Tyga and kylie jenner dating gross

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott: 15 Things To Know About Their Relationship

tyga and kylie jenner dating gross

Kylie Jenner and Tyga (or "Kyga," as they've come to be known) are one twosome we're seriously over. In , Tyga responded to rumors that he was dating the teen, tweeting, "Don't believe the rumors, been friends Um, yeah gross. Nov 9, Kylie Jenner was with Tyga off-and-on for nearly three years, but when the After that, things turned up a notch and they were seen together looking . can only be taken with a pinch of salt, but if it is true, then that's so gross. Jun 7, Travis Scott has reportedly banged both Jenner sisters. The two of them never officially dated, so it's not surprising that Kendall would be okay with letting Gross. Adding to the skeeviness, the outlet that we've never heard of until First the Blac Chyna-Tyga-Kylie situation, and now Travis Scott going.

Here's why Hollywood can't stand the pair. Their age difference Getty Images The pair first met in when Tyga performed at Kendall Jenner's 16th birthday party.

Kylie was 14 at the timeand the year-old Tyga was almost ten years her senior. Despite the rumors, the two claimed they were "just friends" until Kylie turned InTyga responded to rumors that he was dating the teen, tweeting"Don't believe the rumors, been friends with the family forever.

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We're all just friends. When asked about her youngest sister's relationship with the much older rapper in a interview with ComplexKhloe said she "didn't think much of the age situation" and claimed she thinks "they're cute together.

tyga and kylie jenner dating gross

According to LegalMatchthe age of consent in California where the couple resides is 18, meaning any sexual contact between the two before that time would be considered statutory rape. In August of just a few days after Kylie turned 18Tyga released " Stimulated ," which featured lyrics presumably about Kylie that made the world collectively gag.

Gross Alert!: Tyga Just Wrote A Song About Dating Kylie Jenner - PopBuzz

First, Kylie shared a photo of her and the rapper both topless to celebrate Tyga's birthday. Then, photographer Sasha Samsonova dropped a short film featuring the two showering together.

tyga and kylie jenner dating gross

According to W Magazine, the video was only meant to feature Kylie, but Tyga snuck in on the action. This is around the same time that Kylie Jenner and Tyga began sharing photos of each other on social media though still claiming to be "just friends".

TMZ was the first to report the news. Around a week after these rumors first started, she was photographed wearing baggy clothing, which obviously only added fuel to the fire. Rumors also had it that the couple was excited to be starting a family, despite the fact that their unborn child was not planned.

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The most notable thing about this news is that neither Jenner nor Scott have confirmed or denied the pregnancy rumors. Kylie Jenner is clearly with a man who wants to treat her right, but also give her gifts.

tyga and kylie jenner dating gross

And, from what I can tell, they have! They were seen watching his set on day two of the festival. We also know that Kendall and Scott knew each other prior to him dating her sister. You may remember back in there were reports about Kendall and Scott, although nothing was ever official, and they were seen hanging out a couple of times after Kendall attended his release party.

9 Reasons Tyga and Kylie's Relationship Will Always Be Gross

The pair appeared to be friends, and according to PopSugar, Kendall is the reason her sister Kylie knows Scott. Apparently, Scott has had sex with both sisters. And according to Metro, the site News Hip Hop reported that Scott had been comparing how the two women were in bed. People noticed them wearing matching diamond rings. According to Seventeen, Jenner and Scott were photographed grabbing lunch at Los Angeles restaurant Plancha Tacos, and the interesting part about this little lunch date is that the couple were reportedly wearing matching diamond rings.

tyga and kylie jenner dating gross

There were multiple rumors suggesting that she and Tyga were engaged during their time together though that was false. But the publication also notes that it was highly unlikely that the couple were engaged, and rather it was down to the fact that they both just really like wearing diamond bling. Travis Scott travels a lot for his music career, and while he is not choosing to be apart from Jenner, they do have to do a bit of distance.

tyga and kylie jenner dating gross

This is a sharp contrast to how Jenner was with her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, because the pair constantly posted photos together. While some may argue that Jenner has learned her lesson and has tried a different approach to her new relationship without all the media poststime will tell if this is true or not. Plus when it comes to Jenner and her ex, most claim she was more into him due to all her social media posting.