Tipsy bartender and emma dating

Tipsy bartender dating emma -

tipsy bartender and emma dating

Brynn Preston to Tipsy Bartender · December 11, ·. Skyy, are you dating Emma? That's ok if you're not, I was just curious. But when can we have her back . @TipsyBartender. “Booze. Party. Fun.” ~ Must be Joined January . @RaffFourFour Emma and I aren't dating. She has a boyfriend. Tipsy Bartender Dating Emma! Dating Site Hungary!.

Tipsy Bartender is more than just a drinking show. That interaction is what fuels the show. Your YouTube channel has almost a million followers. Through what means have you promoted Tipsy Bartender to such a wide audience?

Its official, meet my new girlfriend! - Tipsy Vlogs

I got most of my support through Facebook as they are beginning to tap into the video-market. I began promoting and uploading Tipsy Bartender videos on Facebook and managed to get some real organic growth through shares, which then translated into YouTube subscribers.

The Facebook page has over 4 million followers now. In an age where nearly everyone has Internet access, YouTube offers many artists the chance to promote their work.

Making it on YouTube: An Interview with ‘Tipsy Bartender’ Skyy John

However, this also means that there is much more competition. Do you see this as a positive or a negative thing? I see it as somewhere in between.

If you are one of those that got onto YouTube early, then yes, you had a major advantage. Now the bar has been set so high that there are some serious challenges. It can be done if you have the right content, formatting and style. But if you look at the top videos on YouTube there are so many famous shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres.

These shows have become more popular online than they are on TV. It certainly is harder nowadays but it can still be done if you have the right angle.

What do you think? You need to put in a lot of hard work to make the videos stand out. Tipsy Bartender really combines youthful, YouTube-style comedy with real mixing lessons. How do you see the future of mixology?

Tipsy Bartender Dating Emma

First off, I have to admit that mixologists do not like me. They look at me with a bit of disdain.

tipsy bartender and emma dating

Mixologists are more like fine dining. I cater to the party; people who want to come over and have something fun and drink. If you want some fancy drink with basil and ice cubes from Mt.

  • Tipsy Bartender Dating Emma

Everest, you go to those guys. What is the most difficult cocktail you have ever had to make?

tipsy bartender and emma dating

There are so many, but I would say the one that really stood out and exemplifies our brand are Rainbow shots. That video has over 2 million hits. People requested it a lot but I always avoided them because I had no idea how to do it. One of the girls I was dating at the time eventually convinced me to do it. I played around a little bit and made the video.

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tipsy bartender and emma dating

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