Jon and neda big brother dating your enemy

Big Brother Canada’s Jon & Neda Dish On Their Post-Show Romance |

jon and neda big brother dating your enemy

Daily recaps of Big Brother 15 live feeds with opinions, houseguest ratings, screen HOHs in order: Paul, Andrew, Ika, Rachelle, viewers, Heather, Neda, Jon, Neda, . daily steps, Top Chef dinner, 2 minutes with boyfriend, banned from HOH critical week but somehow she became Public Enemy #1 for most of the girls. Jun 11, Ruth Myles: Big Brother Canada's Jon and Neda are dating (insert 'Squee!' Be still our reality-TV lovin’ hearts: Jon Pardy and Neda Kalantar from Big Brother Canada are officially a couple. The pair, who lived together for 74 days in the BBCan house, are dating, a post on Slice. BigBrother .. I feel like Neda has so much potential and Jon is just there. He's a trash boyfriend and his looks have gotten worse over the.

Rachelle and Sabrina start pushing for him to put up Allison. That is why things were the way they were with Kenny. They offer everything but the kitchen sink to JOn. Jon tells them tonight they can talk to him up in the HOH and have a full conversation and they can tell him who they want to put up.

Big Brother Canada’s Jon & Neda Dish On Their Post-Show Romance

Jon Leaves and the gremlins start to giggle. OMG they are some much like gremlins.

jon and neda big brother dating your enemy

They start scheming about who to tell Jon to put up. She says JOn putting up Adel and Allison makes total sense. Arlie wants to go make a drink just something to sip on. Allison — it stays between me and you Neda says it was obvious she was mad when he told Arlie so why would he say it to a group of people.

Adel is telling them he really hopes they stick to the plan get the gremlins out followed by Allison. Adel says unless something crazy happens in their lives they will never get that close to that much money again.

Adel really plays up that Rachelle and Sabrina will never vote for him in the end. Jon drank a 26oz bottle of whiskey. She is here "for the experience" so she might as well kiss the money good-bye right now. She claims to be a fan of the show, but says she hasn't seen a mom like her or "any good black players" apart from BB3 Danielle and BBC1 Gary "who wasn't really black, or white, or yellow, or anything.

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She did bring some drama, including a lot in the first week that we didn't see. She had catfights with many of them and that's always good, and hers with Sarah over a potato chip was one of the best. He too is here "for the experience" so he won't win the season, but he admits he can be messy so that'll be fun for us.

He's a former minor league hockey player but he might be playing that down to go for the generic student persona, which could be accurate. Time will tell if Party Pardy can live up to Party Daugherty but it's doubtful: BB15 Judd set that bar pretty high. He didn't know anything about the game coming in but he learned fast, and he got cutthroat at the end when he cut Neda. He was a fantastic drunken hamster and did some of his best worst gaming when smashed.

He was well-liked by most in there and out here, despite ongoing chemical farts and not being able to keep his hands off his junk. He was only nominated once, at the end, and that's saying something. Bottom line, he was fun feeds most of the time and that's what matters, and he gave us the keeper word of the season, hundo. It seems to me that beard might severely limit a modeling career, but maybe he's more of a "model" than a model.

He too is a dog guy so points for that, and his pet peeve is messy people. He says he cries easily, and that he's here to win the money. He's gay but says he'll withhold that info at first.

jon and neda big brother dating your enemy

Lies of omission have been known to come back to bite American hamsters, but Canadians are more polite. I'll never know why it took him so long to come out to them but it was a couple of sweet moments when he finally did.

It's always nice and very rare that we get a gay hamster who isn't a raging stereotype, and it's highly unusual for one who claims to be a model to actually show up in ads during the season.

Personally I'm not a fan of the beard but I'm all for a successful meal ticket, and without it we wouldn't have been able to enjoy toothpick day. Kyle Shore - 2nd evicted.