Festival clothing for over 40s dating

The grown-up Glastonbury guide: How to dress for festivals when you're over 35

festival clothing for over 40s dating

We've collated five looks that are easy to wear whatever your age and wherever you're headed. Date: th July host to some killer headliners and supporting acts, split over six days. Sunglasses, £40, Quay Australia. Whether it's Lovebox or Latitude, we have a backpack full of ideas for a seriously stylish weekender. But now that it's over, we can sit back, put Beyonce on repeat and start to Coachella style: the festival fashion trends to watch out for.

But as fashion tips for the post something woman go, it's disappointing.


Most of us over 40s last wore a tube top or, as they're better known on these shores, "boob tube" on a holiday in Greece two decades ago. When glamorous women make age-appropriate dressing statements part of the deal once they hit 40we hope for something more relevant to our daily lives: Forty is nothing, by the way.

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It's the new 50, and Fiona Bruce is You barely have to make any adjustments, but it's a bit ostrich-like to pretend everything stays the same forever, and this is as good a point as any to take stock of your options going forward. So here are 40 things every woman over the age of 40 woman should know about fashion. Time to grade up: You can always do a fun shoe and display a well-turned ankle.

More to the point, a shoe is where you score your fashion points when you are past Sex Pistols T-shirts and floral coronets which you are. Conditioner is everything now. And whatever you do, don't over-trim. A bob at this stage could put a decade on you instantly. But the sulky, not bothered expression that you may think cool see Victoria Beckham will start to look sour and a bit "my back is killing me" in your 40s.

Kate Moss Everyone goes on about arms.

festival clothing for over 40s dating

Also, consider wearing a body shaper. It will give you a smoother looking torso that makes wearing tees look great! Yes you can rock your heavy metal look and still be super classy and sophisticated.

What to wear to a festival: 5 grown-up looks that’ll work for the whole weekend

Bearing breasts, bellies, and too much thigh falls right in the trashy category, and what mom or 50 year old wants to look trashy? It may take some trial and error to find a look that you love, but you can do it!

festival clothing for over 40s dating

Check the photos here for inspiration. Sophisticated interpretation of the mature dressed-up rocker Source 4. Go for a softer look when it comes to hair and make-up. Sure, you can dress edgy, but softer, more natural hair colors and complexion will make you look much younger and feminine. Ditch heavy black eyeliner in lieu of softer grays and browns.

festival clothing for over 40s dating

If you love your dark locks, then go for a more natural dark golden brown. Blondes, brighten up your face with fresh color that compliments, not blends in with your complexion. Best leave that one to a professional stylist, though. Your 40s and 50s should be a time of exploring different sides of yourself, and your hair is the perfect place to start.

What to wear to a festival: 5 grown-up looks that'll work for the whole weekend - YOU Magazine

Take a risk with color. The maturing woman may want to also take a look at brown, a softer version of black.

festival clothing for over 40s dating

Think about combining brown and black together — a look that can be stunning and sophisticated. Black is a great foundation color, but you can still look hot with color!

festival clothing for over 40s dating

Add a metallic top and a cute pair of flats to dress up jeans.