Harshad and preetika dating

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harshad and preetika dating

May 27, Beintehaa Reunion: Preetika Rao interviews Harshad Arora I have been really busy travelling around and did not get a chance to date! Sad. Dec 2, Gup-shup with Beinteehaa actor ​Harshad Arora in Lucknow. Bhabhi in Beintehaa, Harshad says he is too busy to be dating anyone. Apparently rumors were going around saying 'I hate the fact the Preetika is older than Harshad.' or 'They can't date because Preetika is older.

Something from 's may be a role on a life of an actress. I love black and white films. Will we see you on big screen as well? For movies let's see. I believe in destiny as I said earlier.

What is your sister Amrita's feedback on your role? She is very proud of me. Wherever she goes people praise me and appreciate my work. And she gets happy to hear about it.

And yes I believe she is the best person to give feedback to me. Which is the best compliment you have got for Aaliya's character?

harshad and preetika dating

Which is a great thing to hear in a very short span of time. What is style for you? Are you a street shopper or designer wear? What you do to unwind yourself? I love to hangout with my cousins, go for a drive by the beach. Recently we heard that you threatened the production house to quit, is it true?

I will make an announcement if I quit!

harshad and preetika dating

Have you made any friends in TV Industry, who? Have met many of my colleague during holiday shoot and they were all great.

I missed opportunities because I’m lazy: Harshad Arora

But mainly I am right now with my team and we have become good friends. Message for your fans. Keep the belief and don't believe gossips. Any message for them? Harshad - The best part is that she has to laugh in the middle of the shots not otherwise. Who among you makes the other laugh while enacting any scene? Harshad, tell us your favorite scene of Preetika? Harshad and Preetika - Mastikhors.

Preetika - They have been too silly that I have always caught him Harshad - I have played too many pranks on her; everyday.

I missed opportunities because I’m lazy: Harshad Arora | tv | Hindustan Times

Besides the dating rumours, a certain section of the actor's fans had expressed displeasure at Harshad being paired with Tridha on "Dahleez. In a recent interview with the Times of IndiaTridha rubbished the rumours and claimed that they are good friends. I am only 22, I don't think this is the time to think of marriage or dating guys. Harshad - She is a very good singer. He is a very hardworking actor and a very supportive co-star that I like about him.

Aaliya ji kanjoos hai. In the middle of a shot, I just tell her that its my 'shot' whereas it used to be her shot. Popularly called as Harshika, Harshad and Preetika share a very friendly rapport with each other off-screen just like Tom and Jerry; always pull each other's legs and tease each other.

Reveal one secret of each other? Its hard to find such co-actors. Preetika - I had a kind of thought that Harshad is destined to work with me because we were earlier finalized for some other show and also when I met him in the audition, somewhere I had this Intuition that may be Harshad will be selected and he was.

Just before a scene starts, they crack some crazy jokes and I start laughing. Add new comment Preetika - Yes, why not! One thing you like and one thing you dislike about each other?