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The Apollo 13 star also revealed that he couldn't resist checking out his Dancing duo: Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough, pictured here at the . have a wine- and fun-filled date on the dance floor after he asks her out on. Footloose, Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Kevin Bacon which was made by Tom Hanks, who got lost in space with Bacon in Apollo 4. Julianne Alexandra Hough is an American dancer, actress and singer. She is a two-time With Apolo Anton Ohno; With Hélio Castroneves; With Adam . with the Stars and danced with her Footloose co-star Kenny Wormald twice, and with . Hough dated fellow country singer Chuck Wicks from August to.

She also has three older sisters: Sharee, Marabeth and Katherine. I was told if I ever went back to the United States, three things were going to happen. I was going to amount to nothing. I was going to work at Whataburger.

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I was going to end up a slut. So, it was like, I can't go back. I have to be this person. She won season four of the U.

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She felt abdominal pains during their jitterbug performance on October 27,and was immediately rushed to a hospital following the encore performance. Hough returned to the show, although the pair was ultimately eliminated in the semifinals competition. She appeared on the November 12 results show dancing the jive to " Great Balls of Fire " with her brother for the "Design-A-Dance" contest. On November 20,Hough told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show she would not be returning to Dancing with the Stars, for the foreseeable future, to further her music career.

Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald Did Not Make Out, Rep Says

They were voted off in week eight of the competition and came in sixth place. She returned again on May 15,in a dance performance to promote her film Rock of Ages. On October 7,she was guest judge in place of Len Goodmanwhich was the first time a former pro dancer came back to judge.

In Septembershe returned as the show's permanent fourth judge. She just knows exactly what to say to get you to that place that you should be in, in that moment.

What was it like to work with Christina Aguilera? She really worked hard and did a great job. With this being her feature film acting debut, how was she on set? We have the same management, so we had met each other a couple of times and been able to interact before. We knew each other a little bit. I think people will be surprised and taken back by her. Who was the biggest jokester on this film?

Stanley Tucci, for sure.

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Oh, my gosh, he was so funny. It was not even that he would pull any pranks or jokes. It was more like he always kept you laughing and kept you in good spirits. No matter how long the day was, from the moment you saw him to the minute you left, he was on it, all the time. You got to dance with Alan Cumming, who is a great Broadway guy.

Do you have any desire to do Broadway now? Not right at this moment, but I would love to originate a role on Broadway, and maybe not even do a musical, but do a straight play. I think that would be fun. We were doing dances that were hard for the stars, but not that challenging for me. So, coming to do this was like getting back to the grind and really pushing myself to my limit, to do as much as I could do, keeping up with the other professional girl dancers.

It was really fun for me. What was it like to dance with a bunch of different people, as opposed to just dancing with a partner? It is completely different.

For me, it was more fun because I really got to push myself. So, it was fun for me to feel like I was among great dancers and I got to shine. I got to push myself and challenge myself.

It opened every door imaginable. I moved out to L. It was a wonderful opportunity and I just went for it. I never realized the success it was going to have, or the opportunities it was going to bring for me. When did you realize what a big hit it had become? It was my first season with Apolo [Anton Ohno] and it was our Samba. I came out wearing that tiger outfit and that was the coming out party for Julianne. After that number, I felt a little more on the radar. Do you have any thoughts on who could win this season?

I was shooting Footloose, so it was very hard to watch each week, but I would catch it, here and there. What do you think about Bristol Palin still being in the competition? That definitely goes to show what the show is about. I can definitely testify to that.

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I hope my brother Derek Hough and Jennifer [Grey] win.