Blazers for wedding in bangalore dating

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blazers for wedding in bangalore dating

Well, I am from Delhi, so I don't really have an idea of Bangalore. Though, with research I found: For Groom Wear the 5 best places you should visit in B'lore are: . The Christian weddings present a happy union of Indian and Western customs. For a typical Indian Christian wedding, the groom mostly wears a formal suit. Shop designer clothes and accessories at Hugo Boss. Find the latest designer suits, clothing & accessories for men and women at the official Hugo Boss online .

blazers for wedding in bangalore dating

Mostly young cousins and friends of the bride decide on a day and take the bride out for a merry night. It is a tradition for the bride to have a pink cake served to her companions where she has hidden a silver thimble.

The friend of the girl who is served the piece of cake with the thimble is believed to be the next one getting married.

Christian Wedding

Bachelor Party — A similar event to the bridal shower is arranged for the groom by his male friends and cousins. Although, it is purely western concept, it is gradually gaining popularity in India. It generally takes place a day before the wedding. The concept is for the groom to enjoy his last day as a bachelor.

Blazers for wedding in bangalore dating ||

It may be a party where women are strictly not allowed and men of the family strengthen their male bonding. It is becoming more and more popular to arrange for an away trip for the bachelor in weeks prior to the wedding.

blazers for wedding in bangalore dating

Typical favorite include going for some adventure sport like hiking, climbing or trekking. For the typical adrenaline junkies, there is bungee jumping, skydiving, surfing or even diving.

In other instances the group might go to a beach house and enjoy a few days of sun and surf away from the wedding buzz. It is similar to the Haldi ceremony of the Hindu weddings and takes place on the eve of the wedding day. It involves the bride and the groom taking a ritualistic bath in their respective homes. Oil drops are poured on ears and on the head, followed by coconut juice or roce which is rubbed on the head, face, hands and feet.

The whole ceremony is followed by a roce prayer and then dinner with drinks. They usually wear a black or white suit depending on the theme of the wedding. He wears a white shirt and has a boutonniere on the left lapel of his jacket. Contrary to popular concept, the bride does not always wear a white frothy gown.

In most Indian Christian communities in the south, sarees are preferred as wedding attires instead of a gown. Goan and Konkani Christians prefer wearing gowns than sarees.

blazers for wedding in bangalore dating

These sarees are generally silk ones with heavy gold zari threadwork paired often with a gold brocade blouse. These sarees can be white or gold or beige in color.

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Blazers for wedding in bangalore dating

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