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What is the most viewed video on Emma Blackery's Channel? "Ravished by the If Websites Started Dating. Pancakes for Singles THE MOST FRUSTRATING GAME EVER! Default Dan Luke Cutforth (LukeIsNotSexy). 5. A description of tropes appearing in Emma Blackery. She was in a relationship with another fellow YouTuber, Luke Cutforth, but the two broke up in May after around three years of dating (though . Rage Quit: The Sims in Real Life ends with Emma angrily quitting after her Sim starts panicking and drowning in a . Luke Cutforth is a YouTuber and director from Hertfordshire. He is a close friend and ex-boyfriend to Emma Blackery. Luke was born in Hertfordshire before.

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She blamed her mother for everything, and as she went to secondary school she didn't have many friends, until she met her best friend Lisa. They're still best friends to this day. On one faithful day Emma's mother returned into her life, and brought a little boy and girl with her. These were her half brother and sister, Febe and Travis. Emma has learned to forgive her mother and to love her half siblings.

After all of that, Emma decided to go to SEEVIC College and graduated in politics, however she never went to university because she got severe anxiety because of her thoughts that her parents would be harmed or hurt while she was away. She decided to stay and she became a successful YouTuber. Music Edit Emma Blackery has loved listening to music ever since she was a little girl.

While Emma was in her teen years, she was in a band.

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She has stated that the band originally wanted a male lead vocal, however they said that one of their influences were Paramore. Emma naturally said something like "Paramore? I can do Paramore!

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Emma later regretted this a few years ahead because she thought that she sounded "terrible". After things got complicated within the band, they all split up and went their separate ways. The producer of her first EP Human Behaviour was in a band, and the lead vocalist of that band had left. I Am Not Pretty: She believes that she isn't attractive, despite what her fans tell her.

I Hate Past Me: Her screwups in the past are an essential part of her Self-Deprecation humor.

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A strange example; "Agenda" notably begins with a repeated truncated vocal sample of Emma that sounds For a long time she kept on changing her hair color; pink, purple, red, blue, the list goes on.

Then she shaved it all off for charity, wore a couple of wigs to boost her self confidence as her hair is a big part of her lifekept it to a natural brown, then bleached it blonde, only to dye it orange around Halloweenturn it a lighter shade of brown, change to purple, turn it brown again this time fuller and darkeropt for a rich blonde, and as of late turn it back to a dark brown.

She did say during her natural phase that she wasn't going to be colouring her hair anymore.

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This lasted about 6 months. Has quite the foul mouth. Apparently, one of her influences and reasons for it was watching South Park as a kid. Invoked and acknowledged in her I AM A MEME video, where she showed a series of pictures almost all of them Photoshopped that were made from a photo taken from a shoot made in promotion for an event she was co-hosting at that time.

Her near-verbatim reaction to her decision to sacrifice Chloe in Life Is Strange after seeing its effects.