Matt lauria and madison burge dating

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matt lauria and madison burge dating

Matt lauria and madison burge dating. Tags: fnl, Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Taylor Kitsch, jesse plemons, aimee teegarden, michael b jordan, jurnee smollett . Matt lauria and madison burge dating. Meanwhile, Luke (Matt Lauria) reacts to the truth about Texas Methodist University and a suspicious car accident delays. This article contains character information for the NBC/DirecTV (The Network ) American . Her dating history includes Tim Riggins (Season 1, Season 5), Landry Luke Cafferty (Matt Lauria) - Cafferty is a new character in Season 4. Becky Sproles (Madison Burge) - An East Dillon student/beauty-queen hopeful.

T, only bigger" in the series finale. Street was paralyzed from the chest down during the first game of his senior year and developed an interest in quad rugby. He was briefly an assistant coach of the Dillon Panthers. She initially tries to maintain her relationship with Street after his accident, but ends up cheating on him with Tim Riggins, which causes a rift between Jason and the two of them.

After the divorce, her mother and younger brother and sister move away while she stayed in Texas with Buddy. In Season 2, she quits cheerleading and becomes very religious after her relationship with Jason falls apart and her parents get divorced. She later dates Tim and almost follows him to San Antonio State. Lyla leaves the show at the end of Season 3 to attend Vanderbilt University. In her final appearance in the following episode, she implores Tim to move on from their relationship before returning to Vanderbilt.

The character is based on Boobie Miles played by Derek Luke in the film. Smash wants to get to the pros so he can support his family, but hits several snags when he decides to use steroids in Season 1 and gets into a fight as a result of racist comments in Season 2. His successes are discussed and seen on TV by several people in Seasons 4 and 5.

Initially Tim Riggins' replacement at tailback. His parents, unlike most of the other parents, are not supportive of his involvement in football. As a Dillon Panther he wore the number 4, while as a Lion he wore Luke gets Becky Sproles pregnant on their first encounter in Season 4, causing her to be wary of him for some time.

He eventually wins her heart during his senior year. Luke spends much of the 5th season conflicted about whether or not to go to a Division 3 college and play football once it becomes clear he will not get any offers from larger universities.

After advice from Tim Riggins, stating "play the game like it's the last time you're gonna lace up, then let it go, then move on," Luke is a whole lot more focused for the upcoming State Championship rather than worrying about a football scholarship. Luke and his teammates pull off a shock when they reach the State final and win. Eight months after the State final, Luke has enlisted in the United States Armyand is seen at the bus station giving Becky his State ring before leaving Dillon.

matt lauria and madison burge dating

Vince Howard Michael B. Jordan - A new character beginning in Season 4, Howard is a talented athlete but had never played football before being given the choice of joining the new East Dillon football team or going to juvenile detention.

After sending his mother to drug rehab, Vince becomes East Dillon's new quarterback with the jersey number 5, and leads them to a win over the Panthers in the Season 4 finale. Vince is overwhelmed by all the attention he is receiving from colleges and becomes arrogant and selfish in Season 5.

Vince's overbearing father is seen at the sidelines standing next to Jason, who is back in Dillon for a visit, repeatedly dropping somewhat unsubtle hints about "what school can get you to the pros quick", much to Jason and Coach Taylor's concern.

Coach benches Vince as his behavior was beginning to alienate teammates, potentially damaging the morale of the team. Seeing the error of his ways, Vince matures and leads the Lions to State. When we meet Vince, his father is in jail and Vince is running with a bad crowd, but he stands up to his father and takes care of his mother when his father is released from jail. Eight months later, Vince is shown to be the quarterback for the Dillon Panthers.

Jess Merriweather Jurnee Smollett - A character who joins the series in Season 4, Merriweather is an East Dillon student whose father was a former state-championship winning quarterback of the East Dillon Lions but came to resent the sport and the team. Merriweather carries the responsibility for working in her family's restaurant and caring for her three younger brothers.

By the end of Season 4, after a brief relationship with Landry, Jess becomes Vince's girlfriend. In Season 5, Jess decides to become a coach and starts shadowing Coach Taylor. Her relationship with Vince reaches a rocky patch when he starts acting selfishly.

They briefly break up, but eventually fix things by the end of the season get back together before the Lions go to State. Jess later informs Coach that she is moving to Dallas because her father's fast-food franchise took off; Coach tells her he knows a coach in Dallas and will recommend her.

Eight months later, she is seen shadowing that coach in Dallas, her dream still alive. Becky undergoes an abortion late in Season 4 after a one-night stand with Luke Cafferty, and leans on Tim Riggins for support. Becky's decision to terminate the pregnancy lands Tami Taylor in hot water, eventually costing her her job.

In Season 5 Becky and Luke eventually get back together and she starts living with Billy and Mindy when her mother leaves town for a casino trip and she's mistreated by her stepmom, and Billy and Mindy treat her as real family. In the series finale, Becky moves back with her mom after she come backs from their trip, but she promises to visit Billy and Mindy.

Eight months after the State game she is seen kissing Luke goodbye at the bus garage as he heads off to join the army. He becomes a talented receiver, helping the team win their State Championship. It is unclear whether he joins the Dillon Panthers "super team," or if he returns to playing basketball for East Dillon.

Recurring characters[ edit ] Buddy Garrity Brad Leland - Owner of a popular Chevrolet dealership in town, father of Lyla Garrity, and an influential Dillon Panthers alumnus and member of the booster club. He and his ex-wife Pam have three children: Lyla, Tabby and Buddy Jr. He played college football for the Texas Longhorns. His loud-mouthed, straight-talking pragmatism puts off Coach Taylor but they come to have a good working relationship and he genuinely has the team's best interests at heart even if it comes out the wrong way.

He ends up having an affair with Angela Collette, Tyra's mom, which causes stress with his family and results in a messy divorce. Buddy is based on John Aubrey, a character Leland himself played in the film.

Friday Night Lights: Where Are They Now? |

By the third season, Joe McCoy, a wealthy member of the booster club, stages a "coup" to replace Taylor as Panthers head coach with his own son J. When the Dillon Independent School District chooses the Panthers to be the lone football team in Dillon, Buddy is offered to come back as President of the Panthers booster club, which he accepts.

In the season finale ending, he is seen driving around the golf cart that Joe drove Wade around the field during practices. Billy Riggins Derek Phillips — Older brother to Tim Riggins, acts as his legal guardian since both parents were absent from their lives. When he took in Tim, he was about to go to college on a golf scholarship but was forced to give it up to care for Tim.

Friday Night Lights: Where Are They Now?

Like Tim, he played for the Dillon Panthers. He also starts a car repair business, Riggins Rigs. In Season 4, after increasing pressure from a pregnant Mindy and himself to provide for his family, he opens a chop shop to make ends meet. When Tim takes the fall for him, he becomes a coach at East Dillon and helps take care of Becky Sproles while Tim is in jail. In Season 5, he and Mindy find out they have twins on the way. In the finale, he is shown coaching for the new Dillon Panthers super-team.

She suffers from dementia. She acts as a motherly figure in Matt's life since his father is never around. Shelby Saracen nee Garrett Kim Dickens — Mother of Matt Saracen, she was largely absent throughout Matt's life, until his struggles with his grandmother forced him to seek her out, so that she could sign papers to legally emancipate him. She ends up staying in Dillon with Matt and his grandmother, though it takes some time for Lorraine to accept her help.

Unlike Tyra, she fully embraces a trashy image and reputation. Initially a minor character, as the series developed the character was more heavily featured, especially in the last two seasons where she was further fleshed out and revealed to have rather strong, underlying empathetic qualities. A sister figure to Becky, she and Billy have their own son, Stevie, and are expecting twins in Season 5. She found the steroids in his room and went to Coach Taylor about it, briefly putting his career in jeopardy.

Works in town as a nurse, and was the one to tell Tami Taylor she was pregnant at the end of Season 1.

matt lauria and madison burge dating

She supports Smash's football aspirations but also keeps him grounded, encouraging him to consider his education in addition to a potential pro career.

Their occupations remain ambiguous. After Jason's injury, they were forced to mortgage the house to pay for his medical expenses and home renovations, prompting them to sue Coach Taylor for compensation.

matt lauria and madison burge dating

The decision to sue Coach Taylor caused some tension in the house, which upset Jason, who considered Taylor to be a mentor and was close to both parents. The Streets are portrayed as the "All-American" family in the show.

They dote on Jason, presumably their only child, and were often seen cheering him on at football games. There is initially tension between him and Eric, as he assumed the head coaching position would be his before Eric was hired. Caused the black players on the team to walk off the team in the week leading up to a playoff game in Season 1 after making politically incorrect comments.

matt lauria and madison burge dating

Later defended Smash after the rival team's police tried to arrest him for starting a brawl in the game. In Season 3, he suffers a heart attack and takes a leave of absence from coaching, and is replaced by future coach Wade Aikmen. After that football season, it was unclear if Mac remained head coach, was demoted back to assistant coach, or left the team entirely. Thanks to some manipulating from Buddy Garrity, he was fired after the second game a loss.

Known as the "Tennessee Tyrant" for his heavy-handed take-no-prisoners approach to coaching, in contrast to Taylor's more casual style. Many have gone on to find real and lasting success in film and TV. Others have struggled to keep their careers going since they left Dillon, Texas behind. Want to know what your favorite has been up to? Find out Where Are They Now? He made his players run drills in the pouring rain. But damn it, he loved them -- even the one that ended up falling in love with his daughter.

Coach was the undisputed heart. Jordan - Vince Howard 13 Many former Friday Night Lights cast members have gone on to find big success in highly acclaimed television series. Vince never had it easy -- with an addict mother and father in jail, he battled poverty for years without support or guidance.

Still, at his core he was a decent person -- a young man who desperately wanted something more for his life. It was that he deserved every ounce of his success. The same can and should be said for Jordan, who has mostly enjoyed a tremendous career since FNL. He had a recurring role on Parenthood before making the leap to the big screen. As a character that started out as the pinnacle of a self-absorbed football star, he transformed into a selfless brother and incredible friend to those who needed him most.

Tim got something very close to a happily ever after when Friday Night Lights wrapped in Unfortunately, Taylor Kitsch has spent most of the past five years trying to pick up the pieces of his career after starring in not one but two of the biggest box office flops in recent memory. In the same year. Then he had the misfortune of giving a mostly wooden performance in the almost universally hated second season of True Detective.

He was so nice. He tried so hard. Yet time and again, he found his affections largely unrequited and his efforts as an athlete to be lackluster. But Jesse Plemons made his awkwardness feel so authentic that he ended up becoming one of the most memorable characters in the series. The down-on-her-luck teen spent a couple of years trying charm her way out of Dillon before she realized that she could do a lot better for herself. Sexy, tough and whip smart, Tyra not only fought her way out of a dead-end life, but she tried to help her friends do the same.

Palicki most recently turned in a stellar performance as Bobbi Morse on Agents of S.

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Of course, that was partly because she cheated on her recently paralyzed boyfriend, but grief does weird things to people, right? But Minka Kelly has remained a pretty constant presence since her time on Friday Night Lights, turning in her share of high-profile appearances.

She also donned Jackie O. He also made everyone cry in his final episode, celebrating with his beloved mama and his former teammates before he left Dillon to follow his college football dreams. Or was that just us?