Mirroring body language and dating

22 Body Language Signs That Reveal He's Definitely Interested

mirroring body language and dating

Interesting Info -> Body Language -> Flirting Body Language (part 1) Body In mirroring, you need to tune in to the other person's movements and imitate them, . Observing men's body language to see their patterns of flirting gestures if he begins mirroring you by copying your body language or asking what you're going . Body language is a powerful tool, if you know how to use it properly. trigger it deliberately by mirroring the other person's body language and positioning. So when you're talking to someone you're interested in or on a first.

Brain scans reveal that men can feel emotion as strongly as women, but avoid showing it publicly. What to Do About It if You're Female The key to mirroring a man's behavior is in understanding that he doesn't use his face to signal his attitudes - he uses his body.

Most women find it difficult to mirror an expressionless man but with males this is not required. If you're a woman, it means that you need to reduce your facial expressions so that you don't come across as overwhelming or intimidating.

Most importantly, don't mirror what you think he might be feeling. That can be disastrous if you've got it wrong and you may be described as 'dizzy' or 'scatterbrained'. Women in business who listen with a more serious face are described by men as more intelligent, astute and sensible. When Men and Women Start to Look Alike When two people live together for a long time and have a good working relationship, they often begin to look alike.

This is because they are constantly mirroring each other's facial expressions, which, over time, builds muscle definition in the same areas of the face.

Even couples who don't look facially similar can appear similar in a photograph because they use the same smile. If actor Mario Lopez and wife Courtney Mazza stay married for a number of years will they further change to resemble each other even more as many couples do?

Instead, this opposite behavior affects the smiling partner, even when they are not consciously aware of what is happening.

mirroring body language and dating

Do We Resemble Our Pets? You can also see mirroring occur in the pets some people choose. Without realizing it, we unconsciously tend to favor pets that physically resemble us, or that appear to reflect our attitudes. To demonstrate the point, here are a couple of examples: Do we choose pets that resemble us?

Be careful however not to extrapolate the metaphor too far and presume that our model of body language and social interpretation applies to a dog's body language. Monkey See, Monkey Do The next time you attend a social function or go to a place where people meet and interact, notice the number of people who have taken the identical gestures and posture of the person with whom they're talking.

Mirroring is the way one person tells another that he is in agreement with his ideas and attitudes. One is non-verbally saying to the other, 'As you can see, I think the same as you. Thinking alike In the image above it is apparent by virtue of the facial expressions and other body language that there is a good rapport between the US President's wife Michelle Obama, of informally superior status, and a university president. If Michelle changes her body posture, one might expect there is a reasonably good chance the gentleman will unconsciously emulate her posture, indirectly demonstrating they are of the same mind.

Mirroring happens among friends or between people of the same status and it is common to see married couples walk, stand, sit and move in identical ways. Albert Scheflen found that people who are strangers studiously avoid holding mirror positions. Matching Voices Intonation, voice inflection, speed of speaking and even accents also synchronize during the mirroring process to further establish mutual attitudes and build rapport. This is known as 'pacing' and it can almost seem as if the two people are singing in tune.

You will often see a speaker beating time with his hands while the listener matches the rhythm with head nods. As a relationship grows over time, the mirroring of the main body language positions becomes less as each person begins to anticipate the other's attitudes, and vocal pacing with the other person becomes a main medium for maintaining rapport. Never speak at a faster rate than the other person.

Studies reveal that others describe feeling 'pressured' when someone speaks more quickly than they do. A person's speed of speech shows the rate at which their brain can consciously analyze information. Speak at the same rate or slightly slower than the other person and mirror their inflection and intonation.

Pacing is critical when attempting to make appointments by telephone because voice is your only communication medium. Intentionally Creating Rapport The significance of mirroring is one of the most important body language lessons you can learn because it's a clear way in which others tell us that they agree with us or like us. It is also a way for us to tell others that we like them, by simply mirroring their body language. If a boss wants to develop a rapport and create a relaxed atmosphere with a nervous employee, he could copy the employee's posture to achieve this end.

Similarly, an up-and-coming employee may be seen copying his boss's gestures in an attempt to show agreement when the boss is giving his opinion. Using this knowledge, it is possible to influence others by mirroring their positive gestures and posture. This has the effect of putting the other person in a receptive and relaxed frame of mind, because he can 'see' that you understand his point of view.

Mirroring the other person's body language to gain acceptance Before you mirror someone's body language, however, you must take into consideration your relationship with that person. Let's say, for example, a corporate employee has asked for a pay rise and is called into his manager's office. The employee enters the office, the manager asks him to sit down and assumes the Catapult with a Figure-Four showing the employee a superior, dominant attitude.

But what would happen if the subordinate then instinctively copied the manager's dominant body language while discussing the potential salary increase?

A boss might perceive a subordinate's mirroring behavior as being pushy or impertinent Even if the employee's manner of speaking and phrasing was typical of a subordinate, the manager could feel affronted by the employee's body language, placing the employee's pay increase request in doubt and perhaps posing a threat to his future promotability. Mirroring is also effective for intimidating or disarming people who deem themselves 'superior' and try to take control of situations.

Accountants, lawyers and managers are notorious for using superiority body language clusters around people they consider inferior. By mirroring, you can disconcert them and force a change of position. But never do it to the boss.

They have the same posture and the body language shows they are friends going about business in the same way with similar goals. Through mirrored multi-tasking, these business associates are taking their minds off what can seem an awkward encroachment on their personal zones.

Research shows that when the leader of a group assumes certain gestures and positions, subordinates will copy, usually in pecking order. Leaders also tend to be the first of a group to walk through a doorway and they like to sit on the end of a sofa, table or bench seat rather than in the center. When a group of executives walks into a room, the person with the highest status usually goes first. When executives are seated in the boardroom, the boss usually sits at the head of the table, often furthest from the door.

If the boss sits in the Catapult, his subordinates are likely to copy in order of their importance within the group You can see this in a meeting where people 'take sides' with others by mirroring their body language. This lets you see who will vote with you and who will vote against you. Mirroring is a good strategy to use if you are part of a presentation team.

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Decide, in advance, that when the team spokesperson makes a gesture or takes a posture when speaking, the entire team will mirror.

This not only gives your team the powerful appearance of being cohesive, it can frighten the hell out of competitors who suspect something is up, even though they can't quite figure out what it is.

What Is Mirroring? - Body Language

Prince William and Kate Middleton demonstrate they are emotionally and behaviorally synchronized When presenting ideas, products and services to couples, watching who mirrors whom reveals where the ultimate power or final decision-making ability lies.

If the woman makes the initial movements, however small, such as crossing her feet, lacing her fingers or using a Critical Evaluation cluster and the man copies, there is little point in asking him for a decision - he doesn't have the authority to make it.

When we rub both of our eyes simultaneously, it is as if we are telling our psyches, "I wish I never saw that", or "I can't believe he did that". We are trying to wipe it from our minds. People will also display this body language tell when recalling a past event in the "mind's eye". Group Mirroring It happens on fall season Sundays in American football stadiums around the country. Suddenly, 50, individuals became a single unit, almost a single mind, focused intently on what was happening on the field - that particular touchdown grab or dive into the end zone.

Somehow, virtually simultaneously, each of those 50, people tuned into what the other 49, were looking at. Becoming part of a crowd can be exhilarating or terrifying: The same mechanisms that make people fans can just as easily make them fanatics. And throughout human history we have constructed institutions that provide that dangerous, enthralling thrill.

The Coliseum-like stadiums that host American football games or soccer games throughout the world are, after all, just modern knockoffs of the massive theater that housed Roman crowds cheering their favorite gladiators 2, years ago. In fact, recent studies suggest that our sensitivity to crowds is built into our perceptual system and operates in a remarkably swift and automatic way. Gallup, then at Princeton University, and colleagues looked at the crowds that gather in shopping centers and train stations.

In one study, a few ringers simply joined the crowd and stared up at a spot in the sky for 60 seconds. Then the researchers recorded and analyzed the movements of the people around them. The scientists found that within seconds hundreds of people coordinated their attention in a highly systematic way. People consistently stopped to look toward exactly the same spot as the ringers.

The number of ringers ranged from one to People turn out to be very sensitive to how many other people are looking at something, as well as to where they look.


It's an instinct we share with all animals on this planet. It's a way we project ourselves as a suitable mate and try to stand out from the competition in the eyes of the one we are interested in. That's why if the man you have been hanging out with suddenly starts to dress up better, maintain his hygiene, and overall becomes more presentable, it's because he is interested in you and wants you to see him favorably. Bonus points if you tell him you like a certain color or clothes combination and he turns up wearing that the next day.

Believe me, a friend of mine once told a boy she found the white-shirt-blue-jeans combination very attractive, and he showed up the next time wearing that exact combination! The two are currently in a relationship. But men don't just dress up better when they are interested in you.

They also "preen" themselves by stroking their hair or flexing their biceps when they are around you. It's a classic peacock move to make them seem like the obvious choice of mate to you. In fact, according to a meta-research, the average person in the west spends around 4 hours a day on their smartphone.

And that's not even the scariest fact about our obsession with our phones. That's why if someone willingly sets his phone aside when he is interacting with you, it's a big sign that he wants to connect with you and is interested in dating you. It's got everything to do with chemicals in his brain.

Research has proven that the chemicals produced by our brain when we fall in love, like dopamine and phenylethylamine, give us a natural 'high' when we are in the presence of the one we love and feel a crushing sense of despair and can't stop thinking about them when they are not around.

mirroring body language and dating

No phone can hold a candle to this surge of "love". So if he doesn't check his phone when you are together and cancels almost all calls that come through, he is definitely into you. Plus, it's a mark of respect because he is showing you through his actions that he thinks you are the most important person in the world to him. It can mean he is interested or it can mean he is itching to get away from your presence.

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It all depends on the other signs he is throwing all around. That's why body language is never a game of just observing one isolated sign. You need to observe his whole body. So if he smiles when he sees you, finds excuses to touch or hug you, holds your gaze longer than usual, and then fidgets while he is standing or sitting with you and having a conversation, then he is definitely interested in you.

He just doesn't know what to do with his hands or how he stood position himself so he looks his best. And then there's the with his heart, which happens to be beating a thousand beats a minute because you are in front of him. So you can't really blame him for shifting his weight from one foot to another or putting his hands in his pockets with the thumbs out and then pulling them out after a minute because he was worried he was looking stupid.

The key here is to see if he is showing other signs of attraction along with fidgeting. Because if he is not, and if his feet happen to be pointed away from you, then girl, I am sorry to break it to you but he probably is not all that interested in you. Then let us take a moment to remember how that felt. Warm as butter and just as comforting, wasn't it? Almost as if that singular action changed a certain dynamic between the two of you.

Brought the two of you closer. Because if his palm wasn't snuggly resting against yours, he probably isn't as interested in you as you are in him. So here are a few pointers when it comes to decoding the language of the hands when it comes to attraction.

First of all, when you are in the presence of someone you like, your hands tend to be become warmer and softer because of more blood circulation. Your heart's beating extra hard, after all. And the opposite is true when you are not comfortable and don't want to interact with someone. Your hands become cold and rigid. So if his hands were warm, you already have a good foot in the door.

The second thing is about personal space. Our palms are one of the most sensitive and personal spaces of our body. Just stroke the center of your palm a few times and you will see.

That's why if he holds your hand in such a way that his palm rests against yours, his body is essentially telling you that he doesn't mind you in his personal space and would like to get closer to you. So it's a definite win! It's called synchronization and it allows people to fit into communities and make others more likely to be benevolent towards them.

We do the same thing when we are trying to get someone to like us. It's called the courtship dance and it is a subtle, unconscious way of telling the other person, "See! I am just like you. You would be good together. In fact, if a guy is genuinely interested in you, he will also mirror your unique speech pattern over time. That means, if you say a specific curse word a lot, you can expect him to drop those bombs more often when the two of you are discussing something, or if you pronounce a certain name a certain way, he might start doing the same too.

And lack of confidence is one of the most unattractive things on this planet. You might be the most amazing human being to interact with when someone gets to know you, but if your posture isn't proper, you will fail to attract most people. And we human beings know this secret on a cellular level if not the conscious levelwhich is why we always straighten up whenever we see the one we have a massive crush on. It's the same for him.

In fact, if he is really interested in you, don't be surprised if he pushes his shoulders back slightly and stands taller while he is in your presence because it means he wants to appear strong before you and be the biggest male in the room. Another powerful body language move men tend to pull off in the presence of the women they are super attracted to is manspreading.

mirroring body language and dating

That is, when they lounge on a chair before you, they tend to spread their legs wide apart and drape their arms over the chair arms almost casually. This classic move projects an image of masculinity, power, and ease, making him seem like the alpha among all men. So watch out for this one too!

Let me explain why. Have you ever found yourself trapped in a short walk from point A to point B with someone maybe an obnoxious acquaintance or a stranger who just wouldn't take a hint and go away?

How Men and Women Use Body Language to Flirt

If you have, you would do either of two things to get away from them. You would have either slowed your pace so they shot ahead of you or picked up your pace so they are left behind. We don't do it consciously but it's obvious to everyone who is around us and also the person we are trying to outstrip So if you have ever walked side-by-side with the guy you have a crush on and have noticed him doing the same — walking a few steps ahead of you or slowing down and lagging behind again and again even after you try matching his pace — then he probably isn't interested in you.

But if he slows down or speeds up to match your pace, then it's a big sign he's into you. Bonus points if you notice that your steps become synchronized after a while as if you are in a marching band. Then he's not only interested but also mirroring you unconsciously.

Here are the reasons why. First of all, our pupils naturally dilate when we are in darkness and constrict when we are out in the sunlight or in bright light. The former allows our eyes to take in more light so we can still see clearly in the dark, while the latter protects our retina from getting damaged by too harsh rays of light. So if you observe that his pupils are dilated but happen to be in a relatively dim room or lighting condition like late eveningthen it's not a sign of attraction but basic biology.

Nevertheless, our pupils do dilate when we see something we really like, especially if it's someone we have a huge crush on. It's because we are hardwired to want to take in more of what we like looking at. So if the two of you meet and you suddenly observe his pupils expand and grow bigger, then you definitely are onto something here.

But you need this to be accompanied by the other signs of attraction, like smiling or enthusiasm or mirroring, to be sure of his interest in you. Unfortunately, if he has dark brown or black eyes, observing this sign will be next to impossible. So only look for this if you are interested in someone with paler eye color. It's done unconsciously in a bid to appear more masculine and powerful since men naturally have a deeper voice than women.

And it makes perfect sense. Just hear Justin Bieber speak first and then compare it to John Cena's voice. The former sounds musical and pleasing, but if you closed your eyes and did not know it was JB, you probably might conclude the voice belonged to either a woman or a growing boy. But that's not the case when you hear John Cena speak. Just a few lines in that rich, gravelly baritone and your feminine hormones will make you want to melt into his arms and never let go.

But there's a catch. If the man is interested in you, you will notice that he tends to speak at a higher pitch and talk more when you both are in the company of other men.

All males of the animal kingdom do this to be heard over the "competition". So watch out for both these signs before you jump to conclusions. We love it when we are included in a group. In fact, those who rebel against the grain and reject popular gangs also love it when they finally find like-minded people they can connect and socialize with.

And humor evolved as a great way to pave these connections. According to a research cited in Psychology Today, it's easy to judge whether someone likes you or not. Just gauge how funny they find you. And this applies to all human relationships, whether at work or at play. When we laugh at someone's jokes, we are telling the other person that we like them and get their sense of humor, and that makes the other person see us in a favorable light.

No wonder those who laugh more at their boss' jokes often find themselves better appraisals at the end of the day So if you find it easy to make him laugh, even when you know your jokes aren't all that funny always, it's a big sign that he is into you.

It's because the love chemicals bursting in his brain are making everything you say sound a lot more interesting and amusing! Not that we doubt your jokes. In fact, he might not even be interacting with you and maybe lounging with his friends close by, but as soon as you walk in, you will notice a sudden straightening in his posture and more enthusiasm in his actions. He could even outdo himself and throw his arms around more animatedly or try to "prank" his friends just so he stands out in your eyes.

We all pull these exaggerated acts when we are around someone we like even if we latter kick ourselves for behaving like a complete moron! But men tend to do it a lot more than women. And since most men love sports with a fanatical intensity, especially the ones who play them, if he's good at a particular game and is interested in you, you can rest assured that he will ask you to come to see him play in some way and then play the game of his life when he knows you are watching him from the stands.

And this sign is visible even when he is not into sports. You will see him outperform himself if he knows you are watching him do what he loves doing the best.