Caggie and spencer dating

Spencer Matthews' ex Funda Önal marries Caggie Dunlop's ex | Daily Mail Online

caggie and spencer dating

Caggie and Spencer sleep together during a pre-Christmas break in that her ex Hugo had 'hooked up' with Rosie while they were still dating. Caggie Dunlop has revealed that she never dated her former Made In Chelsea co-star Spencer Matthews - Celebrity news & gossip as and. The Made in Chelsea star IS dating the Irish model and DJ.

Meanwhile, it seems Scott fell for Funda months after his split with Caggie, sharing the first picture of his wife to Instagram in May - a month after posing with her Made In Chelsea ex Spencer Matthews.

Spencer and Funda had dated inwith the commercial model - who has appeared in campaigns for the Trainline and Sensodyne - starring alongside the reality star in the first series of Made In Chelsea.

caggie and spencer dating

However, the show appeared to put pressure on the duo's relationship, with Spencer's eye beginning to stray after he was re-acquainted with his all-time crush Caggie. He had dated Katie Price for two years betweenbut their romance came to an explosive end as she had fallen for her now ex Peter Andre on I'm A Celebrity while dating Scott Former flame: Following the breakdown of his relationship with Katie, Scott went on to date her nemesis Jodie Marsh, before finding love with Bianca five years later in - whom he had been keen to marry Viewers saw Spencer pursue Caggie, despite dating Funda.

Remember Funda from MIC? She's now expecting a baby with Caggie Dunlop's ex |

He lied to Funda about attending one of Caggie's gigs and had taken the blonde beauty out for dinner, with Caggie later revealing he had claimed he would dump Funda for her, if only she said the word. Funda and Caggie had clashed multiple times onscreen, with Spencer's ex accusing Millie Mackintosh's BFF of exchanging a few telling looks with her man. In a bid to befriend Funda and put her mind at rest, Caggie invited her out to brunch but her attempts to be amicable later backfired, after Spencer surprised Caggie with a surprise birthday trip to Cannes following an argument with Funda.

Scott later fell for Funda months after his split with Caggie, sharing the first picture of his wife to Instagram in May - a month after posing with her Made In Chelsea ex Spencer Matthews Reality past: The commercial model - who has appeared in campaigns for the Trainline and Sensodyne - appearing alongside ex Spencer in the first series of Made In Chelsea in On board a luxury yacht in the French Riviera, Spencer then revealed that he and Funda had split, leaving Caggie shocked and Funda, not surprisingly, fuming when she learned of her ex-beau's grand gesture towards his so-called 'pal'.

Things then came to a head at one of Caggie's musical performances.

Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews is ready to get married | Daily Mail Online

Funda arrived mid-way through Caggie's vocals, later taking swipe at her co-star as she remarked: Spencer told Funda it had been 'really hard' for him to break up with her, but she hit back: Have fun, good luck - I think you're going to need it.

Viewers saw Spencer pursue Caggie on the show, despite dating Funda, which ultimately led to the breakdown of his relationship Not impressed: Funda had clashed with Caggie over Spencer on multiple occasions and was left furious after Spencer whisked the blonde off to Cannes for her birthday Drama: During their trip to Cannes, Spencer revealed he had split with Funda to Caggie and the duo were left to defend their close relationship to his ex on their return Caggie, meanwhile, tried to reassure Funda that she would 'never have gone' to Cannes if she had known about her break up with Spencer, as she would have found it 'inappropriate'.

Victoria complained to Louise left the 'vibe' of the trip had changed after Caggie's arrival As the couple had been all over each other since Caggie arrived in Finland the previous night, Jamie asked her friends what had been their highlight of A smug Spencer declared: Their over-excited friends asked: Once back in Chelsea, Caggie was grilled over the trip by Millie and her cousin Alice.

Caggie and Spencer - Don't Tell Me That It's Over PART 2

Caggie turns up in Finland to surprise Spencer She giggled: When I got there, I was really happy to see him. The look of love: The pair enjoy a kiss in a quiet corner at the party He said: I'm not gonna put any pressure on her at all It was the best holiday ever. Caggie's cousin Alice, who had been dumped by Proudlock after a short romance, sowed seeds of doubt in Spencer's head by admitting she thought Proudlock still had feelings for Caggie.

caggie and spencer dating

Caggie assured Spencer she wouldn't be getting together with Proudlock during their trip to Australia However, Caggie assured Spencer they were just friends. A gushing Spencer told her: I'm gonna really miss you when you go away.

caggie and spencer dating

In fact I know we're not going to. After Hugo had admitted the previous night that he had only shared a kiss with Rosie and she had stopped things from going any further, Millie looked like she was in a forgiving mood.

Rosie apologises for hurting Millie Rosie approached the make-up artist at the bash and was finally ready to speak about what happened after weeks of staying silent. I lost both of you in one night I'm sorry for not talking to you first.

Made In Chelsea: Caggie and Spencer FINALLY get together as Millie and Rosie make peace

It was a knee-jerk reaction at the time. Millie reaches out to Rosie in a sign of forgiveness Friends again: Millie and Rosie stand together as they join Caggie outside for the party's faux snow finale A grateful Rosie said: I just want to leave it behind.

I know it must have take a lot to come and speak to me. The truth comes out: Hugo turns up on Millie's doorstep and explains what really happened with Rosie Also at the party, Jamie spoke about his growing feelings for Louise, who he had apparently grown close to again in Finland.

caggie and spencer dating

Taking her outside, he said: I've never asked anyone out before I wanna hang out with you everyday. Louise and Jamie share a kiss The episode started with Rosie in a cafe with Hugo and Victoria discussing the fallout from their public shaming by his ex at Francis's birthday party.

caggie and spencer dating

Chastising both of them, Victoria said: You behaved very appallingly But it's so much easier to blame the girl.

Hugo and Rosie got husky-sledding Baby it's cold outside: Victoria, Spencer, Louise and Jamie enjoy a hot tub session before Caggie's arrival Rosie admitted she was struggling to forget about their fling, which happened several months ago: