Hugo becker and leighton meester dating history

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'Gossip Girl's' Hugo Becker talks Prince Louis and Blair: 'They could make a terrific Leighton Meester: “Leighton is fantastic, she is nuts. He started off the series dating the most popular girl in school, Serena (Blake Lively), and quickly Blair: At first, Blair (Leighton Meester) felt no need to read Dan's book, but quickly changed her mind when Louis (Hugo Becker) began acting all Nate: The best bromance in the history of TV is O-V-E-R. Hugo Becker news, gossip, photos of Hugo Becker, biography, Hugo Becker girlfriend list Relationship history. Hugo Becker relationship list. Hugo Becker.

So how did Dan portray everyone in his scathing satire? And what scoop do we have on what will happen next? Lonely Boy Becomes Only Boy: He started off the series dating the most popular girl in school, Serena Blake Livelyand quickly became entangled in all the webs that create the Upper East Side social scene.

Dan called his family and friends together to inform them of the book and invite them to a party in his honor, should they choose to attend after reading what he wrote about them. At first, Blair Leighton Meester felt no need to read Dan's book, but quickly changed her mind when Louis Hugo Becker began acting all passive-aggressive after reading the book. Turns out, Dan and Blair fictionally got it on. We were treated to a re-do and longer version of the couple's infamous first kiss, which was pretty hot.

24. Blair and Prince Louis

Louis chose to believe a fictional book over his own fiancee, proclaiming he felt "ridiculous" for trusting Blair. The only thing that's ridiculous is your acting. When Dan tries to apologize to Blair, she says, "When will you get it? There's no us, there never was," and says their friendship is over. Not to take sides, but Dan was the only one there for Blair when she was dealing with her pregnancy and was an amazing support system for her.

Hugo becker and leighton meester dating |

It's not really his fault Louis doesn't trust her, it's Louis'. They go on a fun date and are going to go to a ball, but Blair is pulled away to stop Chuck from running away from his life. Their short-lived romance ends when Blair goes back to New York leaving Louis with one of her shoes and says he can always come find her Double Identity. Towards the end of season four, Louis arrives in Manhattan with Blair's shoe and they start dating again.

He comes secretly, although his cover is almost blown when Dan is assigned to write an article about it. When his family finds out, Blair devises a scheme to pretend Louis is actually there for a charity event Petty in Pink. During the party, she kisses Dan and Serena tells Louis that Blair has been interested in Dan for awhile.

However, the two eventually makeup. Sophie Grimaldi, Louis' mother, soon arrives in the city and does not approve of Blair as a partner for Louis, as she is not royalty. At the end of season four, Louis and Blair get engaged and plan to spend the summer in Monaco together.

Season Five The royal wedding is still on, but Blair is frustrated that Louis is unable to stand up to his mother and almost calls it off Yes, Then Zero. Later, it is revealed that Louis was giving Eliza Barnes, a therapist to Chuck, money to upset Chuck in the hope that Chuck will do something reckless and drive Blair away forever.

Barnes which in turn leaves Blair devastated, as she's worried Louis is turning into Chuck. Louis also has problems trusting Blair's friends, namely Serena, Chuck, and Nate.

hugo becker and leighton meester dating history

She fakes being happy for them, and afterwards explains to Eric that she is trying to break them up because Blair crossed "sacred territory" when she kissed Dan. Eric tells her off, saying that acting like Blair is no way to go on. However, Serena still seems determined to break them up. Back in the apartment, Rufus announces that the meeting with the band went well, and he has invited them round for dinner. Eric mocks him on his 'street cred', so Rufus moves the dinner from the penthouse to his apartment back in Brooklyn.

Blair arrives at Chuck's, where he tells her that he needs her now more than before, because the only thing that's been real in his life has been her.

hugo becker and leighton meester dating history

Blair tells him about Louis proposal, and that even though she wanted to be Chuck's for so long, she can't be anymore. Chuck gets violent, punching a glass wall which in turn cuts Blair's face.