Stephen colletti and taylor swift dating kennedy

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stephen colletti and taylor swift dating kennedy

Stephen Colletti (born February 7, ) is an American actor and television personality. the role of the love interest in the music video "White Horse" by Taylor Swift. Swift says that he was selected for the role because "the guy in the video is supposed to , The Hills, Himself, Episode "A Date with the Past". What's on TV Wednesday: The Kennedy Center Honors and 'Nova' CBS Communications The pop-country star Taylor Swift played a very special or risky, romantic choices, paramours included: Stephen Colletti, of “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County,” and Justin Gaston, of dating Miley Cyrus. MTV News · Trending News · Videos & Interviews · Taylor Swift · Kim Kardashian We all know that reality star like to date other reality stars but some of Dated: Stephen Colletti, Talan Torriero, Brody Jenner, Justin Bobby . Dermot Kennedy Officially Releases Fan Favourite 'For Island Fires and Family'.

Yeah, that only happens in the play and not the video, but still.

Taylor Swift and Stephen Colletti - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

You know, like if one was to, say, dress up like their archnemesis and metaphorically get in a major car accident. You know, just something silly and light like that. Anyway, Virgos are known for being one of the more subdued signs. In this video we see a more casual and low-key Tay.

stephen colletti and taylor swift dating kennedy

Like, you feel for her in this, because you really seek that conflict resolution. Sure, the video ends with the two just shrugging and walking away, but at least you get a hot library makeout scene mid-vid.

stephen colletti and taylor swift dating kennedy

Also, I think my bf legit cringed when she took the golf club to that car. Anyway, Scorpios generally seek a grand passion, totally relatable to the passion between characters in the video.

stephen colletti and taylor swift dating kennedy

I mean, instead of breaking up with her, the guy just buys a new car. What will this girl think of next?

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She always has at least one member of her girl posse by her side. Swift during his LA stay.

On the Set With Taylor Swift - White Horse Part 2

Sadly the romance came to a sudden end in earlyand things have been a little John Mayer One of the most talked about celebrity romances of was between Taylor Swift and 'Your Body Is A Wonderland' singer John Mayer, with the two stepping out at several public events together before their split ineven recording a duet together on John's song 'Half Of My Heart'. Ed Sheeran Taylor struck up a very close friendship with UK singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran over the course ofrecording a duet on her new album 'Red' called 'Everything Has Changed', and even inviting him to join her on tour in However both Taylor and Ed have confirmed it is a purely platonic friendship, as well as teasing potential future musical team-ups down the line.

stephen colletti and taylor swift dating kennedy

These days this pair are just pop BFFs! Conor Kennedy Taylor had a summer romance with 18 year-old high school student Conor Kennedy inthe son of American activist and radio host Robert F.

Despite being pictured on a number of romantic dates the couple eventually called time on the romance over long distance issues.

Stephen Colletti

Taylor's a busy girl don't cha know! Joe Jonas Back in teen girls' hearts across the world were broken when it was revealed Taylor was dating Joe Jonas from the hugely successful US trio the Jonas Brothers.

stephen colletti and taylor swift dating kennedy

While the teenage dream romance was called off toward the end of the year, Taylor and Joe have continued to remain friends ever since.

Taylor Lautner 'Begin Again' singer Taylor Swift was the envy of millions of Twilight fans back in when she bagged herself a number of dates with the franchise's wolfman hunk Taylor Lautner.