King keraun and simone dating

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king keraun and simone dating

After questions from several of her fans, social media star Simone She, along with her collaborator and boyfriend King Keraun, have. media power couple, Keraun Harris aka King Keraun and Simone Shepherd Date" and landed her the opportunity to work alongside Russell Simmons. King Keraun and Simone Shepherd and David Dobrik officially started dating exactly one year ago and their puppy love is undeniably cute.

Instagram Simone responded to the comments on Instagram. Instagram Later, she got on Facebook to offer a more in depth response.

King keraun simone dating

Facebook At the end of the day, I understand that our personhood is so much more than our outward, external appearance. We are souls, who just so happen to be housed in a body.

And no matter what you do to your exterior, your soul, the essence of who you are, does not change. Still, it literally makes my heart hurt to think that Simone found her physical appearance lacking in some way before she got the nose job.

King Keraun gets into a debate with his wifey over a movie they saw at the movies

I can understand how it can improve confidence and self esteem. The fact that she had a boob job bothers me much less than the decision to alter her nose. People play the game to win. And plastic surgery is often a part of the recipe for success. But with Simone, it was clear that she had done it without all of that. And instead of giving up, changing her career path or living in the street as an embittered, starving artist.

king keraun and simone dating

She took control over her own destiny, determined to do her own thing in a new and innovative way. From Golf Manor, United States. Keraun Harris "King Tips with dating and Simone Shepherd have king three million followers on Vine between them and make Vine videos in their home every day.

She began dating fellow Viner Simone Harris.

“My Soul Is Unchanged…” Social Media Maven Simone Shepherd Addresses Her Nose Job

I hope I'm not out of line simone assuming that Vine is probably a fully integrated part of your internet experience by now.

Simone was a struggling actress and Keraun had spent dating in prison before making it big on the platform.

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  • King keraun simone dating

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king keraun and simone dating

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