Are ed westwick and leighton meester still dating

Are Ed Westwick And Leighton Meester Dating, Ed Westwick & Leighton Meester

are ed westwick and leighton meester still dating

Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan (who will always be Carter were a thing for a while, as were Ed Westwck and Jessica Szohr—which, They wanted us all to date. goth side yet [because] she was still really young; she was maybe, . chace crawford · ed westwick · penn badgley · leighton meester. The chemistry between Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick was so strong on the Gossip Girl set that this happened Eleven years since the first episode aired. Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester, and Jessica Szohr all Though the words “I'm Chuck Bass” still echo in the hearts of Gossip Girl fans run date. 09/19//17/ Status. Off Air. creator. Josh Schwartz.

Everybody knows how much my character is in love with Blair and how much Blair is in love with Chuck but is she in love with him enough to, you know, what decision will she make?

are ed westwick and leighton meester still dating

There will be tears. When asked how much Chuck Bass Ed has in him, Ed replies thoughtfully: So, I've got a bit, but you know, we might do one more year, we might.

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I don't know what's going to happen I don't make the decisions really, I am a mere player. But, look I love it, I live in New York. I get to do the show.

are ed westwick and leighton meester still dating

I get to do a job which is brilliant and I am so so happy and so blessed and just take it as it comes. I'm still young, I'm only 24 so it's all good. After pleading with him for a good five minutes I take your fan requests seriously, people!

I don't think anyone would find me. Anyone have any thoughts on that!? Also, if you are not following me on Twitter kristindsantossuch a shame, because you missed this very important "Exclusive! So is Ed a bad boy in real life? The answer may surprise you! And how is he dealing with the papparrazzi?

are ed westwick and leighton meester still dating

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively plays the best friends on Gossip Girl, but their relationship is never ending drama, as they are on and off with each other. Pride and Prejudice is also the main things that keep Leighton Meesters and Ed Weswick characters away from dating each other.

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At first Bair and Nate, played by Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford were the high school sweeties, named to be the perfect couple, but soon it appeared, that they have no passion between them and their relationship was meant to be broken. Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester took a trip to Bankok and delivered an interview there for a press conference in Siam Centere.

They really do look good together. People even have mistaken them for a couple.

Is Ed Westwick in Love With Leighton Meester?

Ed Westwick loves kissing Leighton Meester Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick In the first series of GG Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford played the best friends Nate and Chuck, in next seasons, they had their differences, some mistakes were made in the past to ruin their friendship, but still they remained good lads and helped each other no matter what.

Together, the duo portrayed a match made in television heaven as the on-again, off-again couple Chuck Westwick and Blair Meesterthe villains fans loved to hate. However, Chuck Bass, portrayed by Ed Westwick had a real good heart, he believed in one true love, loved his stepmother and got himself not pedigreed dog to care of when he felt lonely.

Westwick gave his congratulations to his former co-star via text; the actor is pictured posing at the British Oscar Reception on Friday in Los Angeles Advertisement Share or comment on this article: It is known that Leighton Meester got married to Adam Brody, who she met on Film set, and they seem really happy together. Ed Westwick said that he would want to steal Blake Lively from the Gossip Girl set after the filming ends.

In one of the interviews she said: However it is known that Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester are fellows off the set. In Gossip Girl Ed Westwick played a villain, who was always having some beautiful woman around his place. Blair is queen B, and chuck is a bad guy, who happens to be very rich and with a bad temper. Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick Blair was hated by most of the girls in school, even if they were always following her around, but she was loved by almost all of the boys in the TV series.

Ed Westwick in one of his interview when asked about his relationship with Leighton said: And whatever she does I wish her all the best,' the Gossip Girl alum shared with Us.

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Gossip girl landed this role of Chuck Bass to young actor Edward, who appeared to be a perfect match for this job. She got to play a teenage brat and got to say and do thing on the set that no one ever does in the real life. Leighton Meester played Blair Waldorf — a qeen B in the series.

And his reasons were simply: This is the first marriage for both Meester and Brody. The press always tries to pit women against each other. Though he was more than that, he had some mysterious vibes, sexy looks and he was the most attractive when he was angry. I guess all Gossip Girl fans would love to see Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester dating, and would even wish it for their Christmas present or as a birthday wish, though Ed says they are only good friends, he loves her and wishes her all the best no matter what she does.

Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick are pals in real life too, they used to live in the same apartment while they were both in NY, and now they are happy to spend time together whenever they can.