Brit marling and zal batmanglij dating

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brit marling and zal batmanglij dating

Brit Marling is peering at her iPhone, which has begun emitting a piercing white and The East, both of which she wrote with her college friend Zal Batmanglij). Tinder, the dating and hookup app, intrigues her as a concept. The Sound of My Voice actress Brit Marling is one of those celebrities who hasn't allowed her personal According to a source, she dated Mike Cahill from the year Moreover, she was once linked with Zal Batmanglij. Zal Batmanglij (born ) is an American film director and screenwriter. He directed and Brit Marling saw the film and asked if she could work with them.

I was so thrilled to be able to join three other reporters in a round table discussion with director and co-writer Zal Batmanglij, co-writer and lead actress Brit Marling, and Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page Juno to talk to them about The East.

The East’s Ellen Page, Brit Marling, & Zal Batmanglij Talk To Cloture Club

I enjoyed telling them how much their work has influenced me and they could not have been more friendly and accommodating to our questions! Days of Futures Pastwas just as excited to talk about the film as the creators. This dedication, also demonstrated by Marling and Batmanglij, shows how passionately each person feels about The East. Not only was I interested in talking to Zal and Brit about DC they attended college at Georgetown but I was also excited to tell them that their first collaboration, The Sound of My Voicewas the film that encouraged me to start writing movie reviews.

The Sound of My Voice, like The East, was in limited distribution, so I wanted to write about it to ensure as many people as possible heard about the film.

brit marling and zal batmanglij dating

I also enjoyed speaking with Ellen Page. If I had been writing reviews at the time of Juno, Hard Candy, and Inception I would have certainly been singing praises of her fantastic performances. Not to mention, no one can deliver complex dialogue like her. I was happy to be a part of that experience if only just for a brief interview! I just wanted to tell you guys first off… I just started doing movie reviews six months ago and it was because of Sound of My Voice.

No, are you kidding?!

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For example, there is a lot of dumpster diving for expired food that is still good but can no longer be on shelves. After I experienced that that summer, it was really hard to go back to sort of normal life which can be a bit isolating… alienating.

So that really stuck with me. You got a hug!

9 Things You Need To Know About Brit Marling

I felt so bad for her! You got a kiss. What am I, chopped liver? We like Michael Clayton a lot. There was something so cool about Michael Clayton because it was so entertaining the way the most entertaining movies are entertaining, but it was also so thought provoking and smart and serious in the way the best art house or smart house movies are.

It must have been so different. Our jobs are just to be put one foot in front of the other. I know you guys have said before that this script was already written when Sound of My Voice came out. Was there anything you took from the experience of making and releasing Sound of My Voice that influenced how you approached The East when you got to production? I mean I think one thing for sure that you learn the more films that you make is how important it is to choose your collaborators.

Zal did that so beautifully on this film. And I think also the script was a bit of a litmus test for—the script was a bit of a lightning rod; people who responded to it felt a kind of passion and energy and commitment that had nothing to do with paycheck, nothing to do with the status of the project, and everything to do with pure unbridled love for story.

You get enough people who come do a project because they love the story that they can tell together, then everybody else sort of—I mean I did not hand choose the focus puller, but our focus puller was so committed and so passionate.

Our makeup artist cried at the monitor. And our makeup artist would come on the weekends and do yoga things with the cast to get everyone to relax and calm down and get in their body. Alex Skarsgard used to cook. And this is what it looks like. I think about what a struggle it is to be a young girl in this world, and it makes me determined to play interesting women' Marling moved to Cuba for a year, but the lure of LA brought her back; she drove there in a station wagon across America with Mike Cahill Another Earth director and ex-boyfriend and Zal Batmanglij big brother of Vampire Weekend 's Rostam and director of Sound Of My Voice and The East.

She was offered roles in horror films — "being chased around by chainsaws" — but rejected them, preferring to co-write her own films with each flatmate. I have a hard time being a part of, or even thinking about, an image system that has oppressed women.

brit marling and zal batmanglij dating

She plays a practising Christian and private security operative charged with infiltrating a shadowy eco-anarchist commune. They committed and believed in the characters. That really comes out in the sex scene, I think. Batmanglij says they did it because they felt "angry and frustrated" at the world around them. I don't feel nourished by it. Out on the road, I found myself shocked at how alien normal life suddenly seemed.

One night, everyone stripped naked and got into a fountain in the rain. It was a different way of seeing the world; suddenly you see everything as public space waiting to be reclaimed.