Tu peux trouver et télécharger ce Plugin ici: Un aperçu vous permet de visualiser le résultat obtenu et si vous souhaitez modifier certains paramètres de ces styles il vous suffit de procéder à ces modifications directement via le fichier CSS affiché dans cette section! Il est possible de le changer. If you want to check integrity of the download, please use the cforms2. Be sure to use a current version. Les assistants personnels vocaux sont devenus incontournables.

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Car pour rappel, WordPress. Vous pouvez télécharger le plugin Cforms ICI zip. WP review fera une moyenne de toutes les notes données. Pour ce faire, vous allez vous rendre dans les réglages de votre plugin. Soit par exemple son adresse mail. Il est également possible pour les adresses mail de faire un contrôle de la validité de l’adresse.

This is a fork of cformsII, a highly customizable, flexible and powerful form builder plugin, covering a variety of use cases and features from attachments to multi-part form management. Oliver, the original author, discontinued developing the plugin. This fork is an effort to keep it up to date. For a quick starter you should have a look at the introduction video by Your Page Today.

If you want to use plugin versions older than But bear in mind that old versions should not be used in public systems, because they contain known serious vulnerabilities that are exploited in the wild. The current security baseline version is However it does not have any web interface.

You can see the available languages and contribute via GlotPress. Only some of them that are almost completely translated are installed automatically.

If you want to install another language, please choose its cell in the Development column, export it as Machine Object Message Catalog. If your language is not available, you can find a list of the translations for the original cforms versionwhich also work with this fork.

To use one of those files, please rename the cforms-?. You can install the plugin via WordPress Dashboard. It should show up by searching for cforms2. If this does not work for you, there should be an option to upload a zip file, which is available on the wordpress.

If you want to check integrity of the download, please use the cforms2.


The git tags themselves are also signed beginning with version If you want to upgrade from the original cformsII from deliciousdays. Then deactivate the original plugin and install the current version of this fork.

The form inlusion does not work with HTML comments anymore.

Please change the form calls accordingly. If you want to delete the Move all your custom theme files into it. This folder will protect your changes going forward. Check out the cforms CSS Guide on layout customization. Please check your WordPress mail configuration with a plugin like Check Email. Please fix it yourself, tell your hosting provider or use an external SMTP plugin see the next question.

That function was removed.

cforms 2 wordpress

If you want to configure it sordpress use an external SMTP server, use an appropriate plugin, e. This is an incompatibility with WordPress 4. Be sure to use a current version. You have to recreate your widgets. You can find your old settings in debug output on the Global Settings Admin menu.

Cforms disparait du référentiel WordPress.org…

Please use GitHub pull requests. Additionally there is one API function that you can call directly: Please have a look at its PHPDoc. The only form feature depending on inline scripting is redirection to an alternative aordpress page.

Traduisez la dans votre langue. Voir le forum de support. Faire un don à cette extension. Aller au contenu Détails Avis Installation Support Développement Description This is a fork of cformsII, a highly customizable, flexible and powerful form builder plugin, covering a variety of use cases and features from attachments to multi-part form management.

Traductions You can see the available languages and contribute via GlotPress. Roadmap Some things are to be done: FAQ I do not get any emails from my form.

cformsII |

Where are the external SMTP settings? Why is the Form Settings page broken? I upgraded and lost my widgets. What can I do? How can I contribute code? Where are comment and Tell-a-Friend fields? These features were removed with version It is cforma good and easy to use.

Thanks you for all the energy you put into Cforms2. New versions are worst. For first – can’t restore to txt and load in other project. Old version Cform could do it. Second – troubles with sending emails. Old version could include SMTP data, now need third-part plugin. New version need third-part plugin. Then problems in generating html, now option « select » generate to frontend classical « select » display: I’m really crazy about it.


Folks, this plugin does in an amazing and comprehensive way what other plugins hardly do, and it’s free. Power to the people! Seriously, incredible, well owrdpress. So glad that it is still supported! Les personnes suivantes ont contribué à cette extension.

cforms 2 wordpress

Le développement vous intéresse? AJAX forms are saved in tracking database again Shortcode puts the form to the right place bugfix: Content-Transfer-Encoding and Content-Type separation other: Brazilian Portuguese and French translations JavaScript error on flexigrid drag event bugfix: Download Entries on Tracking not working other: SSL support on file includes bugfix: Avoiding wpautop screwing with the layout added: RESET button resets complete input and not just session XML download, imports now nicely into excel, even with multi-line fields bugfix: CC field issues for MP forms bugfix: Reply-To fixed in admin email bugfix: IE9 date picker fix UTF8 tracking page downloads are now properly coded utf8 bugfix: BCC field now supports multiple email addresses feature: RSS title missed a stripslashes bugfix: Admin email missed a stripslashes for the form data title bugfix: WP comment form feature:: Limit Text is now saved even if no -limit is provided bugfix: Javascript Date Picker updated to latest release other: Specified file failed upload test.

See buttons support, global settings. RSS feeds security key enabled for form submissions, global feed and for single forms. See global settings and main form admin page. See new comment template on global settings for new options and best pratice setup other: ID] when using custom IDS for your input fields feature: T-A-F custom field would not show for pages bugfix: If a value is given, then that value is being used in the admin email.

WP comments feature completely revised: WP comment feature — broken in v7. WP comment feature — success message now being displayed when sending email bugfix: