Kelley and jennice below deck dating games

Kelley Johnson and Jennice Ontiveros Relationship Update | The Daily Dish

kelley and jennice below deck dating games

What Happened To Kelley & Jennice From 'Below Deck'? The Will honor for the incredible man I'm currently dating, I've decided to leave our. Below Deck Recap: “Strains, Stains and a Big Pain” [Episode 6] I'll tell you when it gets more interesting than a 9-year-old's play date. Cut to the bar, and Jennice is hyper flirty and loudly playing games with blurry men. Kelley overhears, and of course, since he's pissed about Jennice, he runs off the. Kelley asks Jennice out on a date, and it doesn't exactly go according to plan. The new charter guests turn the Ohana sky deck into a stock trading floor and.

The new deckhand Logan arrives and introduces himself to Eddie and Kelley, Captain Lee comes down and greets him. Kate is shocked when she sees Logan walking across the deck and she rushes out to hug him, everyone is shocked that they already know each other. Amy and Kat are both smitten with the new deckhand. Kate gives them a tour of their rooms, and Captain Lee and the deckhands begin preparing to launch the boat. Something starts creaking loudly and it looks like the boat is caught on something, Captain Lee begins sprinting down the boat and telling everyone to get out of his way.

Captain Lee manages to get everything under control, they nearly ripped the dock off with their boat, he calls an emergency meeting with Jennice, Kelley, and Logan. Captain Lee and the deckhand crew anchor the boat in the Virgin Islands, and their guests go for a swim.

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Meanwhile, the stewardesses get the boat ready for the Mexican dinner. Logan hangs out with Kelley and Eddie down below, Jennice is jealous that all the guys are hanging out and she feels out of the loop.

The guests sit down for their Mexican dinner and begin pounding shots, for once Kate and Ben are actually working smoothly together and dinner is served on time and the guests are happy.

After dinner, Eddie gives the guests a ride to the island to go to the bar.

kelley and jennice below deck dating games

Kat corners Logan in the kitchen so that they can get to know each other and quizzes him about his past. Kat and Kate go to bed and leave Amy to deal with all of the guests.

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They get drunk and out of control and start jumping off the side of the boat in to the dark water, Amy shuts down the party and has Kelley wake Eddie up and take them all back to the island. The next morning Captain Lee runs some maintenance tests to see why the boat took off yesterday and nearly crashed the dock.

kelley and jennice below deck dating games

Amy and Kat decide to heave a heart to heart about their fight. Amy explains that a few years ago when they were working together, Kat hooked up with a guy that she liked. Amy apologizes and says that she is sorry that she was gossiping about her and they hug it out. No accents, facades, or stupid attitudes required. She recalled, I never wanted to be the center of attention I wasn t that I want to be famous, I want to be an actor girl.

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How Are Things Between #BelowDeck's Former Lovebirds Kelley and Jennice?

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kelley and jennice below deck dating games

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Below Deck: What Does Kelley Really Think About His Relationship with Jennice?

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kelley and jennice below deck dating games

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kelley and jennice below deck dating games

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