Pros and cons of dating a fat guy

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pros and cons of dating a fat guy

Double dating has both its pros and cons, here are the most common ones to consider before agreeing to your next double date along with. I've never had a crush on a girl, or a guy if that's something you're thinking. I never really What are the pros and cons of dating many girls at the same time?. When they eventually lose weight and get attractive but still have the self esteem of a fat person so you snagged a decent partner at a greatly.

Several studies of the recent past have suggested that adiposity is, if not the solution to some of our most damaging bodily disorders and conditions, certainly a surprising benefit.

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From arthritis to premature ejaculation, the asserted health boosts are numerous. So stock up on the pork pies, loosen your gastric band and prepare yourself for the five most surprising health benefits of being overweight. Just remember to take them all with a pinch or several tablespoons of salt.

Not to mention sugar, alcohol and hydrogenated fats. Being overweight carries a reduced risk of rheumatoid arthritis Obesity can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis Today heralds the news that the higher your Body Mass Index BMIthe lower your chances of developing chronic arthritis.

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Curiously, the research - published in a journal named Rheumatology - identifies this particular perk of plumpness as being limited to the male of the species, condemning women to a life of both stiff joints and irredeemable podginess. The professor surveyed patients, and found from the data gathered that overweight and obese men were up to 63 per cent less likely to develop the musculoskeletal disorder. The study uncovered a connection between high BMI readings and an excess of specific hormones; where metabolic pathways related to the adipose tissue create a protective barrier against the onset of the condition.

pros and cons of dating a fat guy

So, if your knees and knuckles begin to develop pains, make sure you eat your dessert. For, if you want to take this study at face value; the answer to aches could be cakes.

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Being overweight means you're less likely to develop dementia Overweight individuals are less likely to develop dementia Before this year, being overweight was thought to increase your chances of developing dementia. However, the publication of a study in April turned this assumption on its head, instead proposing that second helpings actually defended against senility. In addition, doctors, public health scientists and policy makers may need to rethink how to identify who is at high risk for dementia.

But if by some metaphorical stroke of luck your body remains physically stroke-free, you will reportedly be 25 per cent less likely to encounter the symptoms of dementia on your journey through the twilight years. Being overweight can mean a stronger immune system The larger you are, the stronger your immune system If one is to believe a group of Chicagoan cytologists, the deep layers of fat around an obese individual's organs called omentum fat for those biologically-minded amongst you can interact on a cellular level with your immune system.

Aiding in the regulation of your immune system's response, this fat essentially calms down the body's biological defence mechanism and prevents it overcompensating or causing collateral damage. Additionally, the study - entitled Cellular Basis of Tissue Regeneration by Omentum - also sings the praises of mesenchymal stem cells: To be Falstaffian is to protect your body from possible harm, rendering potential problems harmless even before their incursion.

Older men are obviously more experienced in this department, unless you're dealing with a young Casanova. It can be really adorable.

5 Pros And Cons Of Dating A Grown-Ass Man That Women Need To Be Aware Of

Like running around the house in your underwear and pillow fighting. Young guys don't know how to budget properly Chances are, you won't be able to go out for nice dinners very often. Oh and no matter how much they eat, they gain zero weight.

pros and cons of dating a fat guy

They will all secretly want to hook up with you too, because you're that hot older chick. Your friends will not like him that much Your girlfriends will most probably disapprove of your young guy.


They'll want you to get your shit together and start dating someone who you could potentially marry instead. He's exciting Young guys are always open to new things. He's down to try anything new pretty much.

pros and cons of dating a fat guy

Like that Montreal's 1,foot Slip N' Slidefor example. Older guys are more into chill activities. As a consequence, they can't really be viewed as marriage material. Your relationship has extremely low chances of growing into anything more than just a casual hookup arrangement. He's probably fit See 5. Young guys don't even need to exercise to stay fit. He will most probably have a six pack and you will love it. You'll probably get jealous You won't be the only girl drooling over his six pack.

pros and cons of dating a fat guy

Chicks his age will probably be after him too.