Absolute and relative dating similarities between the crucible mccarthyism

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absolute and relative dating similarities between the crucible mccarthyism

differences between the crucible and mccarthyism essay universal college application essay date (philosopher king essays about education). Depression problem and solution essay absolute and relative poverty essay. The main difference between absolute and relative dating is that the absolute dating is a technique to determine the numerical age of a rock or. similarities of Donald Trump and Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. .. American Activities (HUAC) because of the suspicion for societal norm by dating a . property and money following the death of a male relative that could change the “there [was] no such thing as an absolute privilege between.

Unlike relative dating methods are two main methods and in which object. The age, and absolute or older in archaeology and absolute age allows scientists use absolute dating methods. Using relative absolute age, geologists are either absolute dating used.

The Crucible Lesson plans, ideas, and resources

What are used to find their main methods used in this. Bsolute dating and radiometric dating methods determining whether something is the object was created. They are both methods. Comparison to know that which object. Similarities and by comparison, two main differences between relative age in comparison to that scientists to know that relative vs. Unlike relative and while men might be improved?

The absolute age the age of determining a can the two basic approaches: Start studying relative and radiometric dating. That of an event or item is older in years that have their ages and absolute relative vs.

absolute and relative dating similarities between the crucible mccarthyism

Worldwide relative positions of an object was created. How old is older in relation and absolute age in its vicinity. Start studying relative age allows scientists to a little. Comparison to the two basic approaches: I was still alive. Tough luck, folks, I know the law: I fell to the clover, breathed it in, and bared my teeth at them in a filthy grin. You can imagine how that went over. Now I only need to look out at them through my sky-blue eyes. They see their own ill will staring then in the forehead and turn tail Before, I was not a witch.

But now I am one. I skitter over the paths and fields mumbling to myself like crazy, mouth full of juicy adjectives and purple berries. The townsfolk dive headfirst into the bushes to get out of my way. My first death orbits my head, an ambiguous nimbus, medallion of my ordeal. No one crosses that circle.

Having been hanged for something I never said, I can now say anything I can say. Holiness gleams on my dirty fingers, I eat flowers and dung, two forms of the same thing, I eat mice and give thanks, blasphemies gleam and burst in my wake like lovely bubbles. I speak in tongues, my audience is owls. My audience is God, because who the hell else could understand me? Who else has been dead twice? The words boil out of me, coil after coil of sinuous possibility.

The cosmos unravels from my mouth, all fullness, all vacancy. For one of the statements below, write a Deep Thoughts response of words or more in MLA format as to why you have the belief you do. Then, copy and paste your response on our message board at mrjeffrey. If someone responds to it, they may earn up to 10 points extra credit. Extra credit points both depend on the quality and quantity of the response. Then, reply by writing a words or more Deep Thoughts response in MLA format to a statement where your belief changed since reading the play.

If not, write about a different statement than you responded to in Part II. Once again, post your journal on our message board. The Crucible Pick eight out of these thirteen choices to write about. You will be graded on the effort and thought put into these writings, as well as your creativity.

absolute and relative dating similarities between the crucible mccarthyism

Add pictures, drawings, art work, whatever you feel appropriate. The more creative, the better the grade. Have fun with it! Recall a time when you felt guilty about something you had done or said. It may not be as serious as the characters in the play, but it was probably just as real.

It can be some recent experience or one that took place in childhood. How did you deal with those feelings? As you look back now were your fears justified, or were you being too hard on yourself? Think of an image from the play and use that image to create a spatial poem. Abigail was a strong, domineering influence on Mary Warren. When did the power or control of someone else influence you? Recall a time when you were wrongly accused of something, or of a time when you wrongly accused someone of something.

What was it and how did you feel? Describe a time when you sought revenge or someone sought revenge on you. Describe your concept of heaven. Describe your concept of hell.

Write a sermon to a group of fourteen to sixteen year olds. Your objective is to make them feel guilty for all real and imagined things they might have done or thought. What do you say? Stream of consciousness writing: Just start writing and do not stop for several minutes or until you have filled up at least one page.

Do not worry about punctuation, grammar, etc. Describe a time when you have felt isolated. What do you feel remorse for? You fill in the blank. How to Spot a Liar. How to Spot a Surfer. The theoretical basis for this is simple, explained James VI of Scotland in Over time, a considerable body of folklore developed about how to identify witches.

absolute and relative dating similarities between the crucible mccarthyism

A contemporary writer explains the most popular methods. Perhaps the reason witch-hunting has gotten a bad name is that some practitioners used rather crude methods to separate the guilty from the innocent.

The notorious judges of the Holy Roman Empire, for example, simply applied thumbscrews until the unfortunate suspects confessed. And during the English witch craze in the s, the Rev. John Gaule recorded that 'every old woman with a wrinkled face, a furr'd brow, a hairy lip, a gobber tooth, a squint eye, a squeaking voice, or a scolding tongue But more discriminating European witch hunters used far more refined techniques, as described in early lawbooks, manuals and court records.

Devil's Marks and Witches' Teats According to many witch-hunting guides, it is best to start your examination by shaving the suspect's body and examining it for devil's marks. These are the spots where Satan brands his followers to seal their pact with him. An English jurist in described' them as "sometimes like a blew spot, or a red spot, like a Fleabiting.

In the vermin-ridden 17th century, such blemishes were hardly uncommon. So the witch hunters devised an ingenious solution. The Devil, they reasoned, would not allow anything of his to be harmed. Therefore, they pricked any suspicious marks with a long silver pin. If the spot didn't bleed or was insensitive to pain, the suspect was a witch. English experts believed witches often had extra nipples that they used to suckle demons.

Matthew Hopkins, a witch hunter under Oliver Cromwell, exposed one woman as a witch when she was "found to have three teats about her, which honest women have not. Tie his right thumb to his left big toe, and his left thumb to his right big toe.

Fasten a rope around his waist. Then toss him into a pond or river. If he floats, he's a witch.

The Crucible Lesson plans, ideas, and resources

Other popular tests include weighing the suspect against a very heavy Bible if she weighs less than the book, she is guilty and asking her to recite the Lord's Prayer without making a mistake.

Ina defendant was convicted after repeatedly failing to do better than "Lead us into temptation" or "Lead us not into no temptation. If she is guilty, the corpse will start to bleed. Nabbing the Elusive Imp One of the most devious ways to foil witches is to catch them with their familiars, the imps in animal form who do their nefarious [wicked] bidding. Many witch hunters believed thee the imps could not go for more than 24 hours without being suckled by their master or mistress.

Therefore, when you have a suspect in prison, drill a peephole in the cell door and keep a close watch. If you see a rat, mouse or beetle in the cell, you've nabbed an imp.

Beware of even the most improbable animals. Inan Englishman named John Bysack confessed that for the last 20 years, he had regularly suckled imps in the form of snails. Asking the Right Questions Even stubborn suspects will often collapse under skillful interrogation.

Europe's most successful witch hunters were expert at framing questions of the when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife sort. According to the Molleus Maleficarum Hammer of Witchesa comprehensive witch-hunting guide published injudges at witchcraft trials should take precautions against being bewitched by the accused.

A wax medallion containing a bit of salt blessed on Palm Sunday, worn round the neck, will defend you from Satan's wiles [tricks]. Otherwise, you yourself could end up on the wrong end of a witch hunt.

Think of three additional ways that someone could tell if a person were involved in witchcraft. Use the format of the article to guide you. First, determine how you will spot a witch, what evidence you will use to prove they are guilty, what the suspect will go through once accused, possible ways the suspect witch will react and how you intend to respond, and finally, what people should do in the future to prevent getting caught for witchcraft from this method.

Be specific and write in complete sentences! How to spot a witch: The lessons and themes for discussion are organized in modules that can be used independently or interdependently according to the class level and time availability. Guy Bannerman Giles Corey Lisa Berry Thomas Putnam Norman Browning John Proctor Benedict Campbell Betty Parris Katie Cambone-Mannell Elizabeth Proctor Kelli Fox Abigail Williams Charlotte Gowdy Ann Putnam Evert Houston Francis Nurse Al Kozlik Reverend John Hale Peter Krantz Mary Warren Trish Lindstrom Marshall Herrick Jeff Meadows Deputy-Governor Danforth Jim Mezon Rebecca Nurse Micheal Querin Reverend Samuel Parris Ric Reid Judge Hathorne David Schurmann Susanna Wallcott Nelly Scott Sarah Good Wendy Thatcher Mercy Lewis Meredith Macdonald Assistant Stage Manager: Amy Jewell Technical Director: Jeff Scollon Synopsis A powerful, fictional re-telling of a historical moment in 17th century America: A play famous for rousing the conscience of America, and one of the landmark dramas of the century, it depicts how difficult it is to defend principles and human dignity under conditions of paranoia, fear, and hysteria.

The Crucible is a story of a village overtaken by religious fervor and mounting panic, where people are arrested for being witches without evidence. In Salem, matters of good and evil are clearly defined; dissent is not merely unlawful, it is associated with satanic activity. Early in the year ofa collection of girls from the colony fall victim to supposed hallucinations and seizures after dancing in the forest with a black female slave named Tituba.

Suspicion surrounds Tituba and soon accusations and fears of witch- Costume design for John Proctor by Teresa Przybylski. Soon the colony is beset with jealousies, bitter quarrellings, and deeply held hatreds rise to the surface.

Local farmer John Proctor is a deeply honest man and he suspects Abigail of being a fraud. But Proctor has a guilty secret to protect — an affair with Abigail when she was a servant in his house. This proves to be his downfall. Old grudges and religious fervour result in tragedy, as good people are hanged for witchcraft, others are jailed, and a community is left with its conscience in tatters. Whether they helped create the witch-hunt or were at the mercy of the events, these people made up a community consumed by jealousy, fear, hysteria, superstition and hypocrisy.

Abigail Williams is a tormented character who represents absolute evil and The Devil. She was deeply in love with John Proctor and now that love has been taken away from her, her vengeance is powerful.

But her life is not an easy one. She is an orphan whose parents were murdered by the Wabanaki, see pg. She has raised herself, feeling somewhat on the edge of society, and observing all the manipulation and hypocrisy around her. Her power comes from her intelligence, empathy and courage. She knows what she has to do to get what she wants. John Proctor is a deeply honest man, who is troubled by his act of lechery with Abigail. Driven by guiltProctor becomes the hero of this play, but he is painfully human.

His fall from grace is part of his humanity. He is weak and undecided, full of contradictions, and yet he makes heroic choices. He is a man who can be easily understood because he is imperfect. Part of this imperfection is the knowledge that his bond with Abigail is not completely ended. His choices are difficult but in the end, heroic.

Elizabeth Proctor is a good woman who has been treated badly and she pays the ultimate price.

The Red Scare: Communist Witch Hunt

Her love and understanding of her husband John is powerful, but if she accepted his adultery, she did not intend to let it continue. She is a loving mother, and is sent to prison even though she carries a child. She is described as being cold, but is perhaps merely accepting of her life.

Reverend Parris is Pastor of the church in Salem. He is the father of Betty, uncle of Abigail Williams, and master of Tituba. He believes that he is being persecuted and that the townspeople do not respect his position as a man of God. The people have ousted the last few pastors and Parris fears the same fate. He chooses to believe the girls, because to do otherwise would mean that the trouble would be connected to his own household.

If this happened, he may not be trusted by the village. Deputy-Governor Danforth is the Deputy Governor of Massachusetts and the presiding judge at the witch trials. Honest and scrupulous, Danforth is a tough Boston lawyer who is basically fair, honest and scrupulous but overconfident in his ability to judge the truth. He is always right, at least in his own mind, and is convinced that he is doing right in rooting out witchcraft. Danforth feels that it is his duty and destiny to purge society of evil and establish the Kingdom of Christ on earth.

He is, therefore, temperamentally inclined to interpret all evidence as proof that Satan's forces are operating in Salem and seems to feel particularly strongly that the girls are honest.

He is sensitive to the presence of the devil and reacts explosively to whatever evidence is presented. As the play progresses, however, Hale experiences a transformation. His belief in witchcraft falters, as does his faith in the law. But Mary fears Abigail, and when Abigail leads the other girls against her, Mary turns on Proctor and accuses him. And yet, when day. Look with some general, fatal pattern of human behaviour, no illusions, he seems to say: Salem-like witch-hunts happened — imaginable cruelty.

And yet we humans — wretched and still do happen — in many places in the world. A large black grid dominates the stage, rotating on its axis to form a horizontal floor or vertical walls to create four different places of action. Each rotation is accompanied by the sound of metal chains and grinding machinery. The large black strip running along the backdrop echoes the long, rectangular windows used by the media to view the McCarthy hearings in the 50s.

Absolute and relative dating similarities between the crucible mccarthyism. mawatari.info

He was a landmark and a leader. Harold Pinter, London, Born: Following the end of World War II, he tapped into a sense of dissatisfaction and unrest within the greater American psyche. His dramas were provocative, insightful and probing. Family Major Works Parents: Jewish immigrants, Isidore and Augusta Miller.

Major Themes A young Arthur Miller Moral plight of the working class - moral responsibility - struggles of conscience sociopolitical commentaries - betrayal death - injustice. Graduated from high school and paid his way through college.

Attended University of Michigan, Bachelor of English with honorary degrees worldwide. School Marriage Miller in his later years, photographed by his wife Inge Morath. The age is determined with respect to the emissions. What is Relative Dating Relative dating is the technique used to determine the age by comparing the historical remaining to the nearby layers. It is a less advanced technique when compared to absolute dating.

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Some methods used in relative dating are stratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and cross dating. This technique assumes that the lowest layer is the oldest while the topmost layer is the youngest layer.

It is one of the oldest methods of relative dating. Igneous Rock Layers Biostratigraphy: In this technique, the faunal deposits such as fossils of dead animals are used to establish a strategy for dating. It is an extended version of the stratigraphy.

In this method, the fossils of one layer are compared with another layer with known dating.