Gyuri and eunhyuk dating

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gyuri and eunhyuk dating

On the show it was revealed that Eunhyuk actually recommended that Gyuri should be Shindongs co-host for MBC radio show Shim Shim Ta Pa after. I and Eunhyuk oppa are dating”, Gyuri 's message to Jungmin keep going around Eunhyuk decides to go to Music Bank stage where KARA makes Eunhyuk +. Nov 14, 7. Gikwang 8. Eunhyuk 9. Nichkhun Luna TOP Gyuri dumps Yesung for Gyuri, Noori gets upset and retaliates by dating Gyuri.

He loves to hug or ask his members for a kiss. Zhou Mi recently revealed that he was casted by the same SM staff who casted Victoria of f x. Gentleman Mimi is a nickname Zhou Mi gave to himself. Donghae said, when he was born, his father and older brother were playing badminton outside of their house. When Sungmin heard it, he said that he should name his kids after fish names instead.

Voted as the most romantic by his fellow members. He really admires those taxi drivers and public transport drivers. Not only because his father used to be a taxi driver, but also because he himself will feel tired and aches all over after driving for half an hour and thus find those people impressive as they can drive all day long.

He can play piano and guitar a little. He has two Maltese: When he was young, his friends and schoolmates always laughed at him because of his name. For Donghae is the first word in Korean national anthem. In one of their Miracle performances, he lost his shoes while on stage.

After the performance, he cried because he thought that it was the end of his career. Once, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook had to cook together. Ryeowook ended up doing all the work. He loves to watch Winnie the Pooh.

He likes to be Christopher Robin. If he is a girl, he would marry Donghae. He is the fourth heavy drinker amongst Super Junior members. Ryeowook is the mother figure of the group. I would be glad too. Is he really like this? I can't keep calm. He's just making my nerves so tense! Don't look so frightened. Hyo was taken aback. Oh my, that sounded so sweet! I want to hear it more often! Hyo looked at him. Doojoon acted like a complete gentleman. He ordered for Hyo and even tried to make their conversation more lively.

Indeed, it's his ideal man. He's infront of her now. Meanwhile, Eunhyuk arrived at the bar where Gyuri told him to go. It took almost an hour before he reached that place. He ate dinner first because he's sure that the place Gyuri said doesn't serve well-appreciated meals. He searched inside, it's quite loud and dark.

gyuri and eunhyuk dating

There are striking light everywhere but the music just makes him want to dance. It's been a while since he visited that kind of place. His members are busy due to their on-going Asian Tour Super Show 3. There's numerous rehearsals and practices they need to attend and only sleeping is their free time. So this time, he wanted to unwind with the girl he likes.

He tried to find that voice and he saw Gyuri waving her arms to him. He immediately smiled when he saw her. She's wearing a black strapless dress and is kinda revealing. Half of her stomach is shown because of the lacy style on her dress. She's definitely stunning but still, that dress is waaaay revealing.

I don't really want my girl wearing that especially if she's with me. Eunhyuk said to himself while walking towards Gyuri's direction. Don't worry, only VIPs are welcomed here so there'll be no paparazzi anywhere. Eunhyuk cleared his throat first before speaking. He's afraid he might stammer again. Then, I guess we'll have to enjoy the night then.

Oh, by the way, I brought some of my members too. We have already been on several shows, why wouldn't I know them. He saw how Gyuri hits the arms of Hara. You should ask Gyuri since she'll be the one deciding about that. You're now a grown-up too! I shall keep improving! He heard the squealing of Seungyeon and Hara while teasing Gyuri. What do you want to drink? He looked next at Hara. He saw that Hara winked at her. He has no such great knowledge about drinks because he's not a drinker unlike some of his members.

Why would she say that in public?! Gyuri laughed at him. Shindong oppa is right, you're really innocent. C'mon, i'll go with you. I thought there would still be some awkward moments between us but I totally enjoyed his company tonight. He's so gentleman, definitely plus points for that!

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I don't want to ask him about that. He might think that i am so overjoyed about it. I just go with the flow of our conversation and enjoyed every bit of it.

gyuri and eunhyuk dating

We finished our dinner early because it's just past 9. I wanted to be with him longer. He paid the bill and stands up. I also stand up but he stops me. I'm confused and then he went behind me and pulls the chair again for me. I was stunned but that gesture sends butterflies onto my stomach.

gyuri and eunhyuk dating

He's really the perfect gentleman tonight. I just remembered, he doesn't have his own car. So, how will I go home this time? I carefully search around the area and observe him on what he's going to do. Slowly, we're infront of a unfamilliar car. I look at it and the windows are tinted. Then the driver's window slowly opened, he saw YoSeob inside. I immediately smiled at him and look back on Doojoon. I get inside first but he follows me and sit beside me. I just let him do what he's planning to do.

I want to be with him, right? YeSeob is just driving while me and Doojoon are telling some stuffs about each other like what he wants to know about me and what I wanted to know more about him. We then arrived at the place.

I instantly smiled when I saw that place and Doojoon notices that. I was touched, me and my members are so busy that we haven't even watched movies together and even went to club just for fun. We have different schedules that we don't see each other often even in dorm.

I'm sure i'll be enjoying myself tonight. Doojoon automatically placed his hands on my elbow and lead me inside. YoSeob came with us inside but that didn't matter to me. The more, the merrier. I am thrilled as I went inside. The beats and sounds I hear definitely makes me want to dance! I feel hyper at this moment! It's been a while since I went clubbing freely. At the entrance, Doojoon showed a membership card and through that we entered easily.

So, shall we get some drinks first?

gyuri and eunhyuk dating

Or you want to go straightly at the dancefloor? I think I need some refreshment first. He is the one who ordered again the drink for me. He even chose a drink which will suit me. I have to admit that this night is exciting. He gave me the drink. I also looked at YoSeob whose starting to dance. The three of us cheered and drink it one shot. I can feel the warm feeling on my throat running down to my stomach.

I feel heavenly that I ordered again another glass and drank it again on one shot. I am aware that Doojoon kept looking at me but the hell I care. I want to enjoy this night for once. I grabbed Doojoon's arms. I immediately started to dance. Dancing also makes me relieves my stress. Even Doojoon seems to enjoy dancing and he looks so hyper. We just danced and danced to our hearts content but then because of my too much hyperness, I accidentally bumped into someone with a big impact.

I turned around to apologize but I was even more shocked of what I saw. The one I bumped is Gyuri and because of that big impact, she fell into Hyukjae oppa's chest.

She can hardly see Hyuk's face because it's dark there but at most, I can sense that he's also shocked of our encounter there. She excuses herself first from Doojoon and gave a sign to Hyuk oppa. We met near the restroom because that's the only place where we can talk while hearing each other.

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He just displayed a proud look. I thought you're just having a dinner with Doojoon but you're here? I have some rights to enjoy too. I am with someone too. Don't ask me to send you home tonight. It's just because I love pestering him but I respect his own privacy.

gyuri and eunhyuk dating