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Main · Videos; Jingles and rita dating simulator. The credibility per newscasting – smite down tomorrow thru the article. ” so what are any teeny dawns to smite. The rest of his interview with the Mighty Jingles can be read at mawatari.info . rate onboard to make sure they all kept up to date with the massive . It's whole-heartedly an arcade tank game and not ashamed of it either. Rita Ora covers up in a full length fur coat and long black dress a day after . Rita Ora is classy in all white at the Philadelphia Jingle Ball .. and Netflix co-star Noah Centineo made a no-dating PACT before filming started NFL playoff game - as she makes a bold bet with Eagles fan Savannah Guthrie.

‘The Mighty Jingles’ – An Interview

Checkerboard pumps finished off the retro outfit, while Iggy kept her make-up to soft roses, mauves, blues and light browns. Iggy Azalea paired her exquisite short-cropped top and skirt with checkerboard pumps Slender: The Australian singer flaunted toned abs and waist Twirl girl: Iggy's hair had a futuristic flip on top and descended into a spiraling ponytail Once their red carpet duties were done, both Rita and Iggy slipped into another set of amazing costumes.

Rita donned a body-hugging jumpsuit with zippered front for her onstage performance at the Wells Fargo Center, pairing it with bronze-tipped, black combat boots. The singer amazed her audience as well, twirling her hair and grooving alongside her quick-stepping, back-up dancers. She can dance and sing: Ariana put on an energetic performance That looks fun: The year-old showed off her fancy dance steps while wearing very high heels Duet: Ariana and Jessie J performed a number together and the fans loved it That looks cosy: Jessie J hit up music's biggest event in a furry grey cardigan Rita switched to yet another ensemble for a duet performance of Black Widow with Iggy.

By now, Rita was clad in a paneled mini-skirt, racy black crop top and blue boots, flashing her toned midsection. Iggy changed also into tight black trousers and a black mesh top over a black crop top, along with black boots.

Meghan Trainor looked bright and festive in her colourfully beaded top Tuning in: The year-old singer gave the song everything she has A-plus for attitude: Bea Miller was a smiling presence as she arrived to the event Classy dudes: The evening's host Nick Jonas went the classy route in a long tweed coat while Pete Wentz was rocker chic in black ensemble and cap Entertaining: Brent Kutzle, left, and Ryan Tedder, right, of OneRepublic played up their appeal to the masses The ladies appeared to be having the time of their lives, dancing and communicating with the fans.

Ariana Grande performed a duet also - with the equally vivacious Jessie J.

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While Ariana dressed up in her favourite pink bunny ears, a little pink top and lacy pink skirt, Jessie wore a Philly team T-shirt and thigh-high black boots. Meghan Trainor wowed as well in a black mini-skirt, colourfully beaded top and little black leather jacket, along with thigh-high stockings and platform ankle boots.

There were also only a few of us onboard any ship so there was a lot more responsibility at junior ranks and I loved it. No-one outside of the people you worked directly with cared if you were a good Radio Operator or not. It stems from the s when actually being able to read and write well was pretty rare and a need existed for proper recordkeeping in ships at sea.

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A man of varied interests, The Mighty Jingles decked out for Airsoft. I also had a much better job at Action Stations—First Aider. When people are shooting at you the last place you want to be is 10 feet under the waterline surrounded by lots of things that react VERY violently to being shot at. Did you participate in any major actions during your time in the Navy?

The more astute reader may also remember something else that kicked off just after Ramadan in —the First Gulf War. It was mostly pretty boring for us, even if it was interesting for our Lynx helicopter crew who got to fire lots of Sea Skua missiles at various Iraqi gunboats.

There was one occasion when things got particularly interesting for the rest of us, though. One of their targets was our hospital ship.

There was just one tiny flaw with this otherwise perfect plan on the day. One of the launchers was broken and the other had a small but significant problem with its guidance system.

So that was fun. As a military veteran, do you feel you have a different perspective on military and war themed games than the average civilian gamer?

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Probably, yes, but there are military veterans and then there are military veterans. As a sailor you tend to either have very boring wars or very short and very interesting ones. If your ship gets hit it can get very bad very fast.

When and why did you start uploading replays and videos? My first upload was around June You can see it at http: Well, the match I played was good, the video was awful. I was using the free version of Bandicam—which meant the videos were limited to 10 minutes in duration—and Windows Movie Maker to edit. You can get pretty good results with basic software like that but I had no clue how to edit at the time.

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I started uploading as a way of saving my better World of Tanks matches so I could watch them again even after Wargaming. Do you have any idea as to why they would react that way? Is it just the way the internet is? I get things wrong. I took the book at face value and very quickly learned an important lesson about checking my facts before opening my mouth. The trolls had a field day with that one, but lesson learned—check my facts.

The TOG is a terrible tank that is only useful in platoons of good players or played solo against very bad players. But no-one ever let anything trivial like the facts get in the way of an argument on the Internet. I hate Justin Beiber with a passion that borders on the psychopathic but he never did me any harm personally.

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Did I really just compare myself to Justin Bieber? You seem to have come to the conclusion that World of Tanks and War Thunder Ground Forces are very different games in separate niches.

What puts you in the mood for one versus the other?