Chuck bass and vanessa dating

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chuck bass and vanessa dating

Oh, Chuck Bass. We could write a whole essay about why Nate and Vanessa made no sense as a couple, but who would even care enough. The relationship between Vanessa and Chuck, also known as Chanessa, refers to the relationship between Vanessa Abrams and Chuck Bass. If Liz and Dick had been Blair and Chuck instead, it would have been snake Bart Bass (who "died" the night she was already leaving him for Rufus) yet are about as exciting as any plot line involving Vanessa (see below).

Outside, Serena runs into Carter Baizen. He tells her they need to talk, but she says they don't. He then reminds her that she can't avoid talking about what happened, but she does so by untying her dress and getting the attention of the paparazzi.

chuck bass and vanessa dating

Meanwhile, Nate receives a car from his family to welcome him back to the family and attach a note reminding him that fall internships begin the next week. He calls Chuck to tell him that he knows how he's going to break off from them once and for all.

Nate–Vanessa relationship

At the coffee shop, Vanessa vents to Scott about Dan lying to her. Scott suggests that Vanessa call Rufus and invite herself to the polo match, and then take Dan aside and tell him how she feels about his lies. At the modeling agency, Blair finds fault with every girl that walks by. He asks if she's okay, and she admits that she isn't sure she wants to play their game anymore.

He tells her that he wants her to be happy, and agrees to stop the game. At the loft, Eric admits to Jenny that CeCe isn't doing well and the longer Lily is gone, the more he's worried that her treatments aren't working. They wonder what really happened to Serena over the summer. She promises she didn't go off the rails, and he says that the polo match society asked her to throw the first ball at the match. She agrees, and he goes to call them back. When he's gone, Dan asks about the guy in the picture.

She admits it was Carter, then explains that they traveled together at the beginning of summer but he is now stalking her. After explaining, she begs Dan to keep Carter away from her at all costs. When she goes to her room, he calls Blair to get her help. Meanwhile, Scott calls his mom while looking at his birth certificate and tells her that the next day will be the day that he can do what he went there for.

At the polo match, Jenny is excited about having an engraved card. Nate arrives with Bree, and introduces her to his grandfather, William. He also returns the key to the car. Meanwhile, Blair and Chuck are having a boring time.

They see a girl who would be a great score for their game, but then remember that they aren't playing anymore. Vanessa and Scott also arrive, and he encourages her to talk to Dan while he goes and gets drinks.

She does, but they don't talk long before Dan is escorted away by Blair. At the bar, Scott nervously introduces himself to Rufus. He explains that he's a big fan of Lincoln Hawk. Meanwhile, Blair and Dan have Carter presented with a restraining order against the latter for Blair. She says that for the time being, she'll be with Serena and he will have to stay way from the both of them.

Serena comes over and asks what's going on, and Carter says her friends are trying to have him thrown out. He threatens to tell them the truth about what is going on with them, which catches Serena off guard. Before she can reply, she is taken to throw the first ball. Blair then sees Chuck introduce himself to the girl they saw earlier.

Elsewhere, Scott and Rufus talk about his music. They all see Serena enter the course, but instead of throwing the ball, she runs away on the horse.

chuck bass and vanessa dating

However, she is followed by Carter, who is also on a horse. Meanwhile, Bree confronts Nate about taking her to a family event. She explains that she is currently estranged her family and she is trying to change that. He apologizes, and then she says she ran away to Europe but while she was gone, she found out her cousin was stood up at the altar and she's looking for forgiveness.

He admits he really does like her and wanted to see her again, and she agrees to keep seeing him so long as it's secret. In the forest, Carter catches up with Serena. He tells her that her seeking attention has to do with her father not wanting to give it to her, and she reasons that maybe he didn't ever get her message or didn't know who she was.

He tells her that it doesn't matter that her father didn't want to see her, and that he isn't worth anything for not wanting to see her. Back at the match, William finds Nate and Bree and he gives them back the car key.

Nate tells him that he won't be taking the internship, and William pledges his support so long as he is happy. He again offers them the car to lessen their risk of being seen, and Nate agrees to take it. After they leave, William calls Tripp and says he finally found a way to get rid of the Buckley's.

Meanwhile, Blair can't find Chuck anywhere and asks a security member if he's seen Chuck. He explains that he saw him leave, and that another woman left around the same time.

chuck bass and vanessa dating

Elsewhere, Vanessa confronts Dan. He asks her to stop making him feel guilty about his new lifestyle, and she tells him to be himself and to not become a stuck up member of the UES world.

In the forest, security catch up with Carter, who was ditched shirtless by Serena. Back in the city at The Palace, Blair arrives to try and catch Chuck with another girl. At Christmas, Vanessa reveals to Dan that her present is that she had a story of his, titled After unsuccessfully searching for the perfect present, Serena asks Vanessa for help in finding one. Together they create a video projector display of snow, since Dan wants snow for Christmas. However, Blair feels that Vanessa is harboring feelings for Dan and warns her to back off his and Serena's relationship.

Their plan works when Vanessa is humiliated but she later tells Dan what happened. As revenge, Dan warns Blair not to confess her true feelings to Chuck; damaging her relationship with him Pret-a-Poor-J. She reveals that she slept with Chuck twice and that Rufus Humphrey confided in her that Dan was denied financial aid at Yale.

She's especially hurt when Dan ignores her to help Blair carry out a scheme to help Serena. However, the two makes amends and become friends again The Freshmen. Meanwhile, the two become friends with celebrity student Olivia Burke. Dan begins dating her and all is fine until the three engage in a threesome They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?

Afterwards, Olivia is hurt, due to her seeing Dan and Vanessa ice her out during their threesome. She tells the two that they seem to have feelings for each other and leaves school to shoot a movie.

On Thanksgiving, Vanessa's mother, Gabriela Abramscomes to see her.

chuck bass and vanessa dating

While she visits, she observes Dan and Vanessa and tells him that he needs to be careful before admitting his feelings for her, since it didn't work out last time. Realizing he isn't ready to tell her, he encourages her to keep seeing Paul. In The DebartedDan confesses his feelings to Vanessa, who says nothing back.

In The Lady Vanishedboth bring dates to a dorm beach party throw by Vanessa's hall at NYU but hook up, realizing they have real feelings for the other. As a result, they begin a friends with benefits relationship but finally begin dating in The Sixteen Year Old Virgin. Soon after, Dan reveals he is applying to the playwriting program at Tisch.

Not knowing that they are only accepting one NYU transfer, Vanessa applies as well and is accepted. However, Dan tells Willa Weinstein that she applied with a play she wrote based on one of his stories and Willa tells her father, who is on the admissions board. Even though Dan is eventually able to fix his mistake, Vanessa is hurt that he wasn't honest with her about how he felt about her getting in instead of him Dr.

When he tells her that he knows, she insists on staying in New York to save their relationship but he pushes her to accept the offer. She does so and the two plan to have a long distance relationship while she is gone. As a result, she and Dan break up. She is surprised to discover that Dan is the father to Georgina Sparks ' newborn baby, Milo Humphreybut tries to support him anyway Belles de Jour.

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Meanwhile, Nate and his new friend, Juliet Sharptry to get Dan out of the picture for Serena's affection by reuniting him with Vanessa. Their plan works and the two get back together Double Identity. Right before she does so, Georgina returns and says she is leaving with Milo. Despite this, Vanessa moves in with Dan anyway The Undergraduates. Meanwhile, Dan has begun getting closer with Serena, a fact that makes Vanessa increasingly uncomfortable.

She tries to tell Dan that she didn't do it, but leaves to go stay with her parents for awhile anyway. Their plan works, but gets out of control when Juliet drugs Serena into an overdose. On Thanksgiving, Vanessa returns to town and finds out what happened.

After Juliet convinces her that she will lose Dan and all the Humphreys if they find out she was responsible, Vanessa singles out Jenny as the culprit. However, Jenny tells everything to Blair and informs Vanessa that she won't be able to lie her way out of that one.

Vanessa then leaves again to go to her parents Gaslit. In The Kids Stay in the PictureVanessa overhears that Dan and Blair kissed and tells Serena, who doesn't believe her at first, but eventually learns she was telling the truth. In The Princesses and the FrogSerena's cousin Charlie Rhodes sets Vanessa up to make it look like she wanted to ruin her blooming relationship with Dan.