Kourtney and scott when they first started dating

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kourtney and scott when they first started dating

"Kourtney realizes Scott is serious about Sofia and she has to accept it," said When Scott first started dating Sofia, things were definitely tense. Kourtney Kardashian wants some Scott Disick in her life. he's looking younger and more like the old Scott she first fell in love with." "She understands that Scott had another life, and a family, before they started dating. Rumors begin to circulate that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Apparently, Scott actually hoped "to get her back when she first started dating.

He later went on to spend time with more hot women in bikinis, so he was either really broken up about it or not at all. Kourtney reportedly no longer cares who he spends his time with as long as he's there for their children. Things are too painful between them. Scott's drinking and partying had been a major point of contention, and they separated based on the problems that his issues brought into the relationship. Sources told Entertainment Tonight that they are now in a "platonic and loving" relationship.

So, friendship-only seems to work for the couple where passion and romance had failed. Scott even stopped some of his wild ways in the beginning of their platonic relationship because he wanted to be on Kourtney's good side.

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And he loves their children and wants things to work between them as much as possible. But the attractive young people hit it off from the start and began officially dating soon after that fateful night at Joe Francis' party. Sometimes love has an unexpected beginning, such was the case for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, to meet at a wild party of a mutual friend.

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It looked like a hot and heavy beginning for the couple, despite the fact that it's now cooled off into a more platonic kind of relationship. But that's just the way some relationships play out.

Featured Today 8 Scott became a British royal to get more respect Via: Scott Disick decided that becoming a British royal would help him to gain more respect. That's why you might hear him be referred to as Lord Disick occasionally. He paid for the title and went through an authentic British knighting ceremony.

We didn't know that you could do that, but apparently you can if you have enough money to afford whatever fee is required to become British royalty. Then he wanted to be treated like royalty when he came back to America. The Kardashians thought he had his head too far up his arse to indulge his fantasy, which made him a bit disgruntled.

Scott then made one of the funniest one-liners on the show: Kim Kardashian met with Scott in August to try to talk him out of doing this terrible thing, but Kourtney was not happy when she found out about the meeting.

The book might still happen, though. According to the reports, Kim had only wanted to make sure to get approval about whatever he reveals about her in the tell-all book. Kourtney reportedly saw the meeting as a betrayal of her trust. We don't know if the book is actually in the works, but we will have to wait and see if it even materializes.

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Maybe Scott just wanted to be able to make certain demands and exercise the power he has over the family. Scott's drinking had gotten out of control.

Kourtney didn't want their son to be around that and told Scott to get his act together or else. Kourtney definitely puts her children first, a good thing, so when Scott wasn't being his best, she was willing to keep him away from their son so that Mason wouldn't have to have memories of his dad being an alcoholic.

Scott pleaded with her, but she was firm in her decision to protect their son from his bad influence. It must have been painful to say that to Scott, but we understand WHY she had to say that.

It's great that she will do what it takes to keep her children safe. He has offered great advice to his son Mason, when during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians the toddler's inflatable penguin floated away and Scott advised: The more money I have, the less happy I am.

The only thing I'm trying to focus on is focusing on the kids and trying to be a good dad. This is something that has caused quite some upset for her sister, Kim Kardashian, who has struggled with fertility for years.

Hollywood Life reported, "Kim feels that it is difficult for her to have children. Lately, she has been really mean towards Kourtney. For the last few months, things have been tense and it all comes down to pregnancy.

The source continued, "Kourtney basically can blink and have a baby, and now that Kim is having trouble she is extremely jealous and is not hiding her emotions about it to Kourtney. Fans have noticed that every time their relationship is on the rocks - BOOM!

Another baby comes along. Kourtney also can't stand when her kids ask where their father is.

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In one heartbreaking episode it was revealed that Mason asked, "Is my dad ever coming home? Is he gone for the whole wide world? He was a total mess. Yes, that is always something Kourtney wanted for Scott - to calm down and be at home.

kourtney and scott when they first started dating

Since Scott has sobered up, he will now be ready to use some of his newfound energy that isn't wasted on a hangover. Behind the scenes they will be pulling the strings encouraging Kourtney to fall pregnant again so they can keep him tied to the family. Radar Online reported, "Scott has been cheating on Kourtney for a long time.

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Everybody knows it, including Kourtney. But she is so obsessed with him that she turns a blind eye to it. Scott and Megan were spotted on a date together in New York; the pair weren't shy about holding hands in front of the hoards of paparazzi, but instead of this being a moment of affection, it is more likely Scott had a game plan.

kourtney and scott when they first started dating

Whether their fling left South Beach is unclear, but peep Disick casually checking Harris out in the background of this paparazzi shot: Ahem, at the same time he was seeing Bella Thorne Who could forget Thorne and Disick's headline-grabbing relationship in May ?

The pair got close at this year's Cannes Film Festival, though Thorne allegedly became overwhelmed by the negative attention and backed out of the short-lived fling. Disick got close to Richie this past summer.

kourtney and scott when they first started dating

They went on yachting dates as one does and were spotted leaving Nobu in Miami in the photo below: The couple was seen taking frequent dips in the ocean in Miami after they spent some time together in France, of course. The woman's identity is still unclear, but paparazzi pics confirm: The pair definitely got close.