Raymond lam and kate tsui dating

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raymond lam and kate tsui dating

Oct 30, Hong Kong TV actresses Kate Tsui and Selena Li, who were in town on "Ron, Raymond (Lam) and I are under the same manager, that's why. Mar 17, Raymond Lam's new rumored girlfriend, Carina Zhang, is a lingerie model. When Raymond Lam (林峯) was spotted at Hong Kong Disneyland with his . Why Kate Tsui Wants to Pursue a Master's Degree in Psychology. Kate also disclosed that she had kissed Raymond Lam, Sammul Chan and Ron Nancy Wu (present rumored girlfriend) and Kay Tsui (ex rumored girlfriend).

With support from Ms. Lok and the other executives, he will be unstoppable in winning the My Favorite Male Character award.

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Wayne Lai Cedes to Raymond Lam When told that he may not win an award this year, Wayne Lai admitted that the pressure is increasing and the voting will be tight as Raymond has the biggest fan base. Wayne apparently was not too happy about the rumor, but insisted that the race is not over until all votes are in.

Catherine went with Tavia Yeung, and Ms.

raymond lam and kate tsui dating

Lok with Kate Tsui. So naturally Kate was chosen instead of Tavia. Elena Kong and Power Chan Favored Another meeting was held a few days ago and the outcome of other award categories was determined.

Kate Tsui plans to leave TVB

In a group where there are no standouts, most of the executives decided to choose her. Power Chan will pick up the Best Supporting Award. However, it was not an easy decision. It turns out that TVB is negotiating with Power Chan on his managerial contract, and an award for him may help seal the deal.

raymond lam and kate tsui dating

The rest of the executives felt that both Ben and Power did well in their roles, but if an award may help to retain Power, so be it. It was reported that because the executives influenced the voting committees, Ben did not gather enough support to make the Top Ten nominees. It was said that Ben already knew about this decision before the official list was announced. Ben said a producer had approached him and told him that since he already won last year, he may want give someone else a chance this year.

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Ben was not happy arguing about how someone can win the Best Actor award for two years in a row, but not the Best Supporting Actor award. Of the six roles, Paris Yiu from Lives of Omission had garnered the most attention. In Highs and LowsTsui portrays an extremely tragic character that struggled with substance abuse, gang rape, and eventually, drug dealing. Tsui described her experience of filming this drama as "being on an emotional roller coaster", to the extent that she did not wish to speak to anyone or pick up the phone after work.

Tsui was also nominated in the Best Actress category and was one of the top 5 finalists for the award.

Aside from the aforementioned Hong Kong TVB-based awards show, Tsui also received a nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the Asian Television Awardswhich is an awards show held in Singapore that recognizes production excellence in over 15 Asian countries.

After the airing of the micro film, TVB received 39 individual viewer statements that commended Tsui of her outstanding performance in the micro film.

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With her performance in the film, Eye in the Sky was praised by professional Hong Kong film critic, Sek Kei, as the best Hong Kong film in the first half of The latter is a particularly outstanding achievement, for Tsui is, so far, the only individual to have received a Hong Kong Film Award, while being fully contracted by TVB, since Anita Yuen, who coincidentally is also a Miss Hong Kong pageant winner, won the same award back in Professional Taiwanese film critic, Mai Ruoyu, had openly criticized the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awardsa film festival and awards ceremony held in Taiwan, for excluding Tsui and her performance in Eye in the Sky from a nomination in the Best New Performer category.

The director of the film, Daniel Leesaid the casting of Tsui's character, Tuo Tuo, was the most troubling and extensive process of all.

raymond lam and kate tsui dating

Playing a character with a mental disorder in the film, Tsui said that collaborating with Ng was a valuable experience because Ng was extremely willing to teach and give her suggestions about her acting and performances. It is also the first film that veteran actress, Veronica Yiphas taken part in since her retirement in The producer of the film, Eric Tsangspecifically praised Tsui for providing the best performance out of the entire cast, referring to it as a "Best Actress performance".