Sons of guns kris and stephanie dating quotes

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sons of guns kris and stephanie dating quotes

Now eldest daughter of 'Sons of Guns' reality show star Will Hayden claims he Hayden had since married and was bringing up the girl with his new wife. .. Chris Pratt holds hands with girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger as they loss quote as she accuses the star of being in a 'prison of self critique'. The following is an episode list for the Discovery Channel reality television series Sons of Guns season, Title, Original air date . Will, Stephanie, and Kris visit the movie set to demo the blank-firing gun, but the result of the trip is . quote during testing and how it has become a staple in promoting safety; as well as Kris '. Sons of Guns Stars Stephanie Hayden, Kris Ford Arrested for Hitting Boy, 9: Report officials tell us Kris abused Stephanie's son from another relationship last.

Despite Will stating it was a common mail-order shotgun with minimal value, the gun was fixed up and made to fire. Will notes that the value of a gun was outweighed by the family history of the gun itself, which was important to note. The custom guns are frequently prone to malfunctions during the design and construction phase; the worst being the gatling shotgun and desert AR.

Revolvers Are Just Better: Epitomized by the Lefaucheux; an incredibly rare French double-barreled revolver that held twenty rounds. When the crew had a dispute about who got to shoot the flamethrower, they go to the shooting range and have a best-of-5 shoot-off, "Red Jacket Style. Bait and Switch, above. This is bound to happen anytime firearms and firearms rules, regulations and laws are even mentioned. Every so often, a client comes in with an idea or firearm that is dubious in its legality, and Will has to come up with a way to make it work legally, or come up with an alternate solution that IS legal.

They can and most certainly didbut he could only fire them under Red Jacket's supervision and couldn't actually buy or take the exploding arrows with him. Secret Test of Character: Will has a sort of hazing ritual for new or potential employees.

He makes them do terribly demeaning grunt work like cleaning out the toilets or picking up the dog kennel, because he says that the surest way to tell someones work ethic is to see how well they do a bad job. Unknown if Flem had to do any of this, as he was the only person who came in with welding experience and actually brought guns he had made to the interview; he was shown going pretty straight from interview to some basic welding, no poop in-between.

What Will ends up doing to Kris when Kris wants to start dating Steph.

sons of guns kris and stephanie dating quotes

Kris had to decide which he wanted more, to work at Red Jacket or ask Steph out. He was willing to give up what he loved to go after Steph. Will admits that he didn't know if he wanted it clear to Kris or to himself, but Kris passed.

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This is almost never brought up, but Will is a retired Marine. Will is also very supportive of military projects which may wind up being used in the field, and military members often appear on the show.

Shoot Out the Lock: So he took an M16 and mounted a shotgun on it. He called it a Master Key, because it can open any lock. It's not really an original ideabut having a semi-automatic shotgun mounted below hasn't been done before. The only existing examples were either pump or pull-bolt action.

sons of guns kris and stephanie dating quotes

Small Girl, Big Gun: Steph often qualifies, often seen behind a. One episode had a girl with a. Which, because of editing, caused some minor controversy with fans, many of whom didn't believe that Steph actually fired a Desert Eagle. Taken Up to Eleven when Steph got to shoot a Solothurn; a millimeter semi-automatic anti-tank gun roughly as big as she was! Small Name, Big Ego: Tom in Season 4 It ends up costing him his job in the end.

The guys and gal at Red Jacket know their stuff. Several throughout the series; Mikey, Paul, Jr.

Sons of Guns star Stephanie Hayden claims her father Will also raped her

Ted Nugent was bound to wind up on the show. He was given Red Jacket's prototype pistol as a gift. Later on, Vince and Garrett had a contest where Garrett would attempt a field goal and Vince had to shoot the ball before the kick reach the uprights. Vince lost the contestand thus all of the work on Garrett's guns was on the house. Professional exhibition shooter Tom Knapp visited the shop in the 3rd season; he holds the record for shooting the most clay disks 'pigeons' as they're known in skeet shooting out of the air and performing various other feats with shotguns.

He commissioned the Red Jacket crew to build him a blunderbuss for another trick shot he had planned. Though he didn't specifically ask for a blunderbuss, simply something that would allow him to break the record for most pigeons shot from a single fire gun.

Even he was surprised when they showed him his new gun. Jessie James visited the shop in season three, and worked with the crew to build a custom Browning Automatic Rifle.

A preview of Jesse's own Discovery Channel series was played during a commercial break as well, and he appeared a couple episodes later to take depivery of the gun after it returned from an engraver. One season three episode had the crew procure a revolver owned by Elvis Presley for Joe Perry from Aerosmithand in another episode restored a naval cannon for him. Kari and Tory from MythBusters showed up when the crew attempted to prove it was possible to blow up a propane tank with a single round.

Quite frequently, especially when the crew is firing automatic guns. Stay in the Kitchen: Steph mans the front of the shop, and many times ends up surprising the hell out of most of the customers about how much more she knows about guns than they do. Often the boys at the back of the shop are doing something that requires Steph's attention in addressing testosterone-fueled idiocy, to the point where she'd probably wishes for just one day where she can stay in the front office.

The show often uses this when showing weapons in action on the battlefield, often with Will giving a brief rundown of the history of said weapon. Possibly the biggest reality TV explosions this side of MythBusters. As Charlie notes in the MythBusters Crossover episode: One episode had the Red Jacket crew get their hands on a WW2-vintage M36 tank destroyer; many of the cast members frequently calling it a "tank".

Although not often seen, the Red Jacket crew have a pit bull terrier named Grover kept in the garage. A prospective new hire's willingness to clean up after him is usually a deciding factor as to whether or not they get a job there.

Joe goes into this a bit when explaining to Kris how to operate the CNC machine a machine that precision-cuts parts out of blocks of metal. Most of it goes completely over Kris' head. Goes through this in one episode when they're looking for new help for the shop.

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Will loves to give the interviewees menial tasks to see how they'll react, including cleaning up the dog doo in the backyard and fixing the toilet. Some of the odd projects, like a gun that shoots a knife, wind up in the hands of Joe and Charlie, who go off on their own to work on something. Took a Level in Jerkass: Vince became increasingly hard to work with in Season 3.

To the point of packing up his stuff and walking out on the shop. The show's easiest flaw to spot, the editing of the opening trailer "On this episode of Sons of Guns It becomes much less "What's going to happen next? It kind of ruined the suspense of whether or not Kris would really be leaving Red Jacket to be with Steph by the end of the episode, practically making Kris' fate with his job a foregone conclusion.

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The second season finale dealt with all the desert-AR troubles and Vince's jealousy and spite coming to a head. Also, serious questions arose as to whether the team was going to have a functional weapon to show with the stakes being raised with an increased time frame and a retired military general coming to see the product. Then, even before the opening credits roll, we see shots of them shooting the gun and blowing stuff up, as well as Vince's empty bench.

A lot of the custom guns made on the show take existing concepts and crank them Up to Eleven. It's also the background used for the crew's individual testimonials.

sons of guns kris and stephanie dating quotes

Warriors of Desert Winds: One episode had Will and Joe travel to Jordan, the Jordanian military making several appearances. Outfitting a sheriff's patrol boat with a mounted machine gun and belt-fed grenade launcher. Fun times for all! A season 2 episode had Red Jacket outfit a Chevy Suburban with a remotely-operated machine gun turret on the roof. One season 3 episode had the crew rig up several weapon systems on a Porsche Cayenne, which had already been modified to be bulletproof before the Red Jacket boys got ahold of it.

When Will was three years old, the house he was asleep in burnt to the ground. Joe and Charlie create some flying targets on the side for the "Meat Chopper", but Joe's flying skills are something to be desired.

Meanwhile, Kris takes it upon himself to make a hunting rifle float for a customer much to everyone's chagrin. Flem and Steph begin to go at it in regards to a paycheck and Will has to step in the middle.

Later, Flem gets tagged by one of the shop machines, which causes him to black out. Steph starts stressing out as paperwork piles up in the office. With the Mk19 close to completion, the team overlooks one minor detail, which could prevent the team from making the deadline and Will prepares to lose it.

Red Jacket is building a complete operating Mag 58 weapons system with a unique twist -- a swivel arm. Will takes a stock Uzi and makes it competition ready in record time.

Sons Of Guns's Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford arrested 'for beating boy'

Then, Stephanie goes on a wild ride. The Red Jacket team revives a demilitarized WWII-era Lahti L anti-tank gun to honor a veteran, while Will lays down the law for Kris who needs to back off on the front office flirting. The Red Jacket team repairs a set of antique dueling pistols, and Will is challenged to a duel. Then, things between Kris and Stephanie take an unexpected turn. This filming of this episode took place prior to the Season 2 Finale. The Red Jacket staff counts down their Top 10 Guns thus far, as well as reveal moments that occurred off camera: GE Minigun - The team discusses the history of the weapon, as well as the Hollywood concept of a minigun backpack seen in various action films, specifically the scenes from Predator.

Mag 58 - Will and Steph discuss their experience from shooting from the helicopter.

sons of guns kris and stephanie dating quotes

Master Key - Vince discusses his shyness toward camera and his firsthand experience in Reality TV, as well as the overall construction of the build including moments that happened off camera and during testing. Right before introducing the master key, Vince can be seen lifting the propeller from the maxim test rig from season 3 off of Kris's bench. Meat Chopper - Flemm discusses almost losing his finger, as well as Charlie and Joe's issues with the remote control planes.

Lahti - The team discuss the size and power of the weapon, while Vince mentions about the Smurf obsession during the build. Integrally Suppressed AK - The team discusses the impact of the weapon had in the business, as well as Kris' legendary water scene in the end credits of the episode Designs telling them to come back and visit. AK - Will discusses the first firearm he built in his life, then leaves a final message to the fans that Red Jacket is just getting started.

Meanwhile, Steph and Charlie designs a line of ladies Saiga 5. The question is then brought up Meanwhile, against Will's wishes, Steph enlists Kris to help her design Derringer holsters for women. Also, Vince and Charlie rebuilds a German Mauser K98 rifle that has original capture papers provided by their resident gun historian Glenn Harrison.

Problems occur during reveal day, but Will once again has to face his fears in front of his team and his clientele. What the team doesn't realize that the client is Will himself.