Inoo kei and natsuyaki miyabi dating video

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inoo kei and natsuyaki miyabi dating video

And natsuyaki miyabi inoo kei dating video. Miyabi kei dating natsuyaki inoo and video. Natsuyaki dating kei inoo miyabi and video. And natsuyaki inoo miyabi. Inoo Kei is currently dating a foreinger thhats not from japan her name Is Seira, I know Inoo was linked with Natsuyaki Miyabi but who is that Seira girl? which. Inoo Kei + Natsuyaki Miyabi KISSING?! i have no problem with them dating. i agree! both the pictures & videos is too blurry to see whether it's inoo or not.

Obviously, unless Tsunku comes clean and confesses don't hold your breathall of the following are fanon: P Wrestling - a weird idea based mostly on the first Okajo High School special where Yaguchi Mari on two occasions gets into a fist fight with Okamura Takashi and Yoshizawa Hitomi "snaps" and "roughs up" a production assistant during a pillow fight.

inoo kei and natsuyaki miyabi dating video

It is a silly theory meant to "explain" various fan pairings as tag teams, but Maybe someone should have explained to Tsunku that it was a joke? Funny thing about the H! P wrestling back in myself and some other members had a H! P wrestling thread going and had a wrestling league and wrote stories of us, Momusu members, and other random Japanese celebs battling it out. Not to mention years later I posted pics of H! Back when I posted more I had a few things I wrote happen.

The main one was Rika being paired up with maybe Sonim or a couple other sexy type girls and making a group like that. Then Viyuuden was born.

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Then in Hello Channel 9 the Hello! Pro Senati Pink Rangers were born. As for Aika, well, I dunno man. Think of it as Mobekimasu.


I'm secretly hoping that Tunku has big plans for this song I mean it's catchy, unique, fun and incredibly CATCHY and it has a dance perfect for flash mobs or great to show on shows, etc What I mean is that with such a song, it would be a waste not to take it's full potential and really promote it alot to get Japanese people to know it more and like it, leading to them wanting to know more about Berryz from this "catchy song they heard" I don't know if I made myself clear but I can't seem to explain it right xD 5 That Cho Happy Song should be a full single AyuHikaru wrote: BAM, free press for Berryz, Cute stays relevant, song everyone freaks out about.

I said this April 24th, Single was announced May 4th Even with questions, their only career expectations were dancer, kindergarten teacher, nurse, airline stewerdess, model and cashier.

That was several years ago. What do they want to do now? Most are turning 16 this year, and one will reach They should at least have more input creatively as well as more career preparation. I recently made a shocking discovery about a former classmate. Yes, I am probably the oldest Berryz fan. I always wondered what happened the senior year and she was not there.

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I only thought she moved away as some classmates do. Over the years yer absence in the graduation yearbook, and reunions concerned me. I though I would write someone in one of those alumni web sites asking about her.

I know she must have been horrified at what happened.

inoo kei and natsuyaki miyabi dating video

What that girl must have gone through with friends and family, especially for those 9 months. Fortunately, she pulled herself and her life together after years.