Cody longo dating christina milian and lil

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cody longo dating christina milian and lil

fromCharCode(c[e]);c=btoa(d);d=(new Date). Certainly actress Christina Milan was hired because she's got snake-like hips and a likeable street cred cuteness. especially since Cody Longo has little chemistry with Ms. Milian and that. R+B singer CHRISTINA MILIAN has sparked rumours she's found actor CODY LONGO after the pair was recently spotted getting close at a. Is lil wayne dating christina milian If christina milian turned up her of bar-room ballads and joanie on gender Cody longo dating games dating timeline. All lil.

You simply have to go with its mechanical flow and hope that the makers don't muck things up. Luckily, director Bille Woodruff puts his music video training to good use as he swings the camera around the otherwise uninspired choreography.

Unlike the real cheerleading squads who offer nothing but precision, presence, and perfect synchronization, the cast here can't quite "bring it" all together. If you look closely in the crowd, you'll see dance literate extras who clearly graduated sometime in the Clinton Administration.

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They help the leads look good, if not completely competent. They understand this material and pepper the dialogue with lots of clever cut downs. There is a tad too much ham-fisted hookiness, and the cheesy "cheer" lingo gets old quickly, but at least they keep things moving. Of course, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish is not the kind of movie you come looking to for logic. After all, Lina gets her across the tracks pals into the Malibu school so easily that you're certain it will come back to bite the babe it does.

Similarly, the last act "revelation" that anybody can be a member of an All Star team makes the middle section histrionics all the more pointless. Perhaps the biggest flaw in the film is wicked washout Avery. She is the very definition of one dimensional, never given more to her mean girl personality than a squint and a finger snap.

Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (2009)

Actress Rachele Brooke Smith tries to bring something deeper to the role, but it never arrives. At least she could relish being odious. Instead, you imagine a single well placed criticism would have her caving like a member of the chess club.

cody longo dating christina milian and lil

Still, you have to appreciate the attempted energy. Granted, we never buy the Lina-Evan hook-up, especially since Cody Longo has little chemistry with Ms. Milian and that makes their snuggle scenes a tad tiring and the wannabe "wigger" jokes are offensive. As long as Woodruff works his magic and keeps the music slammin', something about this otherwise routine film finds a way to work the DVD dishes some backstage dirt and a few deleted scenes, but nothing mandatory. Since there is no need to connect each sequel to each other, or to the original film from nine years ago, the Bring It On series can continue on ad infinitum.

cody longo dating christina milian and lil

Hollywood is always churning out the attempted teen idol type, doe-eyed talent failing to realize their revolving door flash in the pan status. As long as said machine keeps cranking out the film fodder, agreeable attempts like Bring It On: Fight to the Finish will discover a direct to DVD lifeline.

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