Disc personality profile descriptions for dating

Profile Interpretations - High S and C

disc personality profile descriptions for dating

Write in a way that feels less formal and more familiar. Use a relaxed greeting ( example: "Andrew," rather than "Hi Andrew,"). Define the purpose of an email in. The S-Style profile type, also known as the S-Personality Type, is known for type is one of the 4 DISC profile types including D-style, I-style and C-style profiles. Of all DISC profiles, those following this general pattern are probably the most effective at relating to other people, in an all round sense. They are able to.

Consequently, test takers and test administrators should, on average, expect no more than small changes when the instrument is taken at different times.

DiSC profile definition

As the period between administrations increases, however; the divergent results of these administrations will become more and more noticeable. You may have noticed that you see more of one dimension over another when you do trainings with different types of groups. This does occur, but the distribution of successful people in each dimension is still pretty evenly distributed.

disc personality profile descriptions for dating

There was a very slight tendency for results like more S styles in Ohio or more D styles in Georgia, but these differences are so small that they have virtually no practical implications.

In fact, when we look at a large sample of Australians living in Australia who have taken the U. I would only expect to see a difference in your sample with a large Latin-American population if participants are not very fluent in English.

DiSC styles and marriage

A person is only D relative to the people around her. A person is only C relative to the people around her. But imagine that isolated community of people 10 years later, once they got to know each other really well. If DiSC is going to be useful, it must help us understand our individual differences, not what everyone has in common.

disc personality profile descriptions for dating

For one thing not all Ds behave or respond in the same way. A highly motivated person might have found someone who is more laid back. Sometimes that drives them crazy and they label their spouse as lazy.

High Influence and Steadiness

But sometimes they are reminded of the value of rest and recreation can be and guided to that type of activity. Together with a counselor or coach the couple can review their profiles and talk about this difference and how they can each value and accommodate the other.

If a couple is considering marriage or a long-term commitment, their reports can highlight areas of difference and of possible conflict. They can strategize how to deal with issues before they come up. It is available once two people have taken the profile.

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How do you compare to me? It provides graphs like the one above. These are good places to begin a conversation.

Profile Interpretations - High I and S

How are you currently experiencing this difference? How is it valuable in your relationship?

4 Personality Test Types DISC

What could reduce any conflict that arises from this difference? Sample tip from a Comparison Report Tips are also offered in this report. Couples can discuss if they think these tips might work for them or if they have even better ideas. View a sample Workplace profile and a Comparison Report to judge for yourself.