Glee sam and santana dating

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glee sam and santana dating

Season 2 of Glee brought a lot of romantic turmoil for Brittany S. Santana was there for Brittany when people called her stupid Sam says. Blaine (Darren Criss) and Karofsky (Max Adler). Remember when Blaine moved back to Ohio and started dating the guy who made his ex-fiancé's high school. This relationship is between Santana and Sam, also known as Samtana or Lopevans. They started dating in the episode Comeback after Sam broke up with Quinn. Rachel attempts to take over Glee Club, (due to Mr. Schue's absence) Sam.

Kurt claims no one would have their hair like Sam's unless they were gay and Mercedes replies, 'You're crazy, circa The Substitute They are seen dancing together in the first part of Santana's solo, Valerie. A Very Glee Christmas When Santana and Sam do some public display of affection in the choir room, Mercedes asks with disgust "when'd that happened.

glee sam and santana dating

A Night of Neglect Mercedes, Sam and Rachel at prom The group finds out that they are the entertainment at prom, an idea Mercedes doesn't like because she has nobody to go with. Rachelwho is also single, decides to help her.

Together they find Sam and ask if he would go to prom with both of them, as a group. Jesse comes back and joins this group, but he really sticks to Rachel's side, leaving it to be that Sam and Mercedes are a pair. He then holds Mercedes' hand. Prom Queen Once they finished their performance of Light up the WorldMercedes and Sam are seen hugging each other tightly.

Sam and Mercedes say that they just happened to meet each other in the parking lot, and after a quick chat, leave to wait in line away from the couple. While in line, Mercedes asks, "Do you think they know? It is unknown when that relationship started, presumably from prom, or for how long it has been going on.

It is also unknown why Sam and Mercedes have opted to keep their relationship a secret from the glee club. When Mercedes questions his actions, Sam says that he is holding her hand like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

Mercedes takes her hand back and tries to say something but Sam interrupts her about knowledge about her boyfriend. Mercedes warns him that Shane is built like a bulldozer. Mercedes and Sam stop their walk and Mercedes tells Sam that what they had was a summer fling.

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Sam states that their relationship was more than that, to which Mercedes replies that she will always have a special place in her heart for him, but she's moved on and he needs to do the same. As Mercedes is walking away, Sam yells in a hallway full of students that he was going to fight to get her back, despite how big her boyfriend is.

Mercedes is then shown walking away with a smile on her face. During ABCwhile Sam is doing a solo dance in front of New Directions as part of the number, Mercedes is seen watching Sam, laughing with a soft smile, embarrassed. Hold on to Sixteen Merry Christmas Sammy When Mercedes is singing All I Want for Christmas Is Youwe see Mercedes dancing around the room, around each member and when she reaches Sam; she walks around him giving him a smile while Sam twists his back at an awkward angle in order to keep his eyes on Mercedes.

As Mercedes is dancing with a tinsel with the rest of the New Directions Girlsshe wraps some tinsel around Sam's neck and pulls him closer to her, both smiling flirtatiously before she moves off to sing next to Artie.

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Also, at the end of the number when Mercedes holds a mistletoe above Finn and Rachel, Sam can be seen in the background watching her from behind. Extraordinary Merry Christmas The episode starts off with Mercedes and the rest of the ND girls and Kurt walking outside during lunch where Tina brings up Mercedes' and Sam's relationship, saying that they have been seen stealing glances at each other in the choir room. Mercedes then tells them that she and Sam had a summer fling but also brought up a moment they had at a lake over the summer.

The scene switches and Sam is seen describing their summer as incredible to the New Directions Boys where both Sam and Mercedes explain how they spent their summer together singing Summer Nights with the rest of the New Directions replicating the Grease montage.

After a quick Glee Club meeting where Mr. Schuester announces he's going to propose to Ms. PillsburySam follows Mercedes out of the choir room asking about her intentions on marriage, bringing up a guy who is great at impressions and is totally into her himself. Mercedes tells Sam that she is with Shane and Sam brings up the reason as to why they aren't back together again yet, all the while reminding Mercedes of the time they had when dating that involved a Tilt-a-Twirl ride at a carnival.

Mercedes describes their time as fun, and that's what Sam thought but that it doesn't change the fact that she is dating Shane. Sam then watches as Mercedes walks away with Shane. Sam approaches Coach Beistedesperately asking about school sports teams he could join in order to get a letterman jacket in the hopes of impressing Mercedes.

The only team available for Sam was the synchronized swimming team. Sam later talks to Finn about him joining the synchronized swimming team, saying that it's sexy to which Finn disagrees with and walks away.

Sam then spots Mercedes at her locker and states that he is "not worried" but is then slushied by the hockey team. They have been friends from then on. Contents [ show ] Overview At the beginning of Season OneSantana and Puck appear to be in a stereotypical cheerleader-jock relationship. They are both members of the Celibacy Club and Glee Club despite having reputations of being among the more promiscuous and popular students at the school.

It is made clear they have a mutual attraction in several episodes. Although they were not officially a couple any more, they remained lovers until at least Furt where Santana claimed she was dating Puck, and Quinn retorted that she was "getting naked" with Puck. Santana was the one who ended the relationship, but she continued having feelings for him, because in the episode Hairographyshe got jealous of Quinn and Puck and in Laryngitis Santana was jealous when Mercedes dated Puck.

She did not, however, go after Rachel when she was dating Puck. Santana does go after Lauren Zizes when Puck begins showing interest in her. Although Santana has shown her willingness to hold on to him, Puck has never defended Santana or gotten jealous when she was dating someone else - showing that for him, the relationship was never much more than just physical. Their relationship as lovers seems to end altogether in Season Twoas Santana goes through relationships with Sam Evans and David Karofsky while secretly pining for Brittanyand Puck dates Lauren.

In Season Three Santana has come to realize that she is a lesbian and in love with Brittany, and Puck is focusing on being in his daughter Beth 's life and the resulting changes in his relationships with Quinn and Shelby.

Though they do not interact as often as in previous seasons, they are both cast in West Side Storyplaying the couple Anita and Bernardo. Puck generally seems supportive of helping Santana come to terms with her sexuality and joins the Glee Club in helping her come out as a lesbian. Episodes Puck mentions how much he likes the Cheerios skirts and that when Santana leaned over, he "could see her ovaries.

Later, the two perform Lucky and end the song holding hands.

glee sam and santana dating

During their dinner, Sam empathizes with Quinn's pregnancy last year. And tells her he dyed his hair, then the two seem to have a connection with each other, and at the end of the dinner, Quinn tells Sam to pay for the dinner instead of using the passes for a free dinner.

When Sam asks why, Quinn tells him that it's because a gentleman always pays on the first date, leaving Sam overjoyed. Quinn pulls Sam's hands off of her thigh and refuses to do a little "something, something" with him, despite Sam's protests. Sam later finds a way of cooling down when he is making out with Quinn—picturing Coach Beiste.

Unfortunately, this backfires on Sam when he whispers "Beiste" instead of her name, while he is making out with Quinn. Quinn hears him, gets suspicious and, under the advice of Suepublicly confronts Sam angrily. After realizing that Sam was actually fantasizing about Beiste to cool down around Quinn, Quinn is embarrassed and shocked, and apologizes to him.

In FurtRachel calls on all of the girls in glee club with boyfriends on the football team to a meeting, Quinn included, though she denies Sam is her boyfriend. During the meeting, Rachel prompts the girls to get their boyfriends to confront Dave so he will stop bullying Kurt.

Later, the boys Mike, Sam, and Artie—Puck was on probation from juvie, and Finn decided against helping corner Dave in the locker room and threaten him if he does not stop bullying Kurt.

The confrontation turns physical quickly with Dave pushing Mike into Artie and Sam tackles him, causing a brutal fight between the two of them until Coach Beiste steps in.

Back in glee club, Sam is sporting a black eye which Quinn helps nurse, saying it's hot.

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Kurt thanks the boys for trying to help with his bullying situation, especially thanking Sam. He brings her to the empty astronomy room, gets down on one knee, and asks if she would be his girlfriend, also stating that he wants to marry her someday. Quinn, seemingly torn, tells him that she will think about it.

Later, at Burt and Carole's wedding, the glee club performs Marry Yousplit into different couples, with Sam singing a large part of the song with Quinn. After the wedding, Quinn and Sam talk by his locker. At the end of the conversation, Quinn points out that she is wearing Sam's ring, leaving Sam jumping in the air.

In The Sue Sylvester ShuffleQuinn finds Finn after the football team wins the championship game, praising him for all of the good things he had done that week concerning the football team and glee club.

She tells him it reminds her of why she loved him and then kisses him, realizing her mistake and running off afterwards. In Silly Love Songswhen Finn sets up a kissing booth to raise money for the glee club, Quinn is the only girl in school who refuses to kiss him.

Sam & Santana - I Will Wait

Sam confronts her about it, telling her that it seems suspicious that she won't kiss him, and she tells Sam that she is going to kiss him. When Quinn pays for a kiss at Finn's kissing booth, Sam is there to watch, making sure nothing happens.

But when Quinn and Finn kiss, the two see fireworks. Quinn and Sam start to leave, but Quinn runs back to "get her purse," really whispering in Finn's ear to meet her in the auditorium later. Quinn and Finn begin fooling around with each other behind Sam's back and Santananoticing that something is up between them, intentionally gives Finn mono, which he gives to Quinn. Sam refuses to acknowledge the possibility of them both having mono means that they were with each other.

However, Santana finds Sam and tells him about Quinn cheating on him and, though he denies it at first, he eventually realizes she is right. Santana also propositions him with the idea that dating her make him more popular and using sex as a bribe.

Sam dumps Quinn and begins dating Santana, leaving Quinn heartbroken. When Rachel asks Quinn if she is having fun, Quinn is visibly upset with Sam and Santana being together and making out in front of her. Santana was yelling at Sam saying, "You like her more than me she's blonde, perfect and so smart" referring to Quinn. In Rumoursa blind item is posted in the school's newspaper implying that Sam and Quinn have been seeing each other in a motel room.

Finn, wanting to make sure Quinn is not cheating on him, goes on a stakeout outside the motel with Rachel. However, the two see Kurt come out of a motel room with Sam, causing rumors that Sam is hooking up with Kurt. But when Finn and Rachel go on another stakeout, they see Quinn come out of Sam's motel room and hug him, which spreads a rumor throughout school that Sam is hooking up with both Kurt and Quinn. After dealing with relentless teasing and insults from the glee club for interfering with relationships, Sam admits that he is homeless and living in the motel, saying that Kurt found out because Sam got a job delivering pizzas and delivered one to Dalton and Quinn found out because he goes to the same church as her.

The only reason they were there was because Kurt was giving Sam clothes to wear and Quinn was helping babysit Sam's younger siblings. The glee club apologizes to Sam with the number Don't Stopwhere Quinn and Sam sing parts of the song together. Quinn and Sam act kindly towards each other the whole episode, implying that they are both over their rough break-up and have reconciled their friendship.

Episodes Quinn saw Sam get slushied and helped him wash his face. While she's helping him, Sam tells her that she has pretty eyes in Na'vi the Avatar language "Lor Menari. Sam confides in Quinn that he loves astronomy and that outer space makes his problems seem small.