Is spencer and caleb dating apps

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is spencer and caleb dating apps

Is there anyone who thinks that Spencer would truly go there with Caleb, regardless of Hanna giving the ok? I mean their friendship is so solid I. Caleb Rivers used to be one of my favorite Pretty Little Liars characters, to start dating your ex-girlfriend's best friend, but Spencer and Caleb. Mainly, Spencer and Caleb should never have hooked up. it just doesn't dating , deep down she must be a little upset about the development.

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Here's what I think: Spencer had mentioned that she wanted to feel what it was like to be in love again proves this. Her reasoning for Spaleb involves selfish motives and desires.

is spencer and caleb dating apps

A person who has these types of feelings can never fall in love because of the fact that they aren't considering the other person's feelings. Spencer asked Hanna about her feelings for Caleb, but she didn't with Caleb.

She just assumed that he was over his ex because he hopped in bed with her. This causes Spencer to go out and find it, no matter who the source is. This leads to her kissing and having flings with her sister's boyfriends, and ultimately to her dating Caleb.

I think that her ability to get any guy she wants gives her satisfication as it gives her the idea that she can be loved and wanted by anybody she wants. That's why when she found out about the Haleb kiss, she was pissed at Hanna.

She was pissed and envious that a guy has so much love, dedication, and loyalty to Hanna because those are the things she wanted. I still dislike her going after her friend's and sister's exes though. If you think about it, Spaleb has a few parallels to Haleb. Caleb was staying at Spencer's barn just like Caleb stayed at Hanna's house in the beginning of their relationship.

Caleb sometimes cooked food ex. He was kicked out of both places in the end.

The Psychology of the Spaleb and Haleb love triangle

There's also the fact that haleb used to sleuth together and that Caleb was very protective of Hanna. He then does this with Spencer.

is spencer and caleb dating apps

Although Spaleb have only been an official item in Season 6, their close friendship has been apparent since Season 3. Then there was THAT double date When Caleb was struggling to sleep, Spencer asked Toby to go on a double date with Hanna and Caleb to talk to him.

It was super awkward and we started to feel that maybe Spencer was a little too concerned about Caleb What happened in Madrid?! In Season 6, we find out that Spencer and Caleb had stayed in touch and even met up in Madrid when Caleb was travelling around Europe. While Caleb helps Spencer's mom with her election campaign, he gets closer to Spencer. Toby threw a punch at Caleb When a story about Toby's new bae, Yvonne, is leaked to the media to sabotage her mother's election campaign, Caleb takes the blame and gets fired by Veronica and punched by Toby.

is spencer and caleb dating apps

But this only brought Spaleb closer together. Spaleb officially got together! After admitting their feelings for one another, and getting the green light from Toby and Hanna, Spencer and Caleb officially hooked up. But can it last? Spaleb seem pretty cozy but both Spencer and Caleb had moments with their ex's in the Season 6 finale And got a little flirty in French.

Oh, and Hanna told Caleb she had never stopped loving him! Which made her disappearance all the more heartbreaking! Who's the best ship?!

is spencer and caleb dating apps

We honestly can't decide; we love BOTH couples! But what do you think? Who are you rooting for: Team Haleb or Team Spaleb?!