Natalie wood and warren beatty dating

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natalie wood and warren beatty dating

Natalie Wood seemed to have it all, but beneath the glamor was an ugly secret: She suffered through a tumultuous affair with Warren Beatty. Natalie Wood's Secrets Revealed in New Book: Her Intimate Thoughts on Dating Warren Beatty and the Death of Marilyn Monroe. So vain: Warren Beatty with conquest Natalie Wood in Well, as And they include people who were not exactly hard-pressed for a date.

I talked with her more quietly then and more personally. I wanted to find out what human material was there, what her inner life was Then she told me she was being psychoanalyzed.

natalie wood and warren beatty dating

I liked Bob WagnerI still do. He felt that despite her earlier innocent roles, she had the talent and maturity to go beyond them. In the film, Warren Beatty 's character was deprived of sexual love with Wood's character, and as a result turns to another, "looser" girl.

Natalie Wood

Wood's character could not handle the sexuality and after a breakdown was committed to a mental institution. Kazan writes that he cast her in the role partly because he saw in Wood's personality a "true-blue quality with a wanton side that is held down by social pressure," adding that "she clings to things with her eyes," a quality he found especially "appealing.

The experience was exhilarating, but wrenching for Natalie, who faced her demons on Splendor. I still like it when I see it," writes Kazan.

Tibbetts notes similarities in her role in this film and the earlier Rebel Without a Cause. She was to represent the "restlessness of American youth in the s", expressed by youth gangs and juvenile delinquency, along with early rock and roll. Both films, he observes, were "modern allegories based on the ' Romeo and Juliet ' theme, including private restlessness and public alienation.

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Where in Rebel she falls in love with the character played by James Deanwhose gang-like peers and violent temper alienated him from his family, in West Side Story she enters into a romance with a white former gang member whose threatening world of outcasts also alienated him from lawful behavior.

Wood sang when she starred in the film Gypsy. Her ability to speak Russian was an asset given to her character Maggie DuBois. It justified the character's recording the progress of the race across Siberiaand entering the race at the beginning as a contestant.

Inat the age of 25, Wood received her third Academy Award nomination for Love with the Proper Strangermaking Wood along with Teresa Wright the youngest person to score three Oscar nominations. This record was later broken by Jennifer Lawrence in and Saoirse Ronan inboth of which scored their third nominations at the age of Although many of Wood's films were commercially profitable, at times her acting was criticized.

She was the first performer in the award's history to accept it in person, and The Harvard Crimson wrote she was "quite a good sport". She was a damn good actress.

natalie wood and warren beatty dating

In both films, which were set during the Great DepressionWood played small-town teens with big dreams. After the release of the films, Wood suffered emotionally and sought professional therapy. According to Tibbets, this was the first film in which "the saving leavening of humor was brought to bear upon the many painful dilemmas portrayed in her adult films.

She acted in only four more theatrical films during the remainder of her life. She made a brief cameo appearance as herself in The Candidatereuniting her for a third time with Robert Redford. In Last Married Couple, Wood broke ground: Although an actress with a clean, middle-class image, she used the "F" word in a frank marital discussion with her husband George Segal.

natalie wood and warren beatty dating

In this period, Wood had more success in television, receiving high ratings and critical acclaim in for The Cracker Factory and especially the miniseries film From Here to Eternitywith Kim Basinger and William Devane. Let me tell you how it all happened.

natalie wood and warren beatty dating

During the Sixties and Seventies, Beatty was always in London and always turning up at parties, usually alone, which in retrospect was slightly odd for someone who had the reputation of being so great a womaniser. Maybe it was all a ploy. He would loiter on the outskirts of a room giving the impression he was at a loose end, perhaps with the intention of arousing the protective instincts of all the women gathered.

Or perhaps it was because he was trying his best to be monogamous - he is on the record as saying the highest level of sexual excitement in his view is a monogamous relationship, and he was officially in one at the time.

Beatty with Joan Collins in He had stolen one of his leading ladies, French dancer Leslie Caron, from director Peter Hall and, having been cited in their divorce case, he ran off with Julie Christie in and by the early Seventies was even apparently begging her to marry him.

Christie refused because he wanted children and she did not - but in reality it was probably because she was wary of him. As we now know, even when he had landed the perfect woman, there was always room for more. He certainly didn't appear to think that having broken up someone's marriage he had any duty to stick by them.

It didn't even hinder him, as it sometimes does more conventional men, if he was a friend of the husband of the girl he set his cap at. Indeed, he was a friend of the man I was married to, Mayfair tailor Doug Hayward. In fact, that is how I came to find myself alone with Warren Beatty in the first place.

The proposition came one morning when he and I found ourselves together in the Mayfair house of James Bond producer Harry Saltzman. I had dropped by to take something to Saltzman. As I recall, I was wearing purple velvet dungarees, having just done the school run. Warren Beatty apparently begged Julie Christie to marry him in the early Seventies Imagine my dismay, then, when instead of being greeted by the round, fat Harry, the door was opened by the handsome Warren himself, who, quite unfazed, ushered me into the living room, where there was.

There he began doing his loitering thing, head on one side, becomingly backlit by the morning light which was streaming through the leaded windows. If I'd known I was going to find myself alone with one of the world's most desirable men, I would have made more of an effort. These days he hasn't made a movie sinceit is hard to remember how fresh-faced he was back then.

With his tousled curly hair and trim figure, there was something eternally teenage about him, although he was already into his 30s.

The Mystery of Natalie Wood, TV Movie 2004

Sadly, he also had an adolescent's chat-up approach. Women who capitulated to this apparently roguish charm, including Madonna, tell how his favourite lines were: If he had, I should probably not have realised they were a prelude to seduction and would have asked him what on earth he meant.

With me, he came straight to the point, just as he had with Sandy. No prelude, no romance, no flattery, no conversation, no jokes, no dinner invitation, not even the suggestion of a cup of coffee, still less lunch after the event. He didn't even take me by the hand or try to kiss me.

It's his fourth marriage, meanwhile, as he and Wood were married twice. She broke his heart three years later. Wagner hails from the old studio system, where you signed a contract and toiled away while they figured out what to do with you. He had dramatic gravitas to spare, though, and even after his film career stalled in the s, he had a renaissance on TV. The reception was held at the Hotel Valley Ho, which was recently renovated and remains touted as the former playground of some of Hollywood's biggest golden-age stars.

natalie wood and warren beatty dating

It was myself I didn't know about. She first met Frank Sinatra, whom she dated in the s, when she was The actor resisted because Wagner was a friend, as was Beatty—and his wife closed ranks, visiting the set often.

They lost touch in the later years of her life, but about 10 years ago Redford narrated one of those Turner Classic Movie montages in which one famous actor or relative of a huge star sings the praises of that star.

She said, 'no matter how silly it may seem, fans do have this feeling about you that you have to respect—but never let it overwhelm you. After her stomach had been pumped at a Hollywood hospital, she told her sister Lana Wood that she hadn't wanted to live anymore. Redford served as best man. Meanwhile, Wagner was married to Marion Marshall from untilwith whom he has a daughter, Kate. The exes saw each other occasionally in passing, but then reconnected at a dinner party that each attended alone in Wood was six months pregnant.

Wagner had just separated from Marshall. Wagner followed Wood home in his car to make sure she got back safely, after which they sat together and she asked if he was happy.

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He sent flowers the next day. In the summer ofWood and Gregson amicably separated. She and Wagner started talking on the phone regularly and then he invited her to his home in Palm Desert, Calif. Marie Osmond and Five Other Stars Who Remarried Their Exes As fate would have it, their passage was delayed a few days due to a violent storm in the Atlantic, one that had both of them thinking that their happy reunion might end up being awfully short.

Because there was no internet then, reporters awaiting the late ship were stunned to see Wagner and Wood debark together. He later recalled that he was broke at the time, shelling out money for his divorce, getting sued over a business deal gone wrong and having issues with the IRS.