The millions and of rock fans dating

Band – Scorpions

the millions and of rock fans dating

From unknowingly dating married men to becoming too picky, Jo Elliott, pictured right, Today, nine million Britons will log on to look for love. Kylie Jenner keeps fans guessing as she rocks sparkling diamond ring on her. For more than 50 years, Santana has sold over million records and has performed for three generations of concert fans worldwide. To date, Santana has . The Texas trio would be one of the world's best known bands, with fans in all camps. To date, Billy Gibbons (guitar, vocals), Dusty Hill (bass, vocals) och Frank our time, in any category, with combined sales of more than 12 million records.

However, one number that should still be mentioned is more than million records sold to date.

the millions and of rock fans dating

This makes the Scorpions the most successful rock band of Continental Europe by far. Below, there is a small — far from complete — selection of further milestones from fifty years of Scorpions history: They deservedly received double platinum for it in Like in Switzerland and Canada as well, by the way.

Incidentally, the latter was No. The complete inventory of worldwide gold awards is simply too extensive to be listed here.

Another is their unabated desire to travel. No other rock band of their caliber after so many years takes to the stage as often as the Hannover natives. They have played thousands of concerts in all corners of the planet: Pioneering achievements elsewhere as well: There were many magic live moments; some of them are captured on live albums, others on film and video recordings.

The Rock at his Best!

From an early age, both of them had an irresistible urge to grab a guitar and step into the limelight. In the early s the Beatles sparked off the beat revolution. By the mids Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker, both of whom were blessed with understanding parents, had also taken to the stage with their beat groups.

Added to which was the instantly recognisable voice of singer and front man Klaus Meine with his highly expressive and polished delivery. Because, right from the start, the band was aiming for the very top of the international hard rock business, Klaus Meine wrote all his lyrics in English. In the creative partnership of Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine Germany had finally found its answer to the famous beat and rock composing teams of the English-speaking world. The first album Lonesome Crow set the band on the path to international success.

Every change in the line-up was seen as an opportunity to move closer still to success and the achievement of absolute professionalism. He too was an exceptional guitar player with an almost mystical talent. They would appear wherever there was somewhere to plug in their instruments. Inthey accompanied The Sweet on their first European tour.

Planet Rock Dating

Fly to the Rainbow, features a solid, high-energy brand of heavy rock never before heard from a German band. Beginning with their third LP In Trance,they began their working relationship with well-known international producer Dieter Dierks. They were firmly launched on their hard rock career. In the birthplace of hard rock, they succeeded in gaining the acceptance of the most dyed-in-the-wool British fans.

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the millions and of rock fans dating

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With forums discussing goth literature and the occult, gothic members share their passions on GothPassions. An out of this world show is guaranteed as always from Messrs. Starchild, Demon, Spaceman and Catman, a. A historical event, not to be missed. Until Rainbow is a waterhole for some of the greatest musicians in hard rock, releasing seven studio albums packed with classics like "Man on the silver mountain", "Stargazer", "Long live rock'n'roll" and "Since you been gone".

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Untilwhen Ritchie re-awakens the titan once more, bringing the likes of Swedish keyboard king Jens Johansson and Spanish killer vocalist Ronnie Romero into the folk. In new song "Waiting for the sign" is released, and sees Rainbow's highly anticipated SRF debut for one of only four select European concerts this season. Their album debut in ignited one of the greatest success stories that hard rock has ever seen. Commercially they peaked with "Pyromania" and "Hysteria"two of the best selling records of all time.

However, their latest album "Def Leppard" was a feat of strength which made it clear that the band's creative spark still burns strong.

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The band has a large and devoted Swedish fanbase, and anyone who has yet to experience them live at SRF is in for a grand epiphany. In ZZ Top went from successful to superstars with the album "Eliminator", adding synthesizers to the boogie in groundbreaking fashion. To date, Billy Gibbons guitar, vocalsDusty Hill bass, vocals och Frank Beard drums have released fifteen studio albums, containing innumerable mega classics: And their popularity remains as intact as their iconic "facial hair, shades and cowboy hat"-look.

Go to top Slayer US Slayer's debut "Show no mercy" was the most brutal album ever at the time, and albums like "the thrash Bible" "Reign in blood" and the epic "Seasons in the abyss" effectively immortalized the band's name.

Slayer has successfully kept their momentum at the metal scene, for instance with their latest album "Repentless" But now the end is near for one of the most influential bands in extreme metal. Slayer's farewell tour began in Maywith a planned ending in and SRF being their sole Swedish stop during festival season.

So SRF will likely be their last concert in Sweden - ever. Their music's rock opera-like nature and cheeky, self-deprecating humor made Tenacious D controversial to some purists, but the album was a hit and songs like "Tribute" and "Fuck her gently" have since become cult classics. At this point, Tenacious D are immensely popular, not least in Sweden, and this November saw the release of their fourth album "Post-Apocalypto", based on the band's similarly titled animated Youtube show.

Of their seven studio albums since the yearfive went straight to 1 on Billboard. After five albums chock full of hits like "Prayer", "Stricken" and "Inside the fire", Disturbed went on hiatus, but to the delight of many they returned in with the album "Immortalized", followed by "Evolution" in And inDisturbed make their first SRF appearance in 11 years.

Go to top Dream Theater US It was inwith their second album "Images and words", that Dream Theater became world renowned as well as posterboys for the technically magnificent subgenre now known as progressive metal.

They have long been established as one of the most influential metal bands of our time, in any category, with combined sales of more than 12 million records. In30 years after their debut, they will release their sixteenth studio album "Distance over time", allegedly heavier than its predecessor "The astonishing" - consistent with their practice of never making the same album twice.

Go to top Amon Amarth SE Classic heavy metal with death metal vocals, or death metal with classic heavy metal riffs? Labeling aside, Amon Amarth have grown into one of Sweden's currently most successful metal exports, and have only got bigger with each new album since their debut. Their tenth and most recent album "Jomsviking" - the band's lyrics have been Viking-themed since the beginning - have broken all their previous sales-records and the highly anticipted follow-up is set to arrive in good time before Amon Amarth's appearance at SRF Their distinct mix of progressive arrangements and catchy melodies generated hits like "Come sail away", "Renegade", "Lady" and "Mr Roboto", and their albums became multi-million sellers.

In addition, their album "The mission" has been hailed as a return to vintage form. The band debuted in and definitely got on the map fromwhen Angela Gossow became the new growler. Five blockbuster albums later, Angela passed the torch on to Alissa White-Gluz in Once more a successful move - Arch Enemy's ninth and tenth albums "War eternal" and "Will to power" have become massively popular. The latter also saw Jeff Loomis ex-Nevermore assuming the position of second guitarist next to band leader Michael Amott.

Subsequent releases maintained their momentum - songs like "Heeding the call", "Renegade" and "Hearts on fire" have become classics and Hammerfall recognized as one of the most important bands in Swedish hard rock history.

Following a couple of slightly more experimental relases around the early 10s, the band, to the delight of their fans, returned to their roots for their most recent albums " r Evolution" and "Built to last" Saxon debuted inmade it big the following year with sophomore effort "Wheels of steel", and have ever since with slight deviations delivered classic British heavy metal on 22 studio albums so far, most recently "Thunderbolt" Saxon's consistently high standard on record and especially on stage, are two important reasons why they remain so popular.

Another one would be that Biff Byford is one of the most commanding frontmen in metal. Go to top Krokus CH Switzerland's possibly most legendary hard-rock band formed in and reached their commercial peak in the early 80s, with albums like "Metal rendez-vous" and "Headhunter" and songs like "Bedside radio", "Long stick goes boom" and "Screaming in the night".

But now the end is near.

the millions and of rock fans dating

But this is the first reunion of the subsequent lineup, featuring future domestic superstar Tommy Nilsson on vocals, and creators of "That makes one" - a milestone of Swedish hair metal. In Blackberry Smoke released their sixth studio album "Find a light", which became another success, not least in Sweden where the band has had a devoted following for years already. Since their debut UFO have released 22 studio albums and created immortal songs like "Doctor doctor", "Lights out", "Only you can rock me" and "Rock bottom".

But now the end is upon us. Singer Phil Mogg has announced his retirement following one last tour for the band's 50th anniversary. Their first two albums "Skid Row" and "Slave to the grind" were multi-million sellers, producing classics like "Youth gone wild", "18 and life", "I remember you" and "Monkey business". Eventually the band fell apart, reuniting in without former singer Sebastian Bach.