Difference between dating and open relationship celebrities

difference between dating and open relationship celebrities

What's The Difference Between Polyamory & An Open Relationship? a counselor and dating coach who works with polyamorous couples. 5 Celebrities Share What They Really Think About Monogamy What exactly does it mean to be in an open relationship, though? Well, there is no exact definition because these types of partnerships can be whatever you For some, that might mean dating other people, sleeping with other people, kissing. With the number of open relationships currently on the rise, it's no of the celebrity couples we'd never have guessed were in open relationships! Instead of being about monogamy, it allegedly centered around differences between . Musical sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were dating.

Blame it on a couple unhealthy relationships in my youth: I wanted to care about someone without feeling owned by them, and I wanted that someone to feel the same way. So when I started dating Have you ever thought about having an open relationship? Open relationships tend to fall into two general categories, says Greatist Expert and sex counselor Ian Kerner: Or couples will choose to swing, adventuring outside their monogamous relationship as a unit having sex with other people together, as in a three-or-more-some.

Some experts say it has roots in genetics: About 80 percent of primates are polygamous, and similar estimates apply to human hunter-gatherer societies. Other research suggests different people have different needs for a satisfying relationship. In The Monogamy Gap, Eric Anderson suggests open relationships allow partners to meet their respective needs without demanding more than one partner can give.

Fidelity stats vary widely among cultures, and evidence suggests countries with more permissive attitudes toward sex also have longer-lasting marriages. Then again, sex advice columnist Dan Savage says nonmonogamy might just come down to plain old boredom. In short, there are as many reasons to be nonmonogamous as there are nonmonogamous people—and therein lies a bit of a problem.

Even if a couple agrees to be nonmonogamous, their reasons for doing so might be in conflict. In my case, I wanted to be in a nonmonogamous relationship because I wanted to challenge social assumptions about love; Bryce wanted to be in a nonmonogamous relationship because I wanted to be in one, and he wanted to be with me. Perhaps not surprisingly, this stirred up conflict between us when I actually started seeing other people. This eventually led to resentment on both sides and jealousy on his—and suddenly I found myself back in a claustrophobic relationship, arguing about who belonged to whom.

Back when High School Musical sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were dating, they apparently fought a lot over Efron's unwillingness to commit. After an argument in which Efron told Hudgens that he didn't want to settle down until he was 40, Vanessa snapped and asked to open up the relationship. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the beginning of the end of their four-year spell of dating.

Celeb Couples We Had No Idea Were In Open Relationships

Efron wasn't comfortable with letting Hudgens see other men, but Hudgens wanted freedom unless Efron would commit to settling down with her. In the end, neither of them got what they wanted: Hudgens has since admitted that she was "really mean" to Efron and regrets her actions at the end of their time together. She's given numerous interviews explaining the situation and the two even made a joint podcast to shed even more light on their unique arrangement!

The two have been married for around a decade now, and it was actually Mo'Nique who first suggested the idea of opening things up. She didn't want to stop seeing other people when the two finally wed and luckily, Hicks agreed to an open marriage! While initially, the actress wanted the arrangement to be one-sided, she soon realized that this wasn't fair to her husband and he began to see other people too.

They've split and reconciled a couple of times and in very nearly got divorced. However, fewer people realize that a lot of their past friction came down to their relationship being an open one. Pre, Pink and Hart agreed that they could see other people, as long as they didn't publically flaunt their extra-marital relations.

Things got difficult when Hart began to totally ignore this important rule. He started stepping out in public with another woman, even bringing her to major events and premieres in place of his wife. Pink was understandably unhappy about this, and the couple temporarily split.

They managed to patch things up the following year, but only on the condition that they closed their relationship.

difference between dating and open relationship celebrities

While Pink has admitted that monogamy is a struggle sometimes, she's decided it's ultimately the best thing for her marriage.

While the parents-of-three have only been together for around six years, it feels like it's been way longer. Still, Kim did have a life before she met the rapper, and part of it was spent dating TV host and actor Nick Cannon. At one point, Cannon and Kardashian were even considering marriage. However, Kim was left aghast when Cannon asserted that he'd only wed her if their marriage could be an open one. While the reality TV star toyed with the idea, she ultimately decided that she was more suited to monogamy and the couple parted ways.

Cannon went on to marry Mariah Carey, although that relationship didn't end too happily either!

difference between dating and open relationship celebrities

Poor Nick doesn't seem to be lucky in love. The two have been together since and married two years after they met.

difference between dating and open relationship celebrities

Dean has generally shunned the limelight over the years, but his wife has had plenty to say about their successful relationship. The two have been surrounded by scandalous rumors over the years, including suggestions that Parton has had affairs with both men and women. However, while Parton has admitted that the two's marriage is an open one, she's insisted that any extramarital relationships haven't included any physical intimacy. While she and Carl have allowed each other to spend time with and flirt with other men and women, the two only have eyes for each other in the bedroom.

difference between dating and open relationship celebrities

Clearly, this approach has been a successful one! While he claimed to be against the idea of having full-on extramarital relationships, the rapper was honest about inviting other women into the bedroom when wife Amber Najm was also present.

The couple apparently had regular threesomes, including with a 'working girl' in Costa Rica. This arrangement worked well for them until T-Pain took things a bit too far. He had a liaison with another woman without Amber's knowledge, an event that resulted in an extra-marital pregnancy!

The affair came to light when the love child's mother claimed that T-Pain had neglected to pay her any child support. While the rapper and his wife managed to work through this issue, Najm is now apparently less keen on involving other women in their relationship. Hawn now apparently has just that with long-time partner Kurt Russell!

difference between dating and open relationship celebrities

According to Bill, his daughter Kate's view on monogamy is similarly relaxed, and it's not necessarily been good for her relationships. Back when she was married to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, Hudson was very keen on the two having an open arrangement. Polyamory worked for them for a while - it worked well with Robinson's rock-and-roll lifestyle and allowed Hudson to play the field. However, things went swiftly downhill when the actress got a bit too close to one of her pieces on the side.

Hudson's close bond with actor Owen Wilson was too much for Robinson, and the couple divorced. The pair's relationship began when Ethan was still married to actress Uma Thurman - and Ryan was the nanny to their children!

While this particular nanny scandal at least ended in happy marriage, plenty of eyebrows were raised at the time. Hawke now seems to have admitted that he can't stay faithful in a marriage, so he and Ryan have decided that an open relationship is the best option for them.

Do Open Relationships Make People Happier?

Ethan has been pretty vocal about this, calling monogamy "childish" and encouraging us all to abandon the concept completely. He doesn't think cheating should be that big a deal and doesn't think it's the world-rocking thing we make it out to be.

Hawke has definitely decided fidelity is not for him! Here's hoping Ryan is on the same page as her husband. Back inRobin Thicke and Paula Patton's year relationship came to a pretty bitter end when Patton filed for divorce.

While the official reason for the split was given as "irreconcilable differences", many people suspected that Patton actually called it quits after Thicke pretty publically cheated on her. The singer was spotted groping other girls in clubs and at other events and reportedly had a full-on affair with a massage therapist. However, this is where things get interesting.

Some reports stated that the massage therapist in question had actually been in a consensual three-way relationship with both Thicke and Patton.


The couple had apparently temporarily opened their marriage, only for Patton to change her mind and strive for monogamy once again. Unfortunately, Thicke ignored her wishes and continued to see the other woman. While the star initially denied that this rumor was true, in an interview with Howard Stern he hinted that his marriage to Patton was actually open.

Will we ever get to the bottom of this?