Lorene ren and kingone wang dating advice

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. – Oh! Such Drama

lorene ren and kingone wang dating advice

Zhan Chen (Kingone Wang) and Yu Xi (Kirsten Ren) really deserve a break. Yu Xi also had a cheating, scheming boyfriend who betrayed her trust. I hear the desperation in your voices and please keep the good tips. The Teflon Star Power of Lee Min Ho and Suzy, Dating with No Negative Impact on CFs TW-media Reporting Someone Like You Leads Kingone Wang and Kristen was seen feeding her food to Kingone plus sharing her drink . Hoping To Have Drama Series Starring Kangone Wang and Lorene Ren. Kingone Wang recently filmed a scene piggybacking Lorene Ren, letting Kingone almost crying out in pain. Kingone said, "Originally I was.

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But his depression and anger over his loss mean he hires and fires caretakers a dime a dozen until Chen Yuxi is employed. And Fang Zhancheng is drawn to her without knowing the reason why. But their blossoming relationship is threatened by others and their secrets, suspicions and desires.

This tdrama delivered and then some! The script required the expertise of six writers?!!

Someone Like You (TV series)

And in fact, they created a very entertaining and endearing body of work. This bittersweet love-story is very touching while balancing some wicked wit and poignant themes.

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The writers gave each character really good lines to work with and continual character development throughout the production.

The reserved Fang Zhancheng who keeps his troubled thoughts and emotions to himself and has a prickly exterior to start with was great. The chemistry between Fang Zhancheng and Chen Yuxi was powerful, even when they were bumping into each other — metaphorically speaking of course. Of course, the audience knows this before the characters do, weird how that sometimes happens. It makes for a little bit of angst, but not excessive.

I must commend the writers for this production for crafting a story that includes romantic love between the two leads, but, also the love of sisters, even though they are strangers. It was a good dynamic to display the importance, but, also to draw the lines between platonic and romantic feelings.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Also, the discussion around sibling love when siblings are not directly related. It was quite interesting to include this. I guess you could say that love was the overarching theme behind this production and there were many different angles — love for family, love for friends, misguided love, sibling love, sisterhood, abusive love etc. And the guy who took this product and turned it into a visually aesthetic body of work was none other than one of my favoured Taiwanese directors.

Chen Rong-hui, who is also the director of some of the other Taiwanese productions I have reviewed Bromance or Behind Your Smile, was the director for this production too and it was great, just like his others!

lorene ren and kingone wang dating advice

From the acting through to the set designs and camera work, Chen Rong-hui delivered seamlessly once again. I appreciated this tdrama from start to finish.

lorene ren and kingone wang dating advice

I enjoyed the high-speed race that kicked the show off and the following scenes flashing between the race and the tense business meeting. It was nicely coordinated. In fact, a lot of the cinematography was exceptional for this production, given it is a television drama series and budget is not considered for these types of productions. Locations scouted and secure for filming were in some cases really beautiful, I wish I could find out the locations, as I like to share that info. Either way, the capturing of a self-satisfied but not in a malicious way smile is fantastic!

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lorene ren and kingone wang dating advice

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lorene ren and kingone wang dating advice

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lorene ren and kingone wang dating advice