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Joseph Gian (born July 13, ) is an American actor and singer, probably best Gian was the male vocalist champion in the edition of Star Search. . is a American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Bonnie Hunt and starring . Within the profession, the re-adoption of the term dates to the – s. This restaurant is special because Bonnie used to go there on dates Jim's character of Bonnie's husband was based on her real life Joey Gian sings two new songs for the movie and can be seen in the ball room scene. 54 METASCORE. Where to Watch Bonnie Hunt Megan Dayton. David Alan Grier James Belushi Joe Dayton. Marianne Joey Gian Singer Kevin Hunt ER Doctor . The , iZombie, and Jane the Virgin Get Spring Premiere Dates.

All acts were judged by a panel of four judges, once both acts were complete, Ed would reveal the scores, and the best average won. If there was a tie, an audience vote broke the tie. In later seasons, three-match winners were automatically retired, in this case, two new performers would compete in that category the following week.

In most seasons, two shows took place, one in the fall, the other in the spring.

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Winners of Junior Vocalist, Junior Dance, Teen Vocalist, in early seasons, before the three match limit rule was adopted, the grand champions were determined by how long a champion held their title. The revival consisted of four series, for the first series, the categories were Adult and Junior Singer, Comedy, and Modeling. In series two and three, Modeling was replaced with Dance, in the final series, the Comedy category was scrapped altogether and only the singing and dancing categories remained.

For the first three series, two new competitors faced off, the three house judges, along with the one celebrity judge, gave each contestant a score on a scale from one to five stars, making a maximum studio score 20 stars. During each commercial break, the audience went to www.

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A spin-off of Dallas, it was set in a coastal suburb of Los Angeles. By the time of its conclusion, Knots Landing had become one of the primetime dramas on U. Knots Landing was created by David Jacobs in conjunction with producer Michael Filerman, although a spin-off of Dallas, the concept predates that series, and was initially rebuffed by CBS inas the network wanted something more saga-like. Jacobs then created Dallas, which the accepted and premiered in After Dallas became a hit, Jacobs was then able to adapt Knots Landing as a series by way of incorporating characters originally introduced in the parent series.

The series was inspired by a movie No Down Payment. Storylines included rape, murder, kidnapping, assassinations, drug smuggling, corporate intrigue, though initially not as popular as Dallas, Knots Landing eventually outlasted it and garnered much critical acclaim. The series peaked during the —84 season with a By the —89 season, Knots Landing was ahead of Dallas in the ratings, There were episodes and 14 seasons of Knots Landing from to Inmuch of the cast reunited for a two-part mini-series entitled Knots Landing, inthey reunited again for the non-fiction special Knots Landing Reunion, Together Again in which the cast reminisced about their time on the show.

Dallas itself was revived inwith characters from Knots Landing appearing in its second season, during nearly the entire run of the original series, Knots Landing occupied the same timeslot, Thursday nights at 10,00 p. Gary Ewing was the son and the black sheep of the Ewing family from Dallas. Gary was an alcoholic, and his father Jock and older brother J. Years later, Valene and Lucy reconnected, causing Valene and Gary to reunite and they remarried and Garys mother, Miss Ellie, bought the couple a house in California.

Knots Landing is officially spun off from Dallas in the episode entitled Return Engagement. Beverly Hills, — It is the first of five television series in the Beverly Hills, franchise. The show also had many cast changes, with Garth, Spelling, Ian Ziering, the show followed the dramatic lives of its characters through high school, college, and ultimately the adult world, while introducing several additional characters as its seasons progressed.

It is the show produced by Aaron Spelling, airing slightly longer than Dynasty. Shannen Doherty left the show at the end of the fourth season, dohertys character, Brenda Walsh, was written off the show as moving to London to attend school at the Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts. While the characters absence was originally described as only being for a year, she never returned and she was replaced with former Saved by the Bell star Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, who played the bad-girl character Valerie Malone.

Dohertys departure from the show would be the longest the continuity had seen with a lead cast member not making another guest appearance after they had left the show.

Spanning for a time of 14 years, Brenda Walsh was not seen in any incarnation until September 2, in which she reprised her role in the CWs spinoff, Doherty appeared as Brenda Walsh in the spin-off series, along with former costars Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Ann Gillespie, Gabrielle Carteris left the show following the fifth season.

Her character, Andrea Zuckerman, changed radically from high school to college, in high school, Andrea was the brainy editor of the West Beverly Blaze, had a crush on Brandon, and secretly lived out of district. During the fourth season, Andrea becomes pregnant, and gets married to someone she knows before the year is out. Her plot lines chronicled the struggles of trying to juggle college, marriage, the character eventually headed to Yale University.

After her original five-year contract ended, Carteris voluntarily left the show for her own self-titled talk show, Carteris returned to the show for guest appearances during the sixth, eighth and tenth seasons. Both actors left the following the fifth season at the end of their original five-year contracts.

During the high school years of the show, Jim and Cindy Walsh played secondary roles, offering advice to Brenda and Brandon, along with their friends and they generally spent most of their time reacting to various things that Brenda, Brandon and later Valerie did. Following the fifth season, both characters left Beverly Hills for Hong Kong, making occasional guest appearances in the sixth, seventh and eighth seasons, even though all the Walshes eventually left the show, the Walsh home continued to play a central role in the series.

The show explained this by having Brandon tell Steve his parents had given the light for Steve to keep living in the house The films screenplay was written by Joan Tewkesbury, film critics widely panned the film.

Outspoken and overconfident Rick Monroe is a jock and a guy in college in Titusville. At the end of his report for his class, Rick cracks a joke and his prim and proper speech professor. After chiding him for his joke, she decides to fail him, Faye is going through a slump in her marriage to Whitney Hanlon, a rocket scientist who has just been laid off.

Fayes free-spirited sister Patsy, visiting from Chicago, takes her to a club to cheer her up. The show features a performer called Ricky the Rocket, who is none other than Fayes student Rick, when he notices Faye in the crowd, he gives her a very special lap dance, kissing her in the process. The next day, Faye and Rick run into each other at a school function, initially, Rick is interested only in convincing Faye to allow him another chance at his final and is rebuffed.

Megan's husband Jim Belushi becomes infuriated as he has misunderstood Grace's panic and thinks Bob must be married. Megan then explains the situation to him in six monosyllables: Stunned and not knowing what to say, he leaves. Against Megan's advice to not run away from the situation, Grace goes to Italy alone.

Back at home and with Marty's help Bob realizes that although he will always miss Elizabeth, he "aches" for Grace.

He decides to go after her, and the two reunite in Italy. They return to Chicago for the dedication of the new primate house. Review With its big-band theme song the same as the film's titlethe sudden death of Bob's beloved wife, an operation in which her heart is transplanted into the sickly Grace, and its grief-stricken leading man, you don't need to be an aficionado of romantic comedies to recognise the generic world to which Return to Me belongs.

Having established her debt to such films as Sleepless in Seattle and Moonstruck in the first 15 minutes, debut director Bonnie Hunt doesn't offer any great surprises - the film builds to a happy-ever-after finale which inevitably requires Grace's newly acquired palpitating muscle to do a whole lot more than pump blood from A to B.

But it does offer a share of incidental pleasures along the way. That said, there are some rather syrupy slow-motion flashbacks to Elizabeth, whose death prompts the family dog to pine for her by the door in the hope that she'll return. The film's central hangout, the Irish-Italian restaurant O'Reilly's, also houses a cringe-worthy roster of characters from both The Quiet Man school of Irishness and television pizza commercials.

Thankfully Grace played by Minnie Driver is on hand to sprinkle a fair few spicy wisecracks around this otherwise characterless milieu.

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But the film's liveliest moments are more reliably provided by Grace's tender-yet-cynical friends Joe Chicago personified, Jim BelushiMegan Grace's confidante, played by Hunt herself and their Catholic families whom they both vainly try to protect from their cursing and canoodling. Even the undercharged charisma of David Duchovny as Bob is well cushioned by the film's refreshingly zesty script.

He similarly bolts the door on any pity we might feel for him when Grace confronts him with the truth about her surgery: