Christian fortune and caitlin beadles dating

Is christian beadles Caitlin beadles brother

christian fortune and caitlin beadles dating

Christian Beadles (born November 22, ) is the brother of Caitlin Beadles, and both are friends of They are globally known because in Caitlin dated Justin Bieber for a period of time. . Is christian fortune Caitlin beadles boyfriend ?. Caitlin Beadles is the EX-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, she was born on August 4, Payton Burrows, Grace Wilson, Chaz Somers, Ryan Butler, Christian Fortune. the need for one, despite having an estimated fortune of $ million. themselves officially married until they hold a religious ceremony.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin did marry

This is a trait he still has. Chaz risked their friendship by telling Justin he thinks Selena is using him. Later on, Chaz does hang out with Justin and Selena, but in the beginning it was not all that peachy. Plus, Chaz and Selena never really got to know each other. He kept his thoughts to himself. This was during the time Justin really liked Selena. Basically that was the equation.

After that, Caitlin and Christian were also out for two reasons. More about the Beadles here: So all these people were dropped. Yes, the Jelena contract. Now was a good year for Justin because… This was considered his prime. He was extremely popular and relevant in Other celebs adored him and he worked with some very famous people.

He looked forward to going to award shows and doing interviews. It was something he considered FUN because it was NEW and at the time, he did not see the dark side of the industry which we will get into later. He enjoyed the harmless drama he caused with Selena and Alfredo. He was extremely happy and showed it. Besides the 4 other people Justin would hang out with from time to time, They were never his old friends.

It was people that worked with him like Kenny or Scooter or Usher lol Selena and Alfredo were the biggest influences in his life. I mean they were the people he spent most of his time with, besides for the people Justin worked with. Justin considers these times to be the best in his life for these reasons… 1. He was at his prime. He loved the materialistic life especially since he did not have the luxury of money before. He even got happy when he would gain twitter followers. No one was out to get him or purposely mess with him.

He was living life as an average 17 year old except he had millions of dollars, a PR girlfriend he was obsessed with, a great best friend turned out to be a ratgood health, and fans who bought his music. This is why he said one of his best teenage years was around He said it because in his eyes life was great. Time to end the year: So as Justin got bigger and bigger, he lowkey lost sight of what was important.

He was whipped and in his mind the only girl he wanted was Selena. So who cares about the others. This is a choice Justin continues to make. Other than that, he was very happy in He caused drama which we talked about earlier. Justin and Selena were making headlines. Justin was touring more places and more celebrities wanted to meet him.

Again, everything was fun and NEW. Everyone remembers as a good year. Which it was for these reasons. Justin and Selena started dating for real. Justin had a new album and it was another exciting time for Beliebers. Justin had television time which was also good for Beliebers.

Jelena drama became a joke and whenever they were spotted together the insults for both came rolling in. Unlike in where Beliebers were actually sad when they saw candids. I mean they all were like 15 so understandable. Which had Beliebers like Not much has changed when it came to friendships except the group got bigger. Seriously, forget about his friends. Imagine if he posed next to Miley? Selena only allowed Justin to hang out with her friends or the people she approved of.

Which was basically just Alfredo. It was the same as in I remember one time this girl met Justin outside of the VSFS rehearsals and asked for a picture or something and he yelled at her.

But that was at the end of when things took a turn. Post on that here: And funny for Justin that in the upcoming years, the reason why he was a complete mess is because he was still trying to get her back.

Justin and Selena had a very toxic relationship. I said this years ago and recently when Justin talked about Selena, he said it was toxic. They had trust issues because 1. Originally posted by canonspngifs 2. He cared SO much about what Selena and the world thought of him ever since Justin proposed to Selena. That led to problems and more trust issues. Justin started questioning things. BIeber died from cancer. That hurt Justin more than he let on.

Justin and Selena had a huge fight which led to their iconic breakup in November Justin ended depressed because of his breakup with Selena. She did not want to get back together with him and she kept attacking him during the last two months of He still pulled pranks on his friends. Around the end of was when things got really bad for Jelena because he tried to propose to her and she said no, which basically destroyed him.

Selena Gomez I know shocker. Anyways, the breakup between Justin and Selena in November was very harsh. They tried to make it work several times and it failed completely. Justin constantly felt like he was fighting for Selena while she wanted to throw him in rehab. He felt like Selena was the only person he can talk to and he trusted her very much. As you can see how comfortable Justin was with her So when they broke up Justin realized he had no one besides Alfredo.

I mean well yeah Selena made him get rid of all his friends in Justin also realized that he was sick of people that he thought cared for him, hurting him. For example, he found out that his own mom and dad sold him out for money parent contract. Him feeling that way, led to him hanging with people he KNEW would use him because it was better than finding out people who you thought cared for you, really wanted to benefit off your fame.

Ironic that he found a safehouse in Selena. Selena was constantly finding reasons to argue.

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He cared so much for Selena and when she broke things off, that hurt him. Remember those weed pictures of Justin in ? Yeah that photo was taken by Alfredo and sold to the media by Selena. Like we said many times, after the Jelena breakup Selena wanted to hurt Justin as much as she could. If being seen with Justin brought her this much attention, why not do it on purpose? What this basically means is: Now this was just instagram.

Now this happened every time Justin was seen with a girl. Selena would literally fly halfway across the world and show up hey! We had a post on that here: She also made Justin feel responsible for her drug addiction and the way she is. You can read about that here: Selena was literally a leech. She only wanted him for drama.

She constantly led Justin to making him think there was a future for their relationship. This is also known as What Do You Mean aka what esmg told you guys in but no one listened. She made him feel like he owes it to her to help her because she made him believe that he was the reason for her drug addiction.

Justin and Selena both had their issues with each other and they constantly picked fights together. But while Justin was getting backstabbed every 5 seconds, you would think Selena would back off.

Plus, Selena was the main reason for a bunch of things getting released on Justin. He was the one that choose to go to strip clubs and hang out with backstabbing snakes, but Selena also had a big part to play in his downfall. These were some of the people he chose to hang out with. NONE of these people cared about him. They mostly cared about the lifestyle he could offer them.

Money, fame, girls, parties, hot spots, etc. These people sometimes passed around his black card like it was a toy. They partied in his hosue and used his name to get girls.

This is something a housekeeper that worked for Justin for 12 months said. Guess who leaked those pictures to TMZ? His housekeeper also said this: Around these times, Justin was a complete mess. He was getting high every single second and his so called friends would drug him occasionally. They came in forms of candy. Lollipops and cookies and there would be weed in them. Justin was very weak and drugged up whenever he was in his house.

We used to confuse Za with his other friends like Khalil or Twist, so our sources think this is the reason. Here are some other examples of Justin being soulless and dead-like.

He felt empty inside because he felt like he was property. He was depressed because the love of his life messed with him every chance she got and she did not want him back. And when she did, she would leave.

Who is Christian Fortune dating? Christian Fortune girlfriend, wife

He was depressed and people who are depressed, lose motivation to do anything. He thought Beliebers did not know the real him so he did not care about their support either. Another part of him thought Beliebers were turning their back on him so he even felt more alone. It was like his mind was playing good cop, bad cop, with him. All of that shaped the person he became later on. That pain led to doing a lot of drugs and sleeping around with a lot of women.

It was because he was a human who was hurting and no one cared about him as a person. They cared about the money and fame they will get from leeching onto him.

I hope to die. He was no longer having fun. He thought people liked him for status and wealth. Hence why he became distant from his fans and stopped doing interviews for a while. And him getting booed at the Billboard awards broke him. It was a viscous cycle. During the end of was when Justin decided to get help. He just depended on them to relieve pain. Justin decided to get help and he went to therapy and wanted to get closer to his religion. He became friends with people who cared for him.

Hailey Baldwin became close to him during the very end of and as much as you all hate to admit it, she stood by Justin and was someone who would listen. This is also part of the reason why Hailey was very special to him later on in She helped him get out of the slump he was living in since the end of Other good friends were Kendall Jenner and Lil Za.

Kendall, Hailey, and Justin were a trio for a while. Scooter Braun also helped Justin towards his mental recovery too. A big part of his recovery was also finding God again. He lost sight of his love for God during his days of playing Bizzle. He went through 2 years of hell and recovered. Justin in So was one of the good years for Justin. He started the year off with the Bieber Roast. Christian Beadles danced with a few girls at the club too. This is what we got. Some things in this seem to be true from what we know.

Like how Justin was caught watching porn before. This is just all we got sent. So whatever happened, happened. It was also truth. Over the time, Justin and Caitlin along with others were in the Bahamas, there were rumors that Caitlin said she still had feelings for Justin, which no one would be really surprise about. Before he went on tour this year in March. He actually was in ATL and he spent some time with the Beadles. Next Biebex, Surprise surprise.

Many have heard, many have assumed but not many know. So last Summer, the same time Justin brought Caitlin and Christian to the Bahamas with him, Justin met a girl on the beautiful beach of the Atlantis resort. To skip to the point, Justin invited her to go the Club Rush with him and they met up there later that night. Shahnaz went to Club Rush with a friend and they met up with Justin.

Sources as in the teens that were there at the club said that Justin and Shahnaz were flirty throughout the whole night.

christian fortune and caitlin beadles dating

They dirty danced, and just hung out a lot over all at the club. They were there for many hours and Justin left at 2 am in the morning. There were some Beliebers at Club Rush that night and as you know some Beliebers are jealous fan-girls.

Many of them exaggerated the whole story. And he most definitely did not finger her. Those were all lies and rumors which Shahnaz cleared out herself via Twitter and Formspring. Like many of the girls, Justin is associated with, she got hate mail, death threats and tons of tweets from crazed fans.

christian fortune and caitlin beadles dating

But all in all, Justin actually really liked Shahnaz. Some people say Shahnaz only posted that as her status because Justin tweeted it. As you can tell, from the time on the posts, Justin tweeted the Corinthians quote at 8: And apparently, neither did their feelings.

Justin and Shahnaz see each other a lot actually. I saved some of her answered questions about this specific topic: Which is a good thing. But apparently so does Shahnaz. So as you all know, Justin and Shahnaz met on the beach in the resort while he was on vacation. Justin was chillin out at the beach and when he saw Shahnaz, he thought she was cute, so he went up to her and talked to her. Then you walked by, you caught my eye.

Is it me, or does that fit the description perfectly? Same with Jasmine, they met through their people.

christian fortune and caitlin beadles dating

Not on the beach or anything. Next we have Jasmine Villegas. Of course, they tried to cover it up. For a good strong couple of months at that. Why do you think Justin kept Jasmine on tour for so long? Back then, Jasmine had her name under Marie Vales.

Jasmine and Justin were dating for a few months actually. She said it would be better off if they were just friends. Oh Justin, you little player. Even Shahnaz when asked. So whatever went down with Jasmine and Justin could either be good or bad. They hung out frequently and Justin and Jasmine even got matching key necklaces, that they wore when they were on tour: Pictures of Jasmine wearing the key necklace: They even got matching wrist bands, which were seen when they went to Hawaii on the boat.

christian fortune and caitlin beadles dating

You must admit, they made a cute couple: It was said that Justin got grounded because of all the dirt they posted on him. But he only got grounded for that one specific blog. Never has been, never will be. We did not post all the full details and all the dirt for a reason. We might in the nearer future, but the thing is, you guys will not like the truth.