Furukawa yuki and miki dating quotes

furukawa yuki and miki dating quotes

uhm is there any posibilities that kotoko and naoki wilk have a relationship in real life who is miki's first kiss (real and reel)? Is it Yuki? over 1 year ago. i think it's yuki:) real and What are the probabilities of getting married to yuki furukawa?. Name: Honoka Miki Japanese Name: 未来穂香 (みき ほのか)Date Of Birth: Yuki FurukawaJapanese Name: 古川 雄輝 (フルカワユウキ)Date Of. Itazura na Kiss - Love In Tokyo 2 with Furukawa Yuki & Miki Honoka Japanese . Miki Honoka:D touching quotes Touch, Words, Quotes, Girl Crushes, Actors.

Furukawa Yuki

I read the news on twitter and my friend told me Irie Naoki will be played by one of the guys from Kokou Debut movie, to my surprised its Furukawa Yuki, I liked it him Kokou debut but I was a little skeptical at first. Have you watched any previous adaptions before this? Love in Tokyo 2.

It Started With A Kiss 3.

ザラ ZARA Notes: イタズラなKiss2 ~ Love in Tokyo (Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in Tokyo)

Playful Kiss Cant say for Itazura na kiss because I havent watched it yet. Have you read the manga or watched the anime?

Love Story~ Miki Honoka & Yuki Furukawa

I read some parts of the manga not the whole thing yet. I watched the anime all of the episodes. Your favorite scene from the whole season.

furukawa yuki and miki dating quotes

I have so many favorite scenes maybe I should name them one by one from the favorites. Your least favorite scene from the whole season.

Once More with Feeling: Saying Goodbye to Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo | Midnight Express

Its probably unpopular opinion but I loved this part, They showed how broken Kotoko was in a funny way. Your Favorite Naoki scene Most of my favorite Naoki scenes are where they showed the jealous side of Naoki, because we never really saw how Jealous Naoki was in the other adaptions It was only here. I love it also whenever Naoki looks at Kotoko: Your Favorite Kin-chan scene Like the others said, When Kin-chan was scolding Naoki, I mean for Kin-chan to even do that and Naoki not be able to say something back, Kin-chan is amazing for that.

Although all the kisses were great!

furukawa yuki and miki dating quotes

I love how they made Naoki look at Kotoko so dearly and then kisses her, You can see the love in his eyes and that smile after he kisses her XDD 8. Your favorite Kotoko Imagination The dancing scene: The scene you wish they had included in this adaptation I seriously wanted to see how they apologized to the Oizumis. One day, Kotoko and her dad are left homeless when a meteor crashes into their house. Her dad's friends invite the two to stay over at their house for the meantime.

Midnight Express

Kotoko is delighted to find out that her dad's friends are Naoki's parents, and she gets to live with Naoki under the same roof. Kotoko is ecstatic for the opportunity to be close to Naoki. Although he has already rejected her, Kotoko is hopeful that Naoki will love her the same way that she loves him. In a nutshell, I just don't think it is possible for an intelligent person to fall in love with a stupid person.

furukawa yuki and miki dating quotes

It is probably because it was an easy watch for me since I already know the story, and I was expecting that this production would be able to execute the story well so I will still enjoy watching it despite not really liking its premise.

I found the drama promising when I watched the first two episodes as it gave off a realistic vibe to what is actually a fantastical production.

furukawa yuki and miki dating quotes

Everything went downhill from the third episode onward because the characters, particularly the female lead character Aihara Kotoko, became more caricature-like and displayed facial expressions that may have been acceptable and necessary in manga but definitely out of place and annoying in a drama.

At least in my opinion.