Anushka sharma and ranbir kapoor dating

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anushka sharma and ranbir kapoor dating

Anushka Sharma too has had many men in her love life, here are a couple of affairs that Anushka has been in Virat is the latest person to be dating Anushka, before that his leggy lass had dated many men. Ranbir Kapoor. Before Anushka Sharma gets married to Virat Kohli this weekend in in a relationship with each other, it was clear that the two were dating. Ranveer Singh was dating Anushka Sharma back in the day. Anushka Sharma opens up on Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor, being Lady.

anushka sharma and ranbir kapoor dating

Zoheb Yusuf is a ramp model, whom Anushka met in Bangalore during her modelling days. They were apparently in a very serious relationship for more than two years.

anushka sharma and ranbir kapoor dating

A long-distance relationship and Anushka's star status took over their commitment and they split. Ranveer Singh entered Anushka's life with her debut film Band Baaja Baraat and he is said to be her alleged first boyfriend from the industry.

The actress was linked with the Kapoor boy as well after the two were caught hanging out together. They met at Karan Johar's party after which they were spotted having dinner, friends and other actors were present too but still the gossip mongers were linking the two for quite sometime.

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We do not know for sure if this gossip was true or not. If these speculations were true or not, cannot be confirmed. The actress is connected to the world of cricket due to her brother, who has been a state-level player. Inin an interview, Ranveer mentioned that a distance had grown between them, and they had stopped talking like before.

anushka sharma and ranbir kapoor dating

He also admitted that he missed her. I miss her tremendously. She is full of love.

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Too many people have misunderstood her. Too many people just don't get where she is coming from and the kind of person that she is. She is one of the purest and honest people I have ever met.

It's a big thing to say therefore it may sound to the reader like an exaggeration.

Ranbir reveals why he was both sad and happy about Anushka's marriage to Virat

Honestly, I've met few people who have nothing but purity in their heart and soul. I get angry when I read negative articles about her.

There is no harm if he starts seeing Anushka," an industry insider said. At Johar's party in February, Ranbir and Anushka raised eyebrows by getting cosy with each other despite the presence of Katrina, the last actress Ranbir was openly dating. Anushka's Band Baaja Baarat - costar Ranveer, to whom she has been linked in the recent past, was also present at the party.

anushka sharma and ranbir kapoor dating

Incidentally, Anushka hosted a party soon after meeting Ranbir at Johar's do where she naturally invited the Kapoor boy. Many feel the party was planned by her solely keeping Ranbir in mind. Anushka's growing equation with Ranbir also gained speculative ground when Ranveer recently announced: I do not have any problem with it.

anushka sharma and ranbir kapoor dating