Captain raydor and andy deny dating video

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captain raydor and andy deny dating video

Andy's ex wife refuses to believe him after he "clarified" things after the to show, so while Captain Raydor was still in her office looking through files, they had decided to order a couple of pizzas and watch the videos to pass the time. I really don't know why you would deny something that is good for you. Captain raydor and andy deny dating video. An example is when Lux pushes her down to avoid being seen by the person they're tracking. Wanted to know how. Captain raydor and andy deny dating video. May 20, · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

'Major Crimes': Is Raydor's Budding Romance With Flynn on the Fast Track?

She knew that one voice belong to Andy and she had recognized the other one, but she could quite place it until she had seen the woman. Andy look at her and took a deep breath. You said you want to be more involved in our kids' life and I respect that, but if you hurt them by lying again, Andy God help you" she stood up straight and pointed a finger at them. A sudden awkward silence invaded the room.

Tao and Detective Sanchez tried to look busy, but there were still eyeing the Captain and Flynn. Sykes wasn't quite so subtle. She wanted to ask what that was all about, but as soon as she opened her mouth Julio widen his eyes and shook his head vigorously looking at her like she was crazy. I told you this was going to blow in your face. Sharon suddenly unfroze from her state of shock and turned on her heels. Lieutenant Flynn, in my office, now!

Andy gulped and slowly followed her. He could hear his partner grumbling something and he could only imagine the words he was muttering while shaking his head in obvious disapproval. Andy stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He shifted in his feet embarrassed. After Provenza's little outburst, the rest of MCD started to open up and they started going through the suspects' stuff to find a connection between them.

Later at the morgue, Lt. Andy Flynn had an angry outburst toward Sharon because she hasn't bothered to learn the victims' names, and also because every problem MCD has had during the investigation, especially regarding the identities of the robbers, was because of Sharon and the policies she had created at FID that forced Larry Martin to remain on the scene of the crime, which cost him his life.

After sharing her thoughts with Andy, they remembered that the original investigating officer, Detective Miller, mentioned he had a son who had served in the military and that every time they were staking out a store in case the robbers showed up, they were somewhere else.

captain raydor and andy deny dating video

Andy combed through the firing range user logs where all of the other victims had been visiting and found Greg Miller's name, the son of Det.

Miller, who lives at home. When the case was closed, Sharon arranged the transfer of Det. Provenza who considers Amy the biggest two-faced ass kisser he had ever met. This inspection made her unable to respond to a homicide where MCD was called to, prompting a call from Lt. Provenza who asked her if she would grace them with her presence at the crime scene, after which Sharon asked Provenza if he's suddenly over his head without his supervising officer.

Sykes to gather up a background report on their victim so they would know what they are up against and Sykes found out that the victim has been accused of a sexual assault and proceeds to tell that to Sharon while she is in the middle of an interview with the victim's wife, upsetting her greatly.

This also angered Provenza, as he was the one who asked for the report and therefore Sykes should have reported to him, not Raydor. Flynn also commented that Sykes was "smart and dumb at the same time" to which Provenza noted that she wasn't dumb but rather she was choosing sides.

After this conversation, Sharon met with Asst. Chief Taylor in his office and told him about Sykes' ill timed announcement but also of Lt.

captain raydor and andy deny dating video

Provenza's anger toward Sykes because she reported directly to Sharon. Taylor noted that they would just have to wait out Provenza until he realizes that he would have never gotten command of MCD permanently.

Sharon noted that one issue that might be confusing Provenza is their rank, as Captain is only one step higher than Lieutenant, and Taylor and Chief Pope had promised her a promotion to Commander when she transferred to Major Crimes.

Taylor told Sharon that there is a freeze on all promotions for budget reasons and she should be happy with the transfer but Sharon points out that the promotion freeze doesn't seem to affect Assistant Chiefs referring to Taylor's recent promotion.

Taylor also noted that the transfer was the promotion because of her background in internal affairs and because she has already qualified for retirement.

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This left Sharon feeling a bit dissapointed and betrayed, but now she could relate with Lt. Provenza a bit better as now neither of them had gotten everything they wanted. Later, when Sharon and DDA Hobbs were discussing the deal they would offer the killer, Provenza was furious that they would offer them a deal of involuntary manslaughter with only probation and no jail time. Provenza went to get Chief Taylor to show him what Sharon was up to but he was slightly pacified when Sharon and Hobbs "destroyed" the killer's defense and pumped up the charge to first degree murder.

When DDA Hobbs and the killer's defense finally agreed on a deal, the charge was manslaughter with an year sentence.

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When Provenza asked Chief Taylor if this is how it would be in the future, Taylor noted that MCD just closed a case in hours after finding the body and with no physical evidence. Taylor also commented that he doesn't know if it's always going to be like this but he seriously hopes so, because he just saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in trial expenses which he can use for overtime and DNA tests.

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After Taylor left, Provenza commented to himself that he would quit. Back at the Major Crimes' murder room, Provenza was packing up his desk and noted that his whole career could fit in one cardboard box. Flynn told Provenza that dirt bags get deals everyday and asked him why he was so upset about the concept.

captain raydor and andy deny dating video

Provenza noted that he wasn't upset about the deal but rather because of Capt. Provenza told the division that after four wives, five divorces, six Chiefsthree partners, and two parakeets who lived alot longer than he expected them to live, he doesn't want to get forced into another longstanding, unhappy relationship.

At this point, Sharon returned and told Provenza that she agreed with him fully, after which the rest of MCD "left for coffee" so Sharon and Provenza could talk in private.

When they were alone, Sharon asked Provenza if she should say how much she appreciated his service and experience or should she remind him that both of them are probably dealing with misconceptions about the other? Sharon also asked Provenza if they could improve their work relationship with a dinner and a drink, to which Provenza aswered "God, no". Provenza did admit to Sharon that it wasn't just about her but also because of everything he had given to the LAPD, anyone else beside him as the MCD's Commanding Officer is an insult and it's not fair.

After this, Sharon noted that Provenza has been a homicide detective for a long time and still he expects life to be fair. Provenza told Sharon that if he were to stay, he would only complain and point out Sharon's mistakes.

Sharon Raydor

Sharon asked Provenza if he is not experienced enough to speak his mind with her and still remember her rank, to which Provenza answered that of course he is, he just doesn't want to. Afterwards, they both agreed that the situation just sucks and that Provenza would stay at Major Crimes until he found someplace completely fair to work at.

captain raydor and andy deny dating video

This can be seen by the fact that Provenza was no longer overtly hostile towards Sharon and he even offered her support when she was arranging the return of Sharon BeckRusty 's biological mother, to Los Angeles.

At the crime scene, when Lt. When he gets too rough, Fritz subdues him and threatens to have Ravi deported for an act of terrorism in a US police station.

Ravi is enraged when Lina tells him about her relationship with Josh and disowns her after Lina tells him she and Josh have had sex. Under threat of deportation and facing murder charges in India, Ravi tells them that he went to see Mehar as Mehar was nervous since Lina had run away rather than meet him at the airport.

Raydor and Tao confront Josh with this along with the fact that he's a full scholarship student with no job and his mother hasn't withdrawn money she could've given him in seven weeks.

captain raydor and andy deny dating video

They tell Josh that as the money was ordered in advance, the bills are in sequential order and the money Josh had matches the missing money.

Raydor also informs Josh that Lina has diplomatic immunity in America but not in India where she will be deported to stand trial for Mehar's murder with Josh's original story. Josh finally admits he killed Mehar, telling Raydor and Tao he went to the hotel to convince Mehar to leave Lina alone since Josh loved her.