Cover drive amanda and ray dating service

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cover drive amanda and ray dating service

Cover Drive singer Amanda Reifer is set to conquer the pop world 18, and drummer T-Ray Armstrong, 18, are shaking off the winter blues. Cover Drive star Amanda Reifer has become known almost as much for her with her bandmates Jamar, T-Ray and Bar-Man to show the audience how to do it. "The first number is my brother's birth date, and the other is my second brother's birth date," T-Ray told us. "It's my first tattoo but I do want more." Amanda, the.

No, we love what we do and are so happy going around the place, promoting our music and playing for people. We recently did a TV show in Germany. The performance was awesome but the interview afterwards was really weird.

cover drive amanda and ray dating service

What did they ask? We said we were all really saddened by it, we had no idea what happened to her but her music was timeless and we all really liked it. What do you like about Britain? I love the energy of the fans.

cover drive amanda and ray dating service

Clubbing in London is a lot different to back home. Back home, you gyrate and groove a lot more. Advertisement Advertisement Do you know Rihanna? Are your lyrics appropriate for a child to sing along to?

Our single Twilight is about friends transitioning into lovers.

cover drive amanda and ray dating service

Are you worried your singer, Amanda, is going to leave for a solo career soon? There are no plans to ditch the project and go solo. Last year we were doing covers in my basement. People have been surprised by us taking pop records and making them really home-grown and sunshiny.

Advertisement What was the first song you wrote? A song called Almost There when I was It was just random words that rhymed. It was quite upbeat. What are the perks of success? We get to see new places and meet new people. What am I, what am I, I am the whip.

Photo: First Look At Cover Drive T-Ray's Tattoo

So I act like the whip. Troubleshoot, and repeater… T: If you need reminding of something or something needs fixing, you go to Barry. If there is such a department where people just chill. He is also the messiest. He also keeps us fashionably late. So if we are trying to get somewhere on time, Jamar is that anchor that will hold you back for a while.

So Jamar with your laid back attitude would it be fair to say you are the most Bajan of the group?

Photo: First Look At Cover Drive T-Ray's Tattoo - Capital

I work 5 hours behind. Who makes the best cup of tea? He drinks lots of tea. Yes, when I was in third or fourth year my friend and I joined a cheerleading squad to learn to backflip.

cover drive amanda and ray dating service

Funnily enough the person who was supposed to teach us never showed up so I ended up teaching myself. He backflips on the beach all the time. My favourite is the Adele and Bob Marley mash-up medley we did recently… T: Mine would have to be the Bob Marley medley we did. Who would you love to cover one of your songs? You know what would be crazy is if No Doubt would cover one of our songs.

That would be incredible. I love to see our fans cover our songs. The bassist of No Doubt signed my guitar. We had a jam session with him in LA and he was great and told us loads of stories.

You opened for Rihanna on the Barbados leg of her tour, who was the most starstruck when you met her?

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We we were all pretty starstruck. I got the most hugs and touches, so you know I claim that. Yeah, but I put my hand around her waist as I made sure I was next to her in the picture. Yeah well, she had her hand around my waist… T: In the Caribbean we hear lots of pop music on the radio, we get a lot of UK music and US music, and then we have our Caribbean music, our calypso.