Kelley missal and eddie alderson dating

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kelley missal and eddie alderson dating

Matthew Buchanan is a fictional character on the American soap opera One Life to Live. Born onscreen in , the character was rapidly aged in with the casting of Eddie Alderson, Bo and Nora steal Matthew away to a London boarding school, where he meets Danielle Rayburn (Kelley Missal), Téa's daughter. Kelley Missal dating history, , , list of Kelley Missal relationships. Kelley Missal has been in an on-screen matchup with Eddie Alderson in One Life to. Kelley Missal and Eddie Alderson photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

Eddie Alderson and Kelley Missal

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kelley missal and eddie alderson dating

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Angry at Nate, Matthew harasses him at the country club, where Matthew is a member but Nate an employee, and at basketball tryouts. Matthew is further angered when his father Bo gives Nate's mother Inez Jessica Leccia a job as his assistant. Matthew goes to work for his Clint at Buchanan Enterprises as he idolizes his uncle. This leads Matthew to Inez's apartment, where he witnesses her kissing a drugged Bo. Rex rescues Nora from Eddie's room at the Minuteman Hotel.

Leaving Inez's home in tears, Matthew drives away. While trying to call Clint, he nearly collides with a car containing Rex and Nora.

kelley missal and eddie alderson dating

Matthew drives off, but Rex's car crashes. Eddie Ford's body is found at the Minuteman several hours later. Rex is injured from the car accident and Nora is missing. Matthew and Destiny share their first kiss, both feeling that their families had betrayed them.

Matthew is enraged at his father until Inez finally admits that she had drugged Bo to make him think that they had sex, but did not.

Rex uncovers evidence that Clint had been at the Minuteman Hotel, and when Bo and Nora charge him, Clint reveals to Bo and Nora that he was covering up for Matthew, and has a tape recording where Matthew confesses, and he gives that tape to his parents.

Clint went to the Minuteman to cover up all the evidence, including planting the murder weapon at Inez' apartment. Bo and Nora drop the charges against Clint, but keep quiet about Matthew, leading many to wonder why the charges were dropped. A reporter pressures Destiny for information about the Buchanans and the Eddie Ford murder, and Destiny accidentally implies that Matthew killed Eddie. Matthew later confesses to Destiny. She comforts Matthew and the end up making love for the first time.

Destiny avoids Matthew until he tracks her down and they are held hostage by a gun-wielding Marty Saybrooke Susan Haskell who has kidnapped Matthew's infant cousin, Liam.

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Kelley missal and eddie alderson dating

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