and over again, even though he was sure he had walked down at least five different blocks.

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The building was made of prism glass. Starlight bounced off the dark glass as shimmering rainbow rays. Cero decided to enter the building.

kaleidoscope dating sim 2 cero gifts for men

Within the 30 days, you only get the chance to date with at least 2 out of the 4 potential partners. I would have liked if the game gave you more time so you can have a chance to talk to every character in the game.

Nevertheless, theres always the chance for you to play the game again. Earning money in this game is very easy to do. All that is required for you to do is just visit the forest to pick and sell a couple of mushrooms.

By having money you are able to buy gifts for any of your potential partners. Its advisable not to randomly buy anything from the store as you have to know what your partner actually likes first.

This is when talking to the person becomes very important.

kaleidoscope dating sim 2 cero gifts for men

It can get a bit repetitive talking all the time since this is the main bulk of gameplay. Alas much like in real life, you cannot go out on a date until you at least know the person. Even when you are out on a date, there are certain criteria you must meet before you can even visit the beach! Not only did I have to buy my partner the right drinks, I also had to talk to them more and give them gifts too.

kaleidoscope dating sim 2 cero gifts for men

It may sound like a hassle but its not all that bad. Once you are on a date with someone, you will know you will be able to complete the game and escape this dream world. Kaleidoscope Dating Sim may not be the most eventful dating sim game Ive ever played, but at least the visuals are great to look at.