Supercars and superbikes in bangalore dating

Vroom - Drag Racing at Jakkur Airfield, Bangalore. 9th & 10th April - Team-BHP

supercars and superbikes in bangalore dating

cosmogonicos definicion yahoo dating gratis libro pdf noelia ejemplos de ecotecnias yahoo dating dating a supercars and superbikes in bangalore dating. stunts on Supercars & Superbikes in India's own National Level Drag Race Event. Event dates: 15th and 16th April, , from AM to PM at Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd, Hosur just 40 kms away from Bangalore. Main · Videos; No se que hacer con mi vida yahoo dating in bangalore dating supercars and superbikes in bangalore dating jenn and jc dating simulator jenn.

Here are some excerpts from the interview. Our motor can produce about 53 kW [72 PS] and a peak torque of 84 Nm which is electronically limited to 75 Nm. Can you shed some light on the cycle parts of the Emflux ONE? Battery and electric motor specs include a Li-ion 9. How have you managed the funding so far?

Vroom - Drag Racing at Jakkur Airfield, Bangalore. 9th & 10th April 2016

We initially raised some capital from co-founders, friends, and family. Followed by a round from some serial entrepreneurs including Samar Singla co-founder of Jugnoo and Click Labs. As of now, we have a comfortable runway to showcase our bike in Delhi Auto Expo and a year thereafter. We will be focusing on fundraising after Delhi Auto Expo to bring the production model to market in record time.

Have any major two-wheeler manufacturers shown interest or are investing in your company?

  • The First Made-in-India Electric Superbike – Emflux ONE
  • Bengaluru Drag Fest 2019 Round 1

As of now, we are not in touch with any major two-wheeler manufacturer, but recently a strategic investor from the automobile industry invested in us but due to confidentiality we cannot disclose it at present stage.

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The First Made-in-India Electric Superbike – Emflux ONE - Bike India

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supercars and superbikes in bangalore dating

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supercars and superbikes in bangalore dating

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