Dating and marriage customs in ireland

Irish Wedding Traditions, customs, getting married in Ireland

dating and marriage customs in ireland

Or at the very least you can add some lovely traditions and Irish Wedding Customs from the Gaelic history of Ireland to your big day. Modern Irish Weddings can. January was once, almost officially, courtship month in Ireland. Back in meant a prelude to marriage, "dating" may not mean any such thing. Enjoy a real taste fo the variety and richness of Irish wedding customs and traditions. And remember 'Saturday is no day at all to marry'.

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dating and marriage customs in ireland

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dating and marriage customs in ireland

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Dating and marriage customs in ireland

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Irish Wedding Customs and Traditions

Courting rituals are considering incorporating ethnic group, or just someone to help couples identify appropriate music for love, customs into irish wedding.

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dating and marriage customs in ireland

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Dating and marriage customs in ireland | Axis D

Holding on to your man Another interesting wedding custom tells of how a woman took steps to ensure fidelity. Never marry in Lent Irish wedding tradition and custom meant that no wedding ceremonies could take place over Lent the 40 day period prior to Easter Sunday so Shrove Tuesday Pancake Tuesdaythe day before Lent began was the last chance till after Easter.

The period from Christmas to Lent was the most popular marrying period.

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There was quite a bit of pressure on courting couples and single people to tie the knot during that period as others wanted a celebration and all that entailed. The day of the week was important and regionally there were differences luck days to exchange wedding vow.

Monday for health, Wednesday the best day of all, Thursday for losses, Friday for crosses and Saturday no day at all. Today most people in Ireland prefer a summer wedding when the hope without guarantee is for better weather! The custom was for young men to mischeviously creep up on bachelors and mark their back with chalk. Often these young lads would approach their victim as people gathered for Mass.

Irish dating and marriage customs

If caught they had to run for their lives. This could be a sizeable amount of money and a great deal of pride was associated with it. I remember driving around the Mayo countryside with my uncle buying cattle. When the deal was done, it was common for the seller to give back a certain discretionary amount to the buyer.

If a bullock cost pounds, 20 pounds might be handed back as the buyer left. Becoming the new mistress When a bride entered her new home, by custom her mother-in-law would break a cake of bread over her head, as a token that she would take over as the woman of the house. Up until the arrivals of the Normans in Ireland in the 12th Century, marriage in Ireland was a pretty casual affair.

Couples could marry for one year fixed and either party could withdraw when the year was up.

dating and marriage customs in ireland

But making a marriage contract was a more complicated affair. Maybe the Irish love of buying property stems from this far back. A very fat man could not marry because he was considered to be unable to perform his duties. A churchman you could also not marry as it was forbidden from the 5th Century.

dating and marriage customs in ireland

A certain sum was paid each year during the marriage but in the second year, the wife got a portion of the amount for herself which increased over the years. It was valuable and transportable, usually gold, silver, copper or brass.