Gerald and maja dating advice

Kim Chiu on getting over Gerald Anderson, friendship with Maja Salvador

gerald and maja dating advice

Both Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderon never really exactly revealed the reason why they broke up and who the dumper/dumpee were. FILTER BY DATE RANGE. SEARCH Cast of 'I'm Drunk, I Love You' give love advice. Feb 14 Maja Salvador on Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson reunion project. Aug 25, The two stars were rumoured to be dating earlier this month after they ironically co-starring Salvador's ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson and.

Jesus Falcis to Kris Aquino: Both know how to enjoy life and are demonstrative of their affections.

maja salvador and gerald anderson | Filipino Movie

Completion luck is indicated for both of you—this means a generally good and productive year. You bring out the best in each other and, being both generous and outgoing, you will always be surrounded by like-minded friends and colleagues. Socializing figures well this year. Although these signs bear contradictions, they still complement each other.

Gerald Anderson admits he hasn’t moved on from his relationship with Maja Salvador

This relationship will soon reach a level that is spiritual and more positive, thus drawing you even closer. The Rat, as partner, can help bring good luck, but the Rooster must be gracious enough to seek and accept help when offered.

gerald and maja dating advice

With such luck imbalance, expect a bumpy ride this year for those who have been married for some time and even those who are just starting out together. The Rooster is advised to take a step back and appreciate the fact that his or her partner has better prospects. Being stubborn or arrogant about it will not help.

Kim Chiu on getting over Gerald Anderson, friendship with Maja Salvador

James Yap DogMichela Cazzola Boar When the otherwise ideal lovers Dog and Boar are individually faced with weak energies this year, expect a not-so-rosy relationship. They may have to deal with some issues, but because they are both inherently loving and giving, it is quite possible that they will still come together harmoniously. Aga Muhlach RoosterCharlene Gonzales Tiger The Tiger and the Rooster manage to have a harmonious union when they learn to respect their differences.

Maja Salvador & Gerald Anderson sing "Skyscraper"

The key is to use those differences to support each other rather than allow problems to draw them apart. He then declared that she is now his girlfriend.

gerald and maja dating advice

This is expected to put a rest to endless speculations about the real score between the two stars. Controversial start It can be recalled that that rumors about the brewing romance between Anderson and Salvador began in January.

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Their vacation pictures together went viral especially online through the social media. The two then said they were with a group in a vacation to Misibis Bay in Albay. More photographs were shared through Instagram. Thus, it came as a surprise that Chiu was still affected when her former boyfriend was linked to her friend, Salvador.

That time, Chiu was quoted as saying that she resent the loss of that friendship.

gerald and maja dating advice

She even revealed that Salvador used to say bad things about Anderson to pacify her during the painful breakup. To this, Chiu said that it was like Salvador taking back every advice she gave her Chiu during that split up.

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Their co-stars expressed admiration that Salvador and Chiu remain civil and professional especially whenever they have scenes together.