Scooby doo mystery incorporated shaggy and velma dating after divorce

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scooby doo mystery incorporated shaggy and velma dating after divorce

The problem I have with his design is how far divorced it is from his standard design . They turned Shaggy into a hipster and made Velma look like she's . I literally just finished binging season 1 of Mystery Incorporated and then Antfish Hell, that's the problem with a lot of the H-B line post Flinstones. Like all of the Scooby-Doo kids, later ret-conned as Mystery Incorporated . After Velma web chats Daphne following her latest episode, she reveals to was first married to Donald Trenner in the mid s, they divorced a couple years later. Plot Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo travel to an amusement. Scooby-Doo () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Helpfulness, Review Date, Total Votes, Prolific Reviewer, Review Rating .. The film concerns about our friends who form ¨the Mystery Inc¨ group. After After two years separated, Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby are mysteriously united together to.

Unless you make the school pet angry, then I can't guarantee anything. I bet you're excited to see Sibella, Shaggy.

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I grew to care deeply for her and asked her father if I could date her. He refused and threatened to harm Sugi if I did anyway. That was the year before you, Scooby, scrappy, and I went on that 13 ghost adventure and we started dating. The rest of the drive past in silence. Finally, Calloway Military Academy could be seen coming up. Every year Grimwood's and Calloway have a volleyball game, I helped the girls win the game for the first time ever.

Speaking of which it's about that time now. After a few more minutes, I parked the van outside Grimwood's next to the moat. Scooby jumped out and started to look around. Eventually a green blur knocked Scooby to the ground. Matches the dragon stood on Scooby's chest and started licking his face.

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Daphne let out a slight scream, as matches knocked me down and started to frantically lick my face, while I laughed. Reluctantly the dragon stopped and got off me. He's a little distrustful of strangers but he'll warm up to you. Coach is that yooooooooooouuuuuu? While I was distracted someone must have lowered the draw bridge because now all the ghoul girls, minus Sibella, and Ms.

Grimwood stood on the bridge looking at me in surprise. What do you need and who are your friends. Fred, Daphne, and Velma. Gang these are my former students. Tanis the mummy's daughter, Wiinie, daughter of the wolfman, and Elsa Frankenteen, Frankenstein's daughter.

scooby doo mystery incorporated shaggy and velma dating after divorce

Sibella is not here, she's Dracula's daughter. Fred, Velma, and Daphne were all pale but made some kind of gesture to say hello. I sat in my bat form across from Shaggy's sister Sugi's bedroom window, when Sugi walked in limping covered in bruises and cradling her right arm to her chest.

scooby doo mystery incorporated shaggy and velma dating after divorce

Carefully she opened her window. I remember Shaggy mentioning that Sugi thought the others and I were her fairy godmothers. I quickly flew through her window and turned into my vampire form.

Velma Dinkley

Your brother asked my friends and I to watch over you since he couldn't always be around. Who did this to you, Sugi? Well, it's a hell of a lot better written than the cartoons! Yes, it borrows heavily from them and borrows from some of the SD animated movies that have been made in the interimbut still it's an interesting story with a nice twist at the end that had me actually laughing out loud. Not Shakespeare by any stretch of the imagination So what about the CGI Scoob?

scooby doo mystery incorporated shaggy and velma dating after divorce

Wow is all I can say! I don't know what makes it more, the quality of the CGI or the way in which all the actors really made me believe they were sharing the screen with a 6'5" intelligent dog.

scooby doo mystery incorporated shaggy and velma dating after divorce

The interactions were believable, and not once did I catch anyone making the mistake of looking in the wrong place on-screen which is clearly evident in many instances where CGI characters are used. The personality is captured perfectly and translates Scooby from the two-color animation of my youth to a perfect rendition of how I envisaged him in my minds eye. I'm sure many have heard about them already, but there are plenty of in-jokes that pepper the movie for those willing to pay attention.

I won't say they're all laugh-out-loud funny, but they are amusing So did I love it as much as I loved Scooby as a kid? The movie was definitely not without flaws, and it did depart from the cartoons in some pretty major ways; for example one of the nice things about the cartoon looking at it now from an adult's perspective was that at the end of every episode it was reiterated however lightly that there are no such things as monsters, ghosts, ghouls etc.

scooby doo mystery incorporated shaggy and velma dating after divorce

This is something I picked up on as a kid but didn't understand until I was an adult; and kids should be given that reassurance early in life that there are no monsters. The movie departed from that part of the formula However, even with these kids, recommend that a parent watch it with them To me that's the mark of a great kids movie these days; the ability to appeal to all ages.

Overall, I'd say a 7 out of Was this review helpful?