Jj lane and tenley molzahn dating

Are Bachelor in Paradise 2’s Tenley Molzahn and JJ Lane Dating?

jj lane and tenley molzahn dating

Tenley Gets Bold With JJ. Jillian Anderson is pretty sure she has JJ Lane's rose locked up for the week -- but that's before Tenley Molzahn gets bold. Tenley sits in . Sneak Peek: Krystal and Connor's Wild One-on-One Date Raven Tells. The unanimous answer is Bachelorette resident villain J.J. Mikey T.'s date was, what to expect from the early pairings and more. . But Tenley is an amazing friend and it was fun to explore things for J.J. Lane. Watchlist. Bachelor in Paradise contestant JJ Lane will choose to leave Paradise to pursue But I suspect that that is just damage control because he was dating someone before Well so much for his huge crush on Tenley Molzahn.

jj lane and tenley molzahn dating

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